32 Lower Cross takes another price hit

32 Lower Cross Road

32 Lower Cross Road

New price, $7.1 million, down from its 2012 ask of $11.750 million, Absolutely stunningly gorgeous house, in a killer location.

Killer in its literal sense, unfortunately. The back country is not your friend.


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21 responses to “32 Lower Cross takes another price hit

  1. Cos Cobber

    With headlines like this – you and Gids must not be talking much these days. He says backcountry is just fine – hunky-dory.

    • Gideon only posts on even-numbered years, so you’re probably reading one of his optimistic columns from a previous era. 2006, perhaps.

      That, or he has a listing to unload up there.

  2. Riverside Chick

    Seems dark with few windows.

  3. Anonymous

    There’s the whiff of a missed ‘sell by’ date here and re-freshening won’t be inexpensive.

  4. Anonymous

    I am ultra sensitive to the sell by dates on anything and this house is just fine – Maybe remove that foyer wallpaper and that’s it. It’s classic and gorgeous and if someone wants a true mansion this is it. A steal. I see only one issue for me: as Riverside Chick noted above a few rooms could benefit from additional windows – the living room in particular

    • Anonymous

      You said only the wallpaper in the foyeeé
      Adding Windows, slightly more complicáted.

      • Anonymous

        very true, adding windows not simple. But doable for sure.

        • Anonymous

          Anything is doable if you’ve got the cash to light on fire.
          News flash, no one spending 5-10m on their BCG mansion wants someone else’s money pit, they want their own dammit!

          • Anonymous

            Wrong – some people move here and need a house right away or they don’t want to deal with choosing everything on a new home. There are more people who want to move right in, that who want to wait around a year, living some place else, while building. A hassle

        • Anonymous

          Well lord knows they sure do have their pick!
          Plenty to choose from!!

  5. Anonymous

    This would make a great rental if you were attempting to tag the former Lehman ceo.
    His hideaway is literally over the hill and through the woods.
    Like within 500m
    Johnny get yours!

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t get the exterior of this house. Is it supposed to be a Tudor? Craftsman? It’s all over the place. The interior’s very nice, though.

  7. Anonymous

    I like this house- I think if someone gets it in the mid 6’s they have done well. There are some great deals in back country and Parkway is an excellent school that doesn’t get mentioned much on this blog

  8. Anonymous

    Can anyone recommend a friendly licensed electrician to verify some electrical work that was previously done?

    It seems we also need to pull a permit with the town for outlets installed 2yrs ago.

    • Cobra

      Stephansen Brothers. (203) 532-7235 My family has used them for over 30 years with consistently excellent service.

    • Anonymous

      you need a permit to install an outlet?

      • Anonymous

        Any new electric that was, say, run to a new island in the kitchen.
        At this point I just need an electrician to say its all up to code. The previous guy who did the electric work was a general contractor.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    This is a beautiful house. Beautiful design. Beautiful materials. Adding windows to the LR will be hard based on the floorplan, because 3 of its walls are interior-facing, but living rooms are used differently today than they were in older homes, so probably not a big deal.

    That it is languishing is likely more reflective of the economy than anything else. There are fewer buyers in these higher price points.

    Also, with all these knocks against back-country, does that mean Bedford and South Salem real estate are each plummeting too? I think that the issues in certain portions of town should be considered more broadly than just back-country vs midcountry vs Riverside/OG, etc.