They buried the lede

And so good for you!

And so good for you!

Whole Foods sales suffer as consumers flock to cheaper purveyors of organic food.

[CEO John] Mackey said the company needed to do a better job of explaining to customers why Whole Foods’ organic food was superior to the organic offerings at more conventional grocers, such as Walmart and Kroger, where prices may be lower.

Whole Foods will also be introducing a range of lower-priced products at its new chain of 365 by Whole Foods Market stores.

Mackey says the new chain will be to Whole Foods what Nordstrom Rack is to Nordstrom.

My two cents, and that’s overvaluing it, is that these guys made a basic, but probably unavoidable mistake by scaring people into eating their products. As they ran out of Yuppies with puppies to sell to, they – purveyors of organic food – expanded their customer base by appealing to a market segment that would never pay more for the opportunity to be a modern environmentalist or to taste a decent watermelon, but if they thought they were poising their children by shopping at the A&P, the Whole Foods types could snag their dollar.

And that strategy worked, until it didn’t. Once Walmarts and Krogers started competing on price, selling the same GMO-free horse radish and pesticide free wormy apples for less than the BMW set’s provisioner, it was too late for Whole Foods to resume touting the moral and gustatory benefits of “really really organic food.

My point is, working class people can’t afford the luxury of Whole Foods’ prices, but they went there when the media and the scare scientists told them they were killing their kids. Once they had an opportunity to spare their children from the horrors of “chemicals” at a price mid-way between that A&P and Whole Paycheck, they defected.


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17 responses to “They buried the lede

  1. Cos Cobber

    The natural and inevitable life cycle takes hold for grocers.

    Btw, the high prices at Wholes Foods = poster child for your economy on the $15 min wage?

  2. Anonymous

    Who needs Whole Foods now we have an ACME on the Post Road

  3. Anonymous

    Where will you find your amusement now?

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    “They buried the lede”? What does that even mean? I think I know what it means, but what does it mean in the context of this story? Usually, I can decipher your gibberish, your lame attempt at humor, and understand what you are trying to emote. I always get you, even when your sophomoric attempt at humor whizzes by the readers head. But this one has me mystified, stupefied, bleary eyed and constipated. On second thought, never mind. I don’t want to know. If you have to explain it, you know it’s a dud. A sure fire loser. But it happens to the best, so no worries. You quim.

    Anyhows, I like Whole Foods. The prepared dinners section has good food, ready to eat, as are the Nanny’s there to pick some up. I liked to people watch there too. It is hard to shop lift, but I can’t hold that against them. But I do think their business model is in trouble. They should keep prices high, and introduce nude shopping. If that is to radical, topless checkout girls. Maybe kill a live cow in the parking lot, to try and convert more vegans? That one may actually work.

    But Trader Joes? THEY BLOW!! I may have to go back to Stew’s. I just hope my ban is over.

    Your Pal,

  5. CatoRenasci

    Odd but true whole foods story – the only place you can get decent Macoun apples in Naples, Florida, is the local Whole Foods @ 99 cents/lb.

  6. Don

    The way they’ve been caught short weighing products they are now Hole Foods.

  7. Cricketeer

    Said it here before, and will say again…..for the most part, whole foods is comparable to a regular supermarket, except whole foods has better product. EG. salad / food bar at whole foods is 8.99lb. That’s the same price as wegmans, shoprite and a&p. In fresh food, the only noticeable difference is meat, but the shoprites of the world dont sell dry aged beef and so its sort of a moot point

    • Place your beef on a rack, a baking sheet with a paper towel underneath, and leave, uncovered, in the refrigerator for 3-7 days. Air dried beef. Learned the trick in Cook’s Illustrated years ago and have been saving large amounts of money on holiday standing rib roasts ever since. It works.

      • Anonymous

        When you come down to it, it is simple marketing. Whole Foods had this “organic” market to themselves for years, and charged (overcharged?) a premium for it. Now that others are selling similar products for lower prices, they must compete on price…and they are struggling to do it. This happens to so many others, and their profits go down when consumers go to other stores and get a better price. Only Apple seems to be immune to this trend….

  8. Anonymous

    Just go to Augustine’s Farm every week. Best produce around!