North Stamford bargain

111 Farms Road

111 Farms Road

Woodworker (and son of the Leatherman) Peter Dooney has cut the price of his incredible house at 111 Farms Road from its $2.895 2014 starting point to $1.849. I love this house, from its antique original to the wide open spaces he added by consolidating a barn. The woodwork and trim is almost yacht-like, and, while certainly not for everyone, is truly beautiful to my eye.

It’s off Taconic, in Stamford, so that explains its failure to sell, but at this price I’d put up with the drive, put my kids, if I had any of the appropriate age, in private school and enjoy the place.


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13 responses to “North Stamford bargain

  1. Nothing better than a labor of love by a person who knows their craft.

  2. AJNock

    Beautiful home.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Very fine home.

  4. Anonymous

    Ironically it is as close to Greenwich downtown as many other Greenwich back country homes. Looks really nice.

  5. Anonymous

    It is actually a big house that feels cozy, would be great for entertaining or if you had a big family and a lot of visitors

  6. ChillKitty

    Wonderful home! For those who can’t afford the local private schools, try Fairfield Prep if you have boys and Lauralton Hall if you have girls. Just a train ride away your kids can have an excellent private school education for half the price of the Greenwich privates.

  7. Anonymous

    Who wants to live in north stamford? Then I’d have to pay to send my kids to school.

  8. Anonymous

    wow. that’s craftsmanship. one of my favorite roads.

  9. Tattycoram

    I like the water more than the woods but I’d trade my (newly raised) LI Sound house for this right now.

  10. Riverside

    I think Farms Road is one of the most beautiful streets in the area, Greenwich included. This street and the homes on it are amazing and illustrative of the differential in Greenwich – Stamford pricing. The houses on Farms Rd. would cost double if they were a 1/4 mile west.

    • Anonymous


      we came sooo close to getting a place there a few years back, it was just outta the budget. wished we had sucked it up, oh well.

      one of my favorite places is the stone house on the right (when heading towards taconic) with the funky addition in the back and converted barn. soooo much character. looks like a landmark building or something.

      there’s a house for sale now on pony trail. very cool very private little getaway. super steep driveway though, no bueno in winter with ice.

  11. Patrishka

    I’ve pedaled past this home more times than I can count. Traveling east and turning the corner, it is a sight to behold. I wish he dropped the price to its current level when we were looking.