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None of this is by accident

Smith College lesbians

Rioting lesbians have stormed a speech by “Born Gay Hoax” author Ryan Sorba on the campus of Smith College in Massachusetts, shutting down his address, … (Really: I didn’t go looking for “fat naked lesbians”,  this image came up when I searched for “Smith College protest” )

Pew Poll: 40% of millennial support government censorship of speech offensive to minorities.

American Millennials are far more likely than older generations to say the government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive statements about minority groups, according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center survey data on free speech and media across the globe.

We asked whether people believe that citizens should be able to make public statements that are offensive to minority groups, or whether the government should be able to prevent people from saying these things. Four-in-ten Millennials say the government should be able to prevent people publicly making statements that are offensive to minority groups, while 58% said such speech is OK.

Even though a larger share of Millennials favor allowing offensive speech against minorities, the 40% who oppose it is striking given that only around a quarter of Gen Xers (27%) and Boomers (24%) and roughly one-in-ten Silents (12%) say the government should be able to prevent such speech.

Once the swarm is taught that the government is the best arbitrator of what can and should be said on some matters, it’s a simple process to expand that censorship to anything the government wants to suppress. The hysteria sweeping colleges this month is a perfect example of the results so far.


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Airbrushing the past to make way for the upcoming global warming summit


Climate experts Drs. Hansen and Viner bury their dead predictions

The Independent has “disappeared” the infamous article by David Viner  that claimed that winter in Britain was over, forever.

If global warming were real, would its advocates have to lie about it, fake data, erase faulty “certain” predictions of irreversible deadlines, suppress scientific articles questioning it, and scrub the record clean of their science proved wrong? Taken together, these action seem less like a genuine scientific truth and more like a plan concocted to reap windfall profits from unprotesting citizens and increase the power of central governments, again.

(By the way, England’s being blasted by yet another snowstorm this weekend)

Readers of WUWT and millions of climate skeptics have read this article before, and in fact it is likely one of the most cited articles ever that illustrates the chutzpah and sheer hubris on display from a climate scientist who was so certain he could predict the future with certainty. Dr. David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit who famously said:

From the Independent’s most cited article: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past by Charles Onians:

However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

It seems however, that after over 15 years, the Independent has removed that article, and the URL now comes up like this:


Here is what it originally looked like:snowfall-thing-of-the-past

Fortunately, I have preserved the entire article as a PDF for posterity:

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – The Independent (PDF)


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The virus spreads north


University of Ottawa student president Romeo Ahimakin demonstrates cultural, racial and sexual  oppression

Free yoga classes at University of Ottawa cancelled after student complains of “cultural appropriation 

Student leaders have pulled the mat out from 60 University of Ottawa students, ending a free on-campus yoga class over fears the teachings could be seen as a form of “cultural appropriation.”

Jennifer Scharf, who has been offering free weekly yoga instruction to students since 2008, says she was shocked when told in September the program would be suspended, and saddened when she learned of the reasoning.

Staff at the Centre for Students with Disabilities believe that “while yoga is a really great idea and accessible and great for students … there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice,” according to an email from the centre.

The centre goes on to say, “Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced,” and which cultures those practices “are being taken from.”

The centre official argues since many of those cultures “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy … we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practising yoga.”

The concept of cultural appropriation is normally applied when a dominant culture borrows symbols of a marginalized culture for dubious reasons — such as the fad of hipsters donning indigenous headdresses as a fashion statement, without any regard to cultural significance or stereotype.

But Scharf, a yoga teacher with the downtown Rama Lotus Centre, said the concept does not apply in this case, arguing the complaint that killed the program came instead from a “social justice warrior” with “fainting heart ideologies” in search of a cause celebre.

“People are just looking for a reason to be offended by anything they can find,” said Scharf.



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Damn, too late!


The science is settled?

Obama has four years to save the world, NASA fraud Jim Henson warns. Unfortunately, he said that in 2009, so we’re doomed.

Barack Obama has only four years to save the world. That is the stark assessment of Nasa scientist and leading climate expert Jim Hansen who last week warned only urgent action by the new president could halt the devastating climate change that now threatens Earth. Crucially, that action will have to be taken within Obama’s first administration, he added.

Soaring carbon emissions are already causing ice-cap melting and threaten to trigger global flooding, widespread species loss and major disruptions of weather patterns in the near future. “We cannot afford to put off change any longer,” said Hansen. “We have to get on a new path within this new administration. We have only four years left for Obama to set an example to the rest of the world. America must take the lead.”

Hansen said current carbon levels in the atmosphere were already too high to prevent runaway greenhouse warming. Yet the levels are still rising despite all the efforts of politicians and scientists. [Fox Butterworth, call your office].

Gee, “runaway greenhouse warming” sounds serious and irreversable, and it is. Of course, if Mother Gaia’s favorite muppeteer is right, it was already too late to prevent it by the time the Messiah from Chicago appeared, so what are we doing still talking about it? And certainly, if the doomsday timeline expired at the end of 2012, we should be partying, not fighting “the greatest threat to our national security today”.



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The problem I see with these things is, what do you do afterwards?

Nuclear bomb shelter, suitable for 20 kiloton drop-ins, can be yours for just $17.5 million. By Greenwich standards that’s not outrageous, but after the bomb hits, and civilized society is gone, where you gonna live? It’ll be brutal out there, especially in the North East, and anyone with land large enough and well sited enough to sustain him is not going to welcome your arrival in your Tesla (which, of course, won’t be able to be recharged, so you probably couldn’t make it to the boonies anyway).

Still, if you’re considering one, I’d be happy to represent you. Here’s the full listing.



Hitler's bunker

Herr Hitler had less commodious accommodations in his own bunker


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And the pretend war continues

No Germans were hurt in the making of this picture

No Germans were hurt in the making of this picture

Pilots: Obama administration blocks 75% of ISIS strikes 

Hardly surprising from the man who just last week refused to lead the war against terror:

But what I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning, or whatever other slogans they come up with that have no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the American people, and to protect people in the region who are getting killed, and to protect our allies and people like France. I’m too busy for that.

Update: A reader sends along this link: Obama has us dropping leaflets while Russia and France are dropping bombs.

“We combine these leaflet drops with very low altitude passes of some of our attack aviation, which sends a very powerful message,”  Army Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, said in Wednesday from Baghdad during a teleconference at the Pentagon.

The leaflet drop was more evidence of the pains taken by the U.S. in air tasking orders to avoid civilian casualties through precision weaponry and the use of intelligence assets in contrast to indiscriminate Russian airstrikes with “dumb bombs,” Warren said.

We’re being led by morons and fools.


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So a Jap walks into a genius bar …

Belushi samurai

My friggin’ iTunes won’t work!

Samurai warrior invades Apple Store in NYC


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And the enemy of our country presses on

Obama in mosque

He’s now visited more Mosques in foreign countries than churches in his own

Obama vows to bring in millions of refugees.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Pushing back against efforts to bar Syrian refugees from resettling in the U.S., President Barack Obama vowed Saturday that his country will be a welcoming place for millions fleeing violence around the world “as long as I’m president.”

Obama commented Saturday at a learning center in the Malaysian capital that serves the poor, including some refugees. He met with boys and girls wearing crisp white and black uniforms and neckties as they sat at tables and worked on painting and puzzle projects.

Obama said the youngsters “represent the opposite of terror, the opposite of the type of despicable violence we saw in Mali and Paris.”

Most of the children the president met with are Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic group. Tens of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar to escape persecution by the country’s Buddhist majority, with many ending up in Malaysia, where Obama was attending a regional economic summit.

Speaking of the children he had just met with, Obama said: “Anybody who had a chance to see those kids, hopefully you understood the degree to which they’re just like our kids. They deserve love and stability and protection.”

The difference is, to anyone who still respects the concept of sovereignty, is that, while they may be “like” our kids, they are not our kids. To Obama, that’s a distinction without a difference, because the existence of the United States is an affront to his world.


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I’ll side with the teacher on this one

Wahhabi classUtah teacher in hot water for assigning her class to draw a propaganda poster for ISIS

ABC News reports:

The teacher, who’s been on the job for just a few months, gave the in-class assignment to students in her two World Civics classes at Salem Junior High School in Salem, Utah, on Wednesday. About 60 students received the assignment, which required them to create a “neat, colored, professional” poster for the terrorist group, to “help students better understand the goals of terrorist groups and the methods they use to gain support,” the assignment read.The teacher included a note asking students to come forward if they felt uncomfortable with the assignment. None did, Lana Hiskey, a spokeswoman for the Nebo School District where the school is located, told ABC News.

But some parents did not think the assignment was appropriate, especially after six coordinated terrorist attacks last week in Paris have left 130 dead.

“We shouldn’t be talking about how ISIS recruits, we should be discussing the events of what they have caused to figure a way of how to deter that and how to help better the world,” Annie Langston, whose daughter received the assignment, told ABC News. “I thought this isn’t right, not right now.”

The possibility of having to search for ISIS recruiting material on the web at a time when officials are looking to detect potential threats was alarming, Langston said.

The assignment had not been approved by school administrators, Hiskey said, adding that teachers at the school meet each week to discuss best practices.

“That never happened with this one,” said Hiskey.

Four parents contacted the school on Thursday to express their concern.

“As soon as the administration heard of this and reviewed the material, they immediately removed the assignment,” Hiskey said.

To me, this is no more than what debate teams do: argue both sides of an argument, which in turn leads to a better understanding of an issue. Is there “another side” to terrorism? Of course there is, as a billion muslims will happily attest. The teacher wasn’t asking the 9th grade students to proselytize for ISIS, but merely think about and examine what drives these maniacs. To understand is not to sympathize; in fact, an understanding of ISIS’s appeal might be usefully applied in fighting terrorism.


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Life imitates SNL

delta2Delta Airlines considering safety idea submitted by 8-year-old

A young airplane enthusiast received a welcome surprise from a Delta executive after sending the airline a series of suggestions on how to improve safety in the event of a crash.

[After hearing of the crash]  right away this young inventor got to work, designing an emergency aircraft system he believes would make it easier to locate planes in the event of an ocean crash.

Treider helped her son pen a letter to Delta CEO Richard Anderson.

“We could have a system that has neon orange balloons that rise up to the surface when the plane crashes in the sea,” reads the letter. “And there would be stones at the bottom so they would stay there. The balloon wouldn’t be light enough to float up into the air, and it would have reinforced rubber to withstand a lot of pressure.”

The kid’s a fast starter – it took paper boy Kevin O’Donnell until he was 10 before he was able to contribute to the national dialogue. Here’s Kevin:

No video, but here’s a transcript from 1979

Joan Face…..Jane Curtin
Kevin Temple…..Garrett Morris
Eileen Houton…..Gilda Radner
Hitler…..Michael Palin
Lois Laneoff…..Laraine Newman
Jimmy Olstein…..Al Franken
Klaus Kent/Uberman…..Dan Aykroyd
Jor-El…..John Belushi
Mr. Kent…..Bill Murray

Joan Face: Good evening, I’m Joan Face. Welcome again to “What If?” Each week on the show, we ask a hypothetical question about a specific historical event. Tonight’s question, like all our questions, comes from a Mr. Kevin O’Donnell, age 10, a paperboy from Alton, Illinois. Kevin asks, “What If Superman grew up in Germany, instead of America?” With us to help answer this question is our panel of experts: Brigadier General Kevin Temple, and Eileen Houton, Professor of Modern Histroy at Wellesly College, and owner of one of the largest comic book collections in the United States. Professor Houton, what if Superman grew up in Germany instead of America?

Eileen Houton: Well, Joan, as you know, Superman’s father, Jor-El, sent the infant Superman from Krypton toward the planet Earth, where he landed in Kansas, sometime around 1930. Superman adopted the philospohies of his new parents, the Kents: truth, justice, and the American way. Now, if he had landed in, say, Prussia, he would have adopted entirely different values.

Joan Face: So, what you’re saying is that the young Superman may well have become a Nazi?

Eileen Houton: Exactly!

Joan Face: Well, of course, we should remember that at the time Superman was reaching manhood, Germany was at war with the United States. General, what would have happened if the Man of Steel had fought for the Third Reich?

Kevin Temple: Wait a minute, why didn’t Superman fight for us?

Joan Face: This is a hypothetical question, General.

Kevin Temple: Oh.. oh, yes.. I’m sorry.. Um..

Joan Face: Well, here’s tonight’s dramatization of: What if Superman had grown up in Germany instead of America?

[ dissolve into presentation ]

[ SUPER: Berlin, 1943 – The Chancellory Headquarters of the Third Reich ]

[ open on Hitler giving a speech ]

Hitler: The Russians are swine! Just one step above the Poles! Two steps above the Gypsies! Four steps above the Homosexuals! Five steps above the Negros! Nine steps above the Dwarves! Fifteen steps above the Gypsy Homosexuals! Twenty-seven steps above the Negro Gypsy Homosexual Dwarves! And forty-three steps above the Jews! Did I mention the Homosexual Jews? [ is assured he has ] Right! The meeting is over!

GeneralsHeil, Hitler!

[ the Generals rise from their chairs and exit the Chancellory Headquarters.. except for one General who pauses to leave a ticking briefcase on the counter ]

Hitler: [ presses intercom ] Frau Guston, who is waiting to see me?

Voice on Intercom: Colonel Klink, and those three reporters from the Daily Planet.

Hitler: Send in the reporters!

[ the reporters are shown in ]

ReportersHeil, Hitler!

Hitler: Well, I wish to praise your propaganda work in the newspaper! [ points to Lois ] Your must be..?

Lois Laneoff: Lois Laneoff, Mein Fuhrer. Und this is Jimmy Olstein.

Hitler: Olstein?!

Jimmy Olstein: E-Y-N, Mein Fuhrer! Dutch ancestors on my father’s side!

Lois Laneoff: Und this is Klaus Kent.

Hitler: Klaus Kent! Aren’t you the man who beat Jesse Owens in ’36?

Klaus Kent: Ya.

Lois LaneoffYou, Klaus? You’re such a clumsy bumbler.

Klaus Kent: Yes, Lois. But I was younger then.. now, I’m just a mild-mannered clerk for the Ministry of Propaganda. [ Klaus turns and notices the ticking briefcase sitting on the counter – he uses his X-ray vision to discover a bomb inside ] Excuse me, Mein Fuhrer? Is that a janitor’s closet?

Hitler: Ya.

Klaus Kent: Excuse me for a moment. [ Klaus ducks inot to janitor’s closet, where he removes a piece of kryptonite and summons Jor-El ]

Jor-El: [ appearing ] My Son. My Son. I am your father, Jor-El. Your mother and I have sent you to Earth the only survivor of Krypton. As you hear this, I will have been dead many centuries, but I will reborn as Charlie Rich. On the planet Earth you have special powers and knowledge, which will separate you from mankind. Use these powers only for good, and above all you must never tamper with the destiny of man. And don’t eat junk food. [ disappears ]

[ Klaus uses the kryptonite to summon his Earth father, Mr. Kent ]

Mr. Kent: My Son. When your Vearth mother und I found you in the Black Forest, we raised you as our own. We taught you how to battle at Versailles. How Jews are parasites. And how Germany vill one day bring order to the vorld. Und don’t, Son, ever lift those Volkswagens by the bumper – come right off in your hand. [ disappears ]

Klaus Kent: Ya! He’s right! I will use my powers for the fatherland. For I am.. [ strips off his Earth clothes to reveal his supercostume ] ..Uberman!

[ “Superman Theme” plays, as Uber-Man crashes through the janitor’s closet ]

Hitler: Wha..?

Uberman: Excuse me, Mein Fuhrer! Stand back! There’s a bomb in this briefcase! [ thorws bomb to the floor, then dives on top of it. The bomb explodes, smoke rises, and Uberman stands up unharmed. ]

Hitler: You smothered the bomb with your body, and you’re not even bleeding! Who are you?

Uberman: I am.. Uberman! I have superhuman powers, and I fight for untruth, injustice, and the Nazi way! And I have X-ray vision!

Lois Laneoff: X-ray vision? Can you see through my clothes?

Uberman: Ya! And through his, too. [ points at Jimmy Olstein ] He’s a Jew!

Jimmy Olstein: No! No, it’s not true! My parents were just very advanced in hygeine, that’s all..!

Hitler: Silence! Guard, take this Jew away!

Uberman: No need! I’ll drop him off at the camp on my vay to the Eastern front!

[ Uberman grabs Jimmy Olstein and flies out the window ]

Hitler: What an amazing stroke of luck. We might win this whole war!

[ cut to footage of troops marching – newspaper headline reads: “Uberman Takes Stalingrad in 5 Minutes”; second headline reads: “Uberman Rounds Up 2 Million Jews”; third headline reads: “Uberman Kills Every Person in England, U.S. Next” ]

[ dissolve back to the “What If?” studio ]

Joan Face: Well, that looked pretty grim. I guess we would have lost the war.

Kevin Temple: Not necessarliy, Joan. As you know, Joan.. Superman, or Uberman, is vulnerable to one thing: kryptonite. The U.S. would have put all its energy into creating a kryptonite bomb in time to stop Uberman.

Eileen Houton: And after the war, with the entire British isles wiped out, it may well have become the Jewish homeland, and Israel would be in England today.

Joan Face: Ah. Well, thank you very much, General Temple, Professor Houton. Join us next week when we pose the question: “What if all women had snouzer faces?”

[ dissolve to audience shot, with SUPER: “coming up next… Is There A Super Bowl In Heaven?” ]

[ fade ]



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