Some encouraging election results yesterday

This is going to be so much fun!

This is going to be so much fun! Or not.

Houstonians repealed the “transvestites and perverts in girls’ bathrooms” ordinance, enacted just three months ago by their city council; in Virginia, Mike Bloomberg and Governor Terry McCauliffe, former Clinton money handler (and possibly one of the most corrupt political professionals in DC during his time there, if such a distinction is conceivable or possible, and that’s how he’s described by Mother Jones!) lost their gun control fight, Kentucky elected a black Tea Party activist as its Lieutenant Governor, and even way out west in the People’s Republic of San Francisco, the sheriff who flouted the law and declared his terrority a sanctuary for illegal aliens was tossed out of office.

Win win win win. Not bad for an evening’s work.


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10 responses to “Some encouraging election results yesterday

  1. Publius

    I think the most interesting thing is that these defeats happened in blue utopia. Houston in Harris County voted for Obama twice. Virginia is more blue than purple given the large number of government bureaucrats residing in the state. The GOP also maintained control of the VA State Senate. KY elected a GOP Governor and SF??? Baghdad by the Bay had a momentary brush with sanity.

    The destruction of the Democratic party continues at the state level under the current POTUS and he could care less because it is all about him and establishing a post-POTUS legacy.

    • So how does all you say square with the fact that Hillary will most likely win in a landslide?

      • Hillary promises lots of free stuff, these people couldn’t

      • Publius

        Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
        H. L. Mencken

        I am not so sure the electorate is so fond of HRC to give her the nod, however, should she be elected, she will only accelerate the the country’s drive over the cliff and the sooner this happens, the sooner we can pick up what is left and try to get back on track.

        I would not buy the media story that HRC is enthusiastically embraced by the D’s. She will have a much harder time than POTUS in lashing together the various disaffected interest groups that she will need to win the brass ring. There is a message being sent by the electorate at this moment in time and it is manifesting itself in the likes of Trump, Carson, Sanders and the election results from yesterday, except apparently in Greenwich…

      • Anonymous

        not Hillary’s biggest fans:

  2. john Capizzi

    Not to mention Ohio voters defeating resoundingly legalizing pot.

  3. Wow so Obumer finally did something useful!
    Sucessfully transformed the nation unto understanding the Demolition Party.
    Good for H (h)im ….