The 1930 era is passing, slowly

16 Old Mill Road

16 Old Mill Road

In 2002, 16 Old Mill Road was put up for sale at $6.495 million and sold immediately in a bidding war for $6.8. The “winner” of that war completed renovated it to the tune of millions of dollars and placed it back on the market last spring, asking $17.350. Today it was reduced to $15.250 million. That’s still a huge amount of money, of course, but it also hasn’t sold. Whatever it finally fetches, t almost certainly won’t be the subject of a bidding war.


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21 responses to “The 1930 era is passing, slowly

  1. Anonymous

    beautiful home.

    that there’s crazy money, but a beautiful home.

  2. Chris, suppose the house vaporized: what would that landscaped five acres with the pool and tennis court be worth?

  3. Upperwestsider


  4. Cobra

    16 Old Mill.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Awesome spread. Love the grounds – the tennis courts – the patio. Great place to play Clue.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m checking the borrow on this short…any one want to take the other side?

  7. xyzzy

    Lovely house, but I’m not sure how they can justify 1,400 sq foot. if the land is worth 400 sq foot.

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry everyone – but to anyone under the age of 50, or even 60, this home says “grandma and grandpa” which is OK because probably most with this much money are on the older side. It needs serious updating though to kitchen and baths. Some fresher decorating would also help.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the deco, but the rest is jus

      • Anonymous

        but the rest is jus…………? I’ll finish for you: The rest is just gorgeous – stunning lawn, landscaping and pool 🙂 – and I am the anon who said the house is very grandma and grandpa

  9. Anonymous

    Is this owned by a developer or investment group? Why else would anyone go through all that renovation and then sell it so quickly? The house and property is just gorgeous….but too pricey in today’s backcountry market.

  10. Anonymous

    Really cool house. I agree with those who think there are some minor stylistic issues that are preventing this house from getting top dollar. It really should’ve been staged with slightly less fusty furniture, and some light renovation (paint, wallpaper, change some kitchen/bath finishes) to prep for the market. Would be worth sinking $150k into it for that purpose. My guess is sellers are not really that serious. Even if they doubled the purchase price on the renovation (which I seriously doubt), they’re still making a couple of million at this price.

  11. Anonymous

    17mil? take ten off and we’ll talk

  12. RaisedInRiverside

    I don’t see much to complain about, this place is gorgeous – can’t imagine the cost of maintaining grounds/pool/tennis court like that, but at this price point I guess that’s not a concern. 15 million is probably still too high, but 10-12 sounds right to me.

  13. Anonymous

    Wonder if they’ve gotten any offers.

    Don’t forget there are 2 rental apts thrown in.

    This blog typically focuses on the folly of excessive homes built in the 1980s to present. Here is an example of something that has stood since 1930 and is in great shape. Is the issue the price, the lack of willingness to bargain, the style, the location, or something else?