They could get it, I suppose

4 Old Round Hill Lane

4 Old Round Hill Lane

4 Old Round Hill Lane is new to the market today, asking $14.250 million. Its builders back in 2006 tried for $14.5 million and finally settled for $10.875 in 2008. Now those buyers seem to be hoping that it’s 2006 again but of course, the 2006 market didn’t support this price either.

The house across the street from this, 170 Old Mill Road, was purchased new in 2006 for $8.850 million, and sold again two weeks ago for $4.9. I’m not suggesting that that’s what this one will go for, but prices up here seem to be trending down, not up.


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20 responses to “They could get it, I suppose

  1. Anonymous

    I’m checking the borrow on this one…

  2. Anonymous

    Dang they won’t let us poor folks see any pictures. I guess when it’s not a cheap house they can be mysterious on the listing. Or they don’t want us to critique the window coverings. My opinion: it’s big

  3. Anonymous

    beautiful home

  4. High and Dry in Riverside

    All these owners have fascinating bios

  5. 32 Gilliam Lake back on market

    I guess you do have a lot of buyers reading your blog…wonder what happened there….

  6. Anonymous

    Do we know who built 170 Old Mill?
    And its size was around 13000….give or take ?

  7. Millenial

    I think there is a tipping point in terms of square footage. One side of the line is “I have a large, extended family that often visits, we like having the space to gather.” The other side is “I’ve absconded an illegal fortune from the Eastern Bloc” or “Loooooooooook at meeee, I’m new money”. I’m not sure exactly where that line falls (9k? 10k?), but 15,916 sq ft falls firmly in the latter.