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Five more years, if we’re lucky, before the decline of America turns precipitous

No no no, that's not ME who'll have to work, that's someone else! Right, teacher?

No no no, that’s not ME who’ll have to work, that’s someone else! Right, teacher?

Although the decline’s been going on at least since the start of the War on Poverty, which poverty won.

55% of Democrats approve of socialism, 75% approve of redistribution of wealth from those who have it, to themselves. Blacks approve of the latter idea by a margin of 2:1. 

On the other hand, maybe it won’t matter much after all. “The post-antibiotic apocalypse is upon us”.

NEWSER) – Less than 90 years after Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the world is on the verge of returning to an era without antibiotics, scientists warn. Researchers have discovered bacteria in China that can defeat even the “antibiotic of last resort,” reports the BBC, which describes the development as the possible start of an “antibiotic apocalypse.” MCR-1, the mutated gene that resists colistin, the antibiotic used when others fail, appears to already be widespread among livestock in China and is beginning to appear in an alarming number of human infections, the New Scientist reports.

If the mutation spreads worldwide, “which is a case of when not if, and the gene aligns itself with other [antibiotic-resistant] genes, which is inevitable, then we will have very likely reached the start of the post-antibiotic era,” researcher Timothy Walsh tells the BBC. But it isn’t time to panic, according to Maddie Stone at Gizmodo, who notes that a powerful new class of antibiotics is currently being developed, and there may be many more in the pipeline. The discovery of MCR-1, however, suggests it’s time to “stop letting the livestock industry throw all of our useful antibiotics down the drain,” she writes. (Subway has become the latest chain to announce a switch to antibiotic-free meat.)


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Why, he’s worse than Dr. Stone* !

Dentist traded root canals for meth, distributed kiddie porn and was (is still, I presume, though his opportunities to engage in it may be restricted soon) into bestiality.

A Manhattan dentist who studied at NYU traded root canals for meth, peddled kiddie porn out of his practice in Chelsea — and “actively” engaged in underground bestiality parties, federal authorities charged.

John Wallace Wolf, 59, was busted Friday after a two-month probe by the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration.

*There once was a dentist named Stone
Who practiced on women alone
In a fit of depravity,
He filled the wrong cavity
And my how his practice has grown!

Dr. Wolf goes bestial – your name is destiny


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Forget the basics, go to Hell

Chipolte, whose earnings have already been taking a hit because it pulled pork from its menu when they couldn’t find enough of it that had been raised by loving grandmothers in soft cuddly “safe spaces”, is now tanking after an e-coli outbreak in six states.

All the feel good sustainable, “let’s pretend we’re not serving meat” corporate schtick stops working when your customers start dying.

Woman vomiting into the toilet bowl

Vegan faces reality


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Modern public education


Roar, Lion Roar!

Teacher in Orange County middle school teaches the children Muslim fight song.

A social studies teacher at Spring View Middle School gave students an ode to Islam to sing, set to the tune of Rachel Platten‘s “Fight Song.” But instead, the chorus goes:

This is their fight song

Spread Islam now song

Prove that they’re right song 

Other parts of the song declares that they “don’t really care if no Jews or [Christians] believe,” and “Islam… Allah’s on the way.”

Parents were upset, to say the least. “I believe that by singing this song, the children feel comfortable believing that maybe Allah is the only god, and maybe that they should start following him,” one parent told CBS Los Angeles. “And that I’m not OK with.”


Even Islamic organizations like CAIR aren’t happy with the song, especially the lyrics “they might only have one god, but they can make an explosion.”

“Our reaction was that obviously the teacher could have had a better choice of words,” spokesman Ojaala Ahmad said.

I dunno, they seem to capture her intent perfectly.


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I blame global warming: Havemeyer still hot

19 Watchtower Lane

19 Watchtower Lane

19 Watchtower Lane, land, sold for full $1.1 million asking price.


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Shocker: Whole Foods is wildly more expensive than its competitors

wholefoods-receipt1Even when comparing (organic, free range) apples to apples. I won’t shop there, but I do use their parking lots as great places to study that class of person who does. For instance, I was stuck three cars behind a Lexus the other day and at first I assumed the driver herself was being blocked by something, but no, she was determined to take a particular parking space, the occupant of which had just begun to load her groceries. People behind? Who cares?

Because I’m a new man these days, I did not bash her bumper as I made my way past her, nor flip her the bird, nor stop and get out and warn her that I was going to report her to her homeland’s Red Chinese anti-corruption board for driving such an expensive car, although all three ideas did flash through my mind nearly simultaneously. No, I just went on my merry way; she was still blocking traffic when I was exiting.


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Short it

MargaritavilleWarren Buffet’s grandson is starting an investment company that will only deal with “sustainable” industries.

The kid’s a lecturer at a university, so that’s another kiss of death.


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Back to classics

I saw this new construction at 15 Cottontail Road the other day, I was struck by how fresh it looked, even though it’s really just an old classic design, as opposed to so many of the houses that have gone up around town since, say, 2000, which are already looking old.

I’m not at all against modern design -the contemporary t 232 Stanwich remains my favorite of all the new construction – but a mediocre architect trying out his or her ill-formed ideas does’nt survive the novelty stage, in my opinion.

The reason classic designs last is that they are, gee, classic.

15 Cottontail

15 Cottontail



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Back in Maine – did my mere presence in Greenwich kill the real estate market?

Nothing, absolutely nothing of interest was going on or went on during the past three days.

On the other hand, politics continues to amuse. Here’s a good one, Bernie Sanders this Russia should join NATO. For a man who, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, thinks that socialism works, this is hardly a plan that’s out of character. Sadly, because this generation of historical idiots have nothing more significant on their minds than last night’s latest Kardashian revelation (I assume there was one), they’ll see nothing wrong with this latest idea from their hero.



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