Someone wants out of Shorelands, bad

8 Old Club House Road

8 Old Club House Road

8 Old Club House Road was purchased for $3 million in 2007, and put back up for sale for $2.995 in April of this year. Today it was reduced to $1.995 million, which almost has to be a bargain, AE Zone (26% chance of flooding during 30-year mortgage term) or not.

Geeze, you could buy a paddle boat with the savings.


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29 responses to “Someone wants out of Shorelands, bad

  1. New to greenwich

    What does AE zone mean exactly? How did this fare during sandy

  2. Anonymous

    Awful house but might just sell in the mid to high 1 million range

  3. Anonymous

    AE zone = your insurance broker just paid for another year of private school.

  4. Anonymous

    A significant number of homes in the AE zone flooded during Sandy. Lots of older homes that are close to the water did suffer significant damage. Even newer homes that were built a few years before Sandy to the previous FEMA regs just narrowly escaped flooding. Parts of OGandRiv that are really lovely are also very low and Shorelands is a good example of this.

  5. Captain Obvious

    A steal!
    Zestimate 2.7 million. Sheesh!

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like the post- Sandy chill is revisiting OG. Not good.

  7. O/T can anyone recommend a decent landscaper who doesn’t charge a ridiculous amount, and can communicate at least a little in English? Thanks

  8. Same AE Zone

    Sorry for the Drew Brees vid.
    He mangled my fantasy football team last weekend
    My buddy asked why he looked so fit.
    To which I replied with the above.
    Enjoy the splash

  9. Anonymous

    That video could have been taken 3 years ago — only difference is that’s what LOW TIDE looked like the day Sandy visited 06870.

    • I have a feeling that many newer Greenwich residents have never lived by the sea, because a little wave action in Long Island Sound during a northeaster isn’t really all that unusual. In fact, were those waves seen on the coast of a real ocean, such as the Atlantic, they’d be considered merely boisterous, if that.
      Come up to Maine and see!

      • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

        Those are cute waves; you need to get offshore to really see them crank away. Nothing quite like being on a boat in 40 knots with 20 footers.

  10. Mickster

    Like I said yesterday, many of the properties on the water side of Sound Beach Ave have been greatly devalued. If I were homeowners in Edgewater, Shorelands etc etc I would be appealing my assessments. Sandy and FEMA have put a scarlet letter on these homes and streets.

  11. uminn65

    I think this house is also available on airbnb for $500 per night, four night Minimum.

  12. Matt

    Well at least they took the advice of this blog and priced aggressively. Rather than trying to get $3million for it and having it sit around for 3 years with the other white elephants.

  13. Anonymous

    Whilst it gets super boring looking at all the perfectly staged grey/silver/white orchids/bowl of green apples ya think the realtor might have suggested getting rid of the 70s turquoise paint & trying it at $2.5 before the desperate slash for the (vain?) hope of a bidding war.

  14. Anonymous

    house was flooded during Sandy