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Surely this is approaching bargain status?

85 Lower Cross Road dropped its price $500,000 today and is now asking $1.325 million. It’s a great little (2 bedroom, with guest quarters) cottage  on 4 acres, in excellent condition and well maintained. The owner first put it up for sale at $2.795 million (cough cough) in 2005, and has been trying to sell it since, off and on, at ever decreasing prices. Sounds like she’s serious, this time.

85 Lower Cross

85 Lower Cross Road


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Solved! Walt’s true identity exposed

Mr. Phuc Dat Bich has Facebook account reopened after he proves that’s his real name. Why he’s been calling himself Walt on these pages remains unexplained.


Walt does Caitlyn


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North Street contract

548 North Street, 2 acres, asking $2.095 million. It started at $2.295 in September, so that’s pretty quick. Nice cottage on the property, but it is also listed as land, so probably going away.

548 is off a shared driveway, which to me makes it more attractive because it’s removed from North Street traffic.

548 North Street

548 North Street


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Whack jobs crawled out of the woodpile this weekend


Does this rag hat make me look stupid (er)?

Echoing the 1941 opinion of Dr. Clarence Mills, who blamed global warming for the rise of Hitler, Prince “I want to be reincarnated as your tampon” Charles, said the the same phenomenon “is the root cause of the Syrian war”.

Charles, an expert on Global warming, has previously announced the end of the world in 2009, 2014, 2017 and now, 2035, and is obviously still quite disturbed by all this.

The King of Sweden called for a ban on hot baths, due to the energy wasted heating water.

Joyce Carol Oates, perhaps the most boring writer college students were ever exposed to back in the 70s, put aside her concerns about global warming to ask, “All we hear of ISIS is puritanical & punitive; is there nothing celebratory & joyous? Or is query naive?

Miss Oates apparently forgot the joyous celebrations held by ISIS when they behead prisoners, blow up children, topple walls on gays, stone raped women and burn their captives alive. She’s either forgotten, or she’s asking, “is that all there is to joy?” Your guess is as good as mine.

Russia announced that it has bombed 472 ISIS targets in the past 48 hours and destroyed 1,000 oil tankers carrying the commodity that fuels the terrorists coffers. Here in Freedom’s Citadel, it was disclosed that we delayed 15 months before targeting oil targets in ISIS controlled areas of Syria, stopped 75% of all bombing runs because of Obama’s fears of harming anyone other than Osama Bin Laden, and,while only destroying 116 tankers over the years to Russia’s 1,000 in five days, had dropped leaflets near the trucks to scare the drivers into running away. Why drivers conscripted by ISIS would choose certain death by returning to their ISIS friends with their mission unaccomplished, instead of braving more leaflets, went unexplained by the Pentagon, but generals there, acting under orders of the White House, are satisfied that they, at least, completed their mission. “Scared the heck out of them”, a Pentagon spokesman crowed. “You won’t see them defying our president again, no siree.”


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Another price cut on Lake Avenue

500 Lake Avenue, 10 acres and a 1903 house originally priced at $15.900 back in 2011, is now down to $6.995 million. I spent a long time looking at this property with clients back in 2011 and even then, I suggested they bid around $5.5, if they wanted it. They didn’t, and bought a different parcel on which to build a home, but they were tempted. Nice location, fronting on Lake and extending to Round Hill, but the house is probably not worth salvaging. At the least, it will require major money to bring it up to date from its last renovation done in 1989.

The house has been vacant for years, but I don’t think the owner will suffer any if she accepts a low price: she’s a Saudi Princess, the daughter, I believe, of King Salman, the79-year-old senile King of Saudi Arabia. Still some money in the family, I suspect, even with oil below $40.

500 lake avenue

500 Lake Avenue


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(Internet down, now we’re back) Old Greenwich contract reported


Over the river and through the waves, the Shorelands Patrol will go

8 Old Club House Road, a 1997 home in the floodplains of Shorelends, dropped its price to $1.995 last week and immediately found a buyer. Owners paid $3 million for it in 2007, and tried to recoup their money by relisting at $3 this time, but Hurricane Sandy seems to have dampened buyers’ enthusiasm.

I assume the buyer will apply some of his savings to a means of waterborne egress when the waters rise.


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