Mayor de Blaisio apes Venezuela

imagesPuerto Rico’s problems are the fault of greedy hedge funds, NYC’s mayor declaims.

Never, ever blame the collapse of the socialist dream on foolhardy welfare schemes, when there are capitalists available.

Is de Blasio any different from his late hero, Hugo Chavez, who blamed all his country’s ills on “evil capitalists”? 

Interesting that Dannel Malloy understands that he needs the hedge funds around to tax them and keep his post in Connecticut, while de Blasio doesn’t care. I assume that’s because the communist next door has his eye on a national role, having worn out his welcome in New York.


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15 responses to “Mayor de Blaisio apes Venezuela

  1. Anonymous

    de ballseeyo is an f’ing idiot. i know a few funds who invested there to…wait for it…MAKE MONEY. newsflash: they make money when puerto rico’s citizenry are employed, have jobs, pay bills, pay mortgages, act as productive members of society.

    de blasio and his ilk never had a real job where they had to create something of value, earn a living, or be productive members of society. always living off the teat of government, taking from others.

  2. Beeks

    The American Psychological Association has recommended removing Native American mascots completely, saying that they harm all students, regardless of ethnicity. Such symbols “teach non-Indian children that it’s acceptable to participate in culturally abusive behavior and perpetuate inaccurate misconceptions about American Indian culture,” the APA wrote in a 2005 statement.

  3. Beeks

    You will be called a racist if you say the mayor apes anything.

  4. CaptainObvious

    Manhattan -1, Greenwich +1

  5. Anonymous

    Never held a job…our current President never held a job either. Nor did most of the other leftists…hmmmm

  6. Cos Cobber

    Communist scum