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But this time, we really mean it!

WE have sealed our borders with the impregnable Maginot Line and voila! Ze problem, she is solved.

We have sealed our borders with the impregnable Maginot Line and voila! Ze problem, she is solved.

France joins Obama in drawing a red line in the sand; vows all out war against terrorism

Oops! That was last January’s vow.

 Here’s today’s.

The both sound the same, but at least they’re not blaming America’s shameful history of imperialism and oppression, as that country’s president does.


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At least one of the Paris terrorists was a Syrian “refugee”

It's all going according to plan - really!

Aw, buck up, it’s all going according to plan – really!

Syrian passport, plus a record of him landing in Greece just last month.

If confirmed, the report will be a devastating blow to Angela Merkel and other European leaders who have opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants despite ISIS’ vow to exploit the crisis to infiltrate jihadists into the west.

Earlier today, Merkel responded to the massacre by calling for people to express “tolerance” towards the migrants.

Numerous experts have warned that rolling out the red carpet to migrants from the Middle East would substantitally heighten the risk of terrorists being able to cross into Europe, although such concerns were dismissed by many at the time as fear mongering.*

Obama has yet to be heard from, but presumably he’s already at work with his State Department increasing the 10,000 terrorists he’s already called for to be increased ten-fold. To do anything less would be a micro-aggression.

  • For the full flavor of the sophisticated left dismissing claims of a terrorist threat among the refugees as absurd and delusional, see here. Ed


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The spreading virus

Just as long as it leaves the rest of us alone

Just as long as it leaves the rest of us alone

That’s what Powerline’s John Hinderaker calls it, and offers a number of incidents from around the nation’s campus to prove his point.

Here’s the latest report from Amherst: (Roger Kimball)

So what did the president of Amherst College do? She had until 5:00 this afternoon to issue a statement that “condemns the inherent racist nature of the unofficial mascot, the Lord Jeff, and circulate it to the student body, faculty, alumni, and Board of Trustees.” It’s 5:29 now. As far as I have been able to determine, no statement has been forthcoming.

That demand, by the way, was one of a list of 11 put forth by a group calling itself “Amherst Uprising,” a motley assemblage including the African and Caribbean Students Union, Amherst Christian Fellowship, Amherst Equestrian Club Team, Chinese Student Association, Hip Hop Club, Hillel, La Casa, Muslim Students A ssociation, Multicultural Resource Center,Native American Students Organization (NASO), Newman Catholic Club, Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect, Queer Resource Center, TransActive, Women of Color Empowerment Group, and several other organizations.

It’s with demand number 5 that things begin to get scary:

President Martin must issue a statement to the Amherst College community at large that states we do not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the “All Lives Matter” posters, and the “Free Speech” posters that stated that “in memoriam of the true victim of the Missouri Protests: Free Speech.” Also let the student body know that it was racially insensitive to the students of color on our college campus and beyond who are victim to racial harassment and death threats; alert them that Student Affairs may require them to go through the Disciplinary Process if a formal complaint is filed, and that they will be required to attend extensive training for racial and cultural competency.

“Extensive training for racial and cultural competency,” eh?  Could Mao have done any better? And note the context: this list of demands was sparked by a few enterprising students who had the courage to take issue with the deplorable racialist group think emanating from the University of Missouri.  The “true victim of the Missouri Protests: Free Speech”: that’s exactly right and congratulations to those brave students who bucked the totalitarian trend in higher education to say so.

What’s even scarier, to me, is this demonstration of how presumably reasonably intelligent students – they did get into once respected schools like Amherst and Yale, for instance – have been conditioned by their early schooling to lose the natural skepticism of youth and become a mob of  dullards, completely dependent upon their masters to tell what to think and how to act. This is not an accidental development: Saul Alinsky taught radicals exactly how to do this; but it’s taken 40 years to get this far in the process, and the completion is drawing near.

UPDATE: Just how complete is the brainwashing? This comment to the Hinderer article answers;

Very sad to see that Amherst Christian Fellowship signed on to this, especially after peer LAC Bowdoin’s chapter was booted off campus for defying the PC agenda regarding homosexuality.

Hopefully, this unpleasantness at Amherst won’t interfere with the regularly scheduled recruiting visits of Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

After all, even SJW’s need jobs in elite investment banking and consulting.

And I’ll add to that comment by noting that the demand document was also signed on behalf of Hillel, a Jewish group. I wonder if they’ll also sign off on the growing screams around our campuses for the elimination of “Zionist” administrations?


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