Tom Gorin, master wordsmith

90 Brookside Drive

90 Brookside Drive

Tom cut the price of his listing at 90 Brookside Drive today, from $1.5 to $1.4 million. The owners paid $1.240 for it in 2003, so it must be approaching that level, at least, and perhaps that will be enough. Old 1934 carriage house, looks like, and a wee bit dated, but very close to the Stop & Shop and all that store has to offer.

But what caught my eye, besides the new price, was this part of Tom’s description: “few, but interesting rooms”.

Love it – Tom is not only the holder of all local Greenwich real estate history and a real estate maven (and more important, a great guy), he chooses his words better than anyone I know. No gilding the lily, but still finding something nice to say about a place that’s really not much bigger than a cat litter box.

By the way, you want interesting, check out pictures 5 and 6 in the listing. It’s either my browser playing tricks, or the room jumps from empty to photoshopped with furniture. Keep your drug addled kids away from the site or they’ll waste hours better devoted to homework.


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44 responses to “Tom Gorin, master wordsmith

  1. Anonymous

    Curb appeal galore. Beautiful living room – I rather like the before and after pics. Interesting floor plan – great for a downsizing couple. Landscaping is gorgeous too. Nice piece of land. I hope no one tears down this house. I’d add on a few bedrooms and a bath.

    • Mickster

      Beat me to it!

    • Gideon: Is cigar smoking the new hip happening thing? I hear many wives say their husbands are buying and smoking big fat stogies.

      Cigars to me bring back an image of my grandfather, who used to smoke them all the time, often when we were in the car with him. He’d spit out the driver’s side window of the car. Unfortunately, that spit often made its way on to us in the back seat, enough times that we learned it was better to die of smoke inhalation with the car windows closed than to have spit land on you. Or say, no gramps, we can’t go with you today.

      Do you have a spittoon Gideon?

  2. Anonymous

    1.4m for 2 bedrooms / 2 bath in central Greenwich.
    What is the world coming to?

    • I don’t see a second bedroom. Neither the ‘sitting room’ upstairs nor the ‘office’ downstairs has a closet, so they don’t count as bedrooms.

      Beautiful house, though at 0.65 acres in R-12, it may not be long for this world.

      • Anonymous

        I believe the “family room” upstairs has a closet (according to picture 19).

        Side note, one of our bedrooms doesn’t have a closet, but the town counted it as a bdr based on windows being in the room (!), and proximity to the bathroom.

      • Anonymous

        The family room in the basement I bet is the 2nd bedroom. Has a closet, full bath. Voila. Perfect house for a couple with a teenager or 2. Give them the basement and they’d be happy.

  3. Anonymous

    Probably not north street schools..otherwise it would have sold.

  4. Anonymous

    What is that part of Greenwich called?

  5. Nosy Neighbor

    I haven’t seen a single open house for this since it was listed.
    As a nosy neighbor, I wanted to have a look but didn’t want to schedule a viewing.

    • Anonymous

      They probably don’t want their creepy neighbour rifling through their drawers and sniffing their underwear.

      • Nosy Neighbor

        Sniffing underwear is primarily done by NeighboUrs in England.
        American Neighbors normally don’t think like that.

        Tally ho pip!

        • Didn’t Mark Spitzer get in trouble for sniffing underwear, or was that Dick Blumenthal? Or that sports announcer, Herb Albert? So hard to keep track of all this.

        • Anonymous

          You admit to being a total creep on the most widely read RE blog in CT, and you think the fact that I spell neighbour with a “u” trumps that? Incidentally, you’ve just guaranteed that the owners will never hold an Open House now. Tally that.

  6. Anonymous

    cool house. does it come with any gnome-servants?

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful, but dysfunctional home. Maybe for a widow or a couple.

  8. Don

    I like it, if I had the money I’d look at it. Think GoFundMe will help?

  9. CaptainObvious

    Little cup DE sac, 5 minutes walk from the avenue, plus land!
    Surprised it hasn’t been snapped up, given what places on Maher have sold for.

  10. Anonymous

    Flood zone

  11. I lived in this house in the 90s. We planned a large addition but before we could build it a promotion moved us out of state and we sold it-with full plans.

    The whitewashing of this house is tragic. White marble bath is awful IMO. It’s hiding the fact that it doesn’t get enough window light and overly modernized it IMO. In answer to the question, the bedroom they list (after removing bedrooms that were previously there to be part of new master suite) is in the basement/converted garage. The house is also very clearly not in a flood zone. It sits well above the Brook on the property. The Avenue would flood from this Brook before this house would.

    It would be a tragedy if this house was demolished. I hope for an addition!