The race card cuts off reason and facts. Deliberately

Y'all kin keep your flintlocks

Y’all kin keep your flintlocks

Hillary Clinton denounces Bernie Sanders for his pointing out that gun violence is “an urban problem”. “Why, he’s talking’ ’bout black folks,” the one who would be king deduces, “and that be racist”. This from the same lady who recently instructed “the rest of us” to “give up our white privilege and turn in our guns.

But demonizing and disarming white people won’t do anything to solve gun violence: Sanders is entirely correct: Gun violence is a black problem, and it is a major problem in the areas where young black drug dealers live: the cities.

Black males killed each other at a rate of 19.4 victims per 100,000, whites, 2.5.

And our nation’s 50 largest cities see 67% of all gun homicides.

So is Bernie Sanders a racist for pointing this out, or is Hillary consciously trying to appeal to their mutual liberal base that hates guns, period?

Silly question.


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8 responses to “The race card cuts off reason and facts. Deliberately

  1. burningmadolf

    I love it. Uncle Bernie is really getting under her skin. Last week he was a sexist, now a racist. What’s next? She gonna call him a communist and switch parties?

  2. The beast has been smearing Sanders as racist and sexist a lot recently. This makes no sense at all. She’s so far ahead of him the polls that he can’t possibly win the primary and yet she wants to destroy him.

    I think that if she keeps it up there’s a real risk that Sanders will decide he has nothing left to lose and start pointing out publicly that she’s a chronic pathological liar who tried to take $180k worth of the furniture when she left the White House and put the State Department up for sale through the Clinton Foundation. They can’t kick him out of the party because he’s not actually a Democrat.

    Either the stress of the email scandal has twister her brain or she’s got some dirt on Sanders that he doesn’t want her to drag out into the sunshine.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Black males killed each other at a rate of 19.4 victims per 100,000.

    Yes, this true. But its not just each other that they’re killing, in fact it JUST happened AGAIN here in Stamford a couple of days ago:

    From the Stamford Advocate:

    “Maxine Gooden was just standing there with her daughter talking with friends in a parking lot at Lione Park, when the shooting began.

    Her daughter, Andrina Roberts, thought her mother was bending over to escape the bullets. But she soon realized that her mother had been hit.

    “Boom, boom, boom, boom… I saw her ducking, but then she got hit,” Roberts, 24, said Tuesday as she choked back sobs and described how she tried to save her mother’s life.

    “I was breathing into her, breathing into her, breathing into her to stay alive. She had a pulse when the ambulance came,” Roberts said. “Fifteen or twenty minutes after getting to the hospital, the doctor came out and told me she did not make it.” ”


    Jhonel Telemin-Valerio, 21, of Lafayette Street, was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Deshawn Hayes, 24, of Givens Avenue, and Morris Joel Moore Jr., 23, of Cove Road, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

    • GreenITCH

      Well facts are facts and while young black males are in the process of committing genocide, given that ” Across the nation, four out of five whites live outside of the cities and 86 percent of whites live in neighborhoods where minorities make up less than 1 percent of the population. In contrast, 70 percent of Blacks and Latinos live in the cities or inner-ring suburbs.” it would only make sense that an out sized percentage of those innocent victims harmed or killed would then be a minority as well.