At least one of the Paris terrorists was a Syrian “refugee”

It's all going according to plan - really!

Aw, buck up, it’s all going according to plan – really!

Syrian passport, plus a record of him landing in Greece just last month.

If confirmed, the report will be a devastating blow to Angela Merkel and other European leaders who have opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants despite ISIS’ vow to exploit the crisis to infiltrate jihadists into the west.

Earlier today, Merkel responded to the massacre by calling for people to express “tolerance” towards the migrants.

Numerous experts have warned that rolling out the red carpet to migrants from the Middle East would substantitally heighten the risk of terrorists being able to cross into Europe, although such concerns were dismissed by many at the time as fear mongering.*

Obama has yet to be heard from, but presumably he’s already at work with his State Department increasing the 10,000 terrorists he’s already called for to be increased ten-fold. To do anything less would be a micro-aggression.

  • For the full flavor of the sophisticated left dismissing claims of a terrorist threat among the refugees as absurd and delusional, see here. Ed


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17 responses to “At least one of the Paris terrorists was a Syrian “refugee”

  1. Anonymous

    If you are surprised that Muslims immigrants came to Europe with the intent of killing innocent civilians, you are delusional. We can and should expect the same if any come into the United States.

    Rest assured that there are probably terrorist cells here already waiting for clearance to act. Hopefully we can catch them before they kill here. As we let more in, the harder and more resources (money) it will take to keep us safe. I guess it will provide another argument for the Democrats to raise taxes to keep us secure.

    POTUS said that ISIS, “The JV Team” is contained, so why worry? The number of civilians killed in Paris is less than the annual killing from black on black Violence in the USA, annually. Obama and the liberals do not appear to care about that travesty. And from a man of color, I find that very disappointing, even disingenuous. And the democratic puppy dogs that belong to the Democratic Party here in Greenwich, play the same tune. Shameful.

    Black on Black violence is the Black Lives Matter problem that really needs to be addressed. But as POTUS and the liberal left won’t tell you, not all Black Lives matter. Many are not important, except for their vote each November. God Forbid that they do something that stops Blacks from killing each other, at the risk of losing a vote to keep them in office.

  2. AJ

    Of course, no one ever expected it:

    Migrants take the train to Germany:

  3. AJ

    Of course, they will assimilate and become productive citizens.

    Third generation Dutch Muslims explain what they would do to women:

  4. burningmadolf

    Let’s all remember the 18 US mayors that signed the love letter to O-man promising to take all the goat fuckers!

    • Shoeless

      Do we really think that the terrorists check list included passports? Was being sure of having ID above or below ammo? Does Allah not let you in without papers?

  5. Anonymous

    Bullshit. This is a lie. He is French.

  6. Demmerkrat Patriot

    3.8 million square miles and 320 million people in the US and the citizens here run and hide in fear. It’s been a well planned strategy to keep the people scared and cowering and begging for “security.” Someone is making a lot of money keeping the fears stoked and burning.

    “Fear is the tool of the greedy.” Who’s getting rich on this stuff? Not me, and I refuse to live in fear …. it’s not a pleasant life. Everything’s a risk and there’s no 100% security. Get over it and live a little … a lot more interesting than hiding under your bed all the time.

    • Demmerkrat Patriot

      Forgot one point … if you think “tightening the border” or “stopping the refugees from arriving” is going to work, just remember who is watching for them: the TSA. Remember them? The ones who fail 95% of the time detecting a hand gun on a person going through security? You know, the DHS jobs program? And Customs?

      Yeah … they’ll keep us safe.

      • Screening is theatre, not anything serious. Serious would be infiltrating muslim groups, but that would endanger their safe spaces, and hurt feelings.

        • Demmerkrat Patriot


          You’re right on infiltration of the groups themselves. Stopping 1,000 refugees isn’t going to stop any attack anywhere, but knowledge will. Too bad our congresscritters and the CIA don’t believe in human intelligence anymore.

          While I’m usually a pretty nice pretty person, in this case I would be happy if we hurt their precious fee fees. Let the US take refugees from whereever they are fleeing from. And then let those refugees prove to us that they are no threat. Have some bad ties to bad people in your past? Here’s a cargo plane ticket back to whatever land you came from.

          Remember Ellis Island? Worked then and the same principal would work now. Stop wasting dollars on the “security theater” jobs program and spend it on really screening who wants to enter this country. Overstayed your visa? Here’s a life raft … start paddling.