Our future is in their hands – we’re doomed

College students support Bernie Sanders and his “Democratic Socialism, but have no idea what socialism entails.

Of course they don’t; that would require some basic knowledge beyond “the rich have too much money”. They don’t even understand that the same system that will cripple the economy will redistribute their money to those “less fortunate” (the lazy, the greedy, the loafers). To our modern educated class, the country should give them lots of cool free stuff, like a college education [sic] and subsidized dope. Beyond that, they’re clueless.


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  1. CU Boulder & State system is sad & dumb.
    Interview at independent private colleges like Colorado College & my DU and answers may be different.
    Add in Air Force Academy & IQ’s go up.
    Don’t forget CO is receptor of huge green lemming driven war on CO2.
    Lies abound for grantsmanship .

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    These morons don’t know anything about history. Or life. They grew up in a pampered society of play dates, participation trophies, and they lack basic social skills. They can’t communicate, they text. Their friends were chosen for them, based on politically correct criteria. They were “protected” from bad things, like competition, fending for yourself, and cognitive thinking. They were taught certain things were always “good”, and certain things were always “bad”. Basically, they were totally fucked up by their parents.

    One of the flash points at the University of Missouri is a statue of Thomas Jefferson. You know he was Dude, right? He was the third President after Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. And one of the Founding Fathers. He built the Jefferson Memorial, and his great grand kids named a rock band after him. Jefferson Airplane. He even had a TV show about him in the 1970’s or 1980’s, where he played a successful dry cleaner for some reason. By all accounts, a brilliant man, who also happened to own slaves. Now, by today’s standards, owning slaves is a very bad thing. But back then it wasn’t. And the problem we now face…I SAID THE PROBLEM WE NOW FACE is people do not have the cognitive brainpower to understand you can’t judge a historical man based on today’s values. You can’t ignore the context of their times. I honestly believe the yutes of today just don’t have the brain power to cogently make this assessment.

    As a result, their preferred approach is to wipe out or rewrite history, much as the ISIS and the Taliban is doing in the Middle East. This is amoral. Dangerous. Wrong. They want to rewrite Mark Twain for Pete’s sake.

    These are dangerous times Dude. Know I not if save us even Jedi can.

    Anyhows, do you have the T-Shirts? And do you think you could finger paint this in poop?

    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Carrot Top just resigned. This woman epitomizes all that is wrong with education today:
    Your Pal,

  4. Babylon Sister

    I think we should round them all up and ship them to Denmark with The Bern himself.

    Seek ye socioeconomic asylum from the oppression of the free market system!

    As Castro proudly declared after dumping hundreds of thousands of anti-revolucionarios on one-way Mariel boat lift voyages to Florida… “we don’t want them, we don’t need them”.

    A win-win for all.

    • anonymous

      Free market system? Honey, that boat has sailed too. It is 100 % crony capitalism and these entitled brats do have some legitimate gripes since they will be saddled with the debt forever. They are too stupid to figure out who did this to them. In fact, those that did this to them are creating false flags and other diversions so the spot light will not be on the “folks” that really screwed things up. Who benefits from this? Follow the money!

  5. RivAve

    This country is phucked- that was a downright scary video.

  6. Anonymous

    If Yale and Missouri were smart they should offer to refund tuitions to those are so unhappy with their schools. Of course, that student would need to withdraw.

  7. Once

    The educashunal system has pretty much gone the way the destructorites wanted it to go. Educate the brats to the socialist goose step. It worked! All Bernmie Sanders had to do was wait which coincidentally that is what Lenin did. As he penned his his power to the people stuff the Roosky Revolution took place. Just as they were mopping up the blood Lenin showed up and got the job without having to interview.