(Almost) back country contract

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive, technically mid country because it’s a bit south of the Merritt, but way up there, reports a pending sale, asking price $7.8 million. It’s they typical Mariani house, which may or may not be to your taste but obviously was to both the sellers,once, and these new buyers.

Mariani built it in 2007 – wrong timing – and tried for $11.750 million before giving up and renting it. He finally sold it for $8.1 million in 2012 and now those buyers are getting out at around $7.8 million. It will be interesting what it fetches next time.

The Mariani signature pool is here, with its checkerboard surround. Never understood that.


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27 responses to “(Almost) back country contract

  1. Anonymous

    With that pricing history, have they considered Ben Doverton Drive as a fitting name change?

  2. Anonymous

    I love this house…wish i could afford it. That said, $7.8MM still seems a bit high for this property.

  3. Cos Cobber

    I like it too. Functional.

    Need a little more hard surface around the pool and I would probably want to remove the wine shop in the basement mall area.

  4. Anonymous

    dumbest friggin’ pool surround ever.

    although i bet the pool guys love it because they’re constantly cleaning it (and billing for it).

    maybe mariani owns a pool service too….

  5. Anonymous

    This on is starting to look dated to me. Too many scratch my head things – like the stone wall with the teeny 1/2 moon cut out in Kitchen and that pool surround – no place to put some sleek law chairs where they will sit flat. Meh, I say

    • It probably looks dated to you because Mariani has basically built the same house since he broke into town in 2000. Same house, duplicated dozens of times over 15 years, you can’t be blamed for thinking, “haven’t I seen this before, a long time ago?”

    • hmmm

      That’s probably a brick pizza oven

    • Anonymous

      the pool surround is simple to fix! just pay for the bluestone Mariani saved when he built it

      • Anonymous

        Never put bluestone around a pool. It absorbs and retains heat, which fries feet on sunny days. There are cooler stones, but test them in the sun first. First thing we did with our pool was to replace the bluestone with a natural, cooler stone.

        Putting aside the style, a functional advantage of this checkerboard is that the grass is cool on a sunny day.

  6. Anonymous

    The pool surround is a real pain if you actually use the pool. Which of course is like the ovens in these house- all for show rarely ever used!!

  7. Anonymous

    dumb fridge placement. if you’re a real user of that kitchen.

    something tells me though that the current (and future) owners will occasionally be boiling water. maybe. so it doesn’t matter.

  8. The surround is like that so that you can play chess or checkers using the servants as pieces.

  9. Anonymous

    Yes, that pool surround is just plain weird. Who would want have to plan around something like that? Deduct at least a half mil off the asking to rip that thing out and replace it with something decent.

  10. Anonymous

    What a wine cellar

  11. Flash

    I am appreciating looking at a family home….the lack of professional interior design is refreshing.
    The checkerboard pool surround is often used as a driveway to control water runoff. Maybe that was the idea.

  12. Tattycoram

    I agree with Flash about the pleasant decorating–I hate those oversized window treatments in most big Greenwich houses, and the books in this house (in several different rooms) look like they’re owned and read by actual people. Some original IKEA pieces too! (I have some of the same ones in my more humble abode.)