But this time, we really mean it!

WE have sealed our borders with the impregnable Maginot Line and voila! Ze problem, she is solved.

We have sealed our borders with the impregnable Maginot Line and voila! Ze problem, she is solved.

France joins Obama in drawing a red line in the sand; vows all out war against terrorism

Oops! That was last January’s vow.

 Here’s today’s.

The both sound the same, but at least they’re not blaming America’s shameful history of imperialism and oppression, as that country’s president does.


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27 responses to “But this time, we really mean it!

  1. Anonymous

    Meanwhile Mizzou protestors annoyed that Paris events are detracting from their cause:


    • Anonymous

      If I tweet this to them, will they feel better?

      • Funny – I was just thinking yesterday that Mr. Rogers was responsible for almost all the crap we’re seeing on campuses today. Poor guy – he really wasn’t part of the Alinsky conspiracy (I don’t think), just a nice minister from Pennsylvania, but at least two generations of children were raised in his “you’re all so special” coddling, and now we know what that set us up for.

  2. Anonymous

    Anybody gonna watch the Demo Debate tonight?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Barry will fight the terrorists, so long as they are not followers of Islam:

    He actually said all of this. And he really believes it.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    And this is the murmur from the representatives of the religion of peace. A muted response, after a few days I bet you don’t hear from them again until the next mass killing. I would love to be wrong and eat my words, but I don’t think that will happen. Do you?

    Muslims Around the World Speak Out Against Terrorist Attacks in Paris

  5. AJ

    Not blaming American Imperialism? And who was it that destabilized Iraq, Libya, and Syria that has led to the mass influx of migrants? Gremlins? Pixies? Gnomes?

    Clinton, Sanders, and what’s-his-name tripped all over each other in last night’s debate, all vying over who would be the most generous in admitting Syrian “refugees,” most of whom are single, young adult, males. Will American women be forced to cover themselves in burlap sacks to keep from offending them. Convert or die?

    Hello President Trump.

    • “Hello President Trump.”

      There will never be a President Trump. Or even another Republican President for at least a generation. The demographic die is cast, and the Democrats have won: Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Asians all vote Democratic by 70+% margins. Democrats welcome diversity, multiculturalism, and what the moron George Bush called “a peaceful religion.” It is all over. Here is how one who approves of this new political reality recently describes it:


      • Anonymous

        The Guardian is a left-wing rag.

        Why do you think blacks and Hispanics vote Democratic? The party that gives away more free stuff will get their vote.

        The whole Mizzou/Yale thing is designed and centrally organized to gin up race/class war in advance of next years election in order to get out the black and low IQ vote. Democrats are seriously concerned that their candidate is weak and will stop at nothing to maintain power.

        • “The Guardian is a left-wing rag.”

          Of course it is. That’s why it re-published an essay that originally appeared in the Washington Post. But citing the source, rather than the content of the essay, is the height of anti-intellectualism. It is the type of puerile argument that the Left (or morons who hide behind the default screen name of Anonymous) make. Embarrassing, and well below the standard level of comment here. Grow up you fool.

      • The founding fathers framed our republic expressly to prevent the mob rule of democracy, but after more than 200 years, the mob has finally won.

        • The Mob has not yet won it all.

          The framers gave small states like Utah and Wyoming as many Senators as California and New York. And the House is still Republican because Democrats tend to cluster together in hard core congressional districts. For example, the average member of the Congressional Back Caucus routinely gets re-elected with 80+% majorities.

          The framers are still slowing the March of the Mob to Self-Destruction. But the election of Hillary will probably complete our transformation into a European-style social welfare administrative state with low growth, high unemployment, and a stagnate standard of living.

        • Riverside Dog Walker



          Bill Whittle does a good job explaining how the senate lost its role intended by the framers of limiting the power of the central government, due to passage of the 17th Amendment. The effect is its current House of Lords role for windbags like Dick Blumenthal and Chuck Shumer.

        • Riverside,

          The 17th Amendment was a mistake, but a higher priority should be repeal of the 26th Amendment, which has done more harm.

        • AJ

          The 26th was inevitable at the time: either that or raise the age of conscription to 21. The idea that these people will have changed their ways by the time they become seniors seems not likely to me.

          Traditionally, most young people don’t vote: they are too busy binge drinking and smoking dope, and mostly just pay lip service to their confused ideas. The idea of a young, black president who gave beautifully scripted speeches brought them out in droves, but on the left, Sanders is the only one who might be capable of a repeat performance. Trump’s celebrity status may garner the youth vote. Old, boiled chicken-skin, neocon Hillary, not so much. Or let us hope.

  6. AJ

    We must welcome invaders and not harden our hearts.

  7. CatoRenasci

    Hate to toss cold water on a great meme with the picture of the Maginot Line, but the Germans never actually went through the Maginot fortifications. The Germans cleverly bypassed them by going through the Ardennes forest (which the French stupidly thought impassable for armor) and the low countries (whose fortifications they did go through like a hot knife through butter). But the impregnable line? It held until the Germans showed up at the back door….

    • Oh I am aware of that, but I thought the meme was still accurate. The French are now rushing to protect their borders by reinstituting passport rules, but at the same time admitting swarms of potential terrorists and leaving the terrorist already in the country to multiply and breed in the Muslim slums around Paris. If the new passport rules are a modern Maginot Line, the same result: going around it, will occur.