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He sounds like certain brokers I know here in Greenwich

Robert Riskin: "Mommy MADE me do it!"

Robert Riskin: “Mommy MADE me do it!”

“Scarface estate sells for a fraction of its original asking price”

“El Fureidis,” the elaborate California estate where scenes of the movie “Scarface” were filmed, has sold for $12.26 million—a fraction of its original asking price.

The roughly 10-acre Montecito property went on the market in May of 2014 for $35 million, then had its price cut to $17.9 million. It was listed by Riskin Partners and Emily Kellenberger of Village Properties Realtors. It went into contract in September and closed in late October, according to Robert Riskin, one of the listing agents [and scion of the firm’s founder, Rebecca Risken]. Mr. Riskin said the property was initially “overpriced,” and that the sales price “reflects its value.”

I wonder if, just as is done here, Mr. Riskin not only wildly overpriced the property at three-times its value this time, but also sold the “overpriced” living to the seller back in 2008, when he paid $20 million?


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On the other hand, the Swiss are being more neighhhhborly these days


Swiss on horses

Hi, ho, the derry-0, a trysting we will go

Number of people having sex with horses on the rise in Switzerland.


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De Blasio unleashes his minions on Christmas

Bums steal Christmas over in the Bronx

Vagrants are urinating in the street, hassling passers-by for cash — and now they’ve ruined Christmas in The Bronx.

The annual outdoor Christmas tree lighting in the borough’s famed Little Italy section was canceled because the soaring panhandler population forced the sponsors to spend so much on security that there was no cash left for the celebration.

“It’s unfortunate,” Frank Franz, treasurer of the Belmont Business Improvement District, told The Post. “It was a very expensive event, so we canceled it.”

The BID, he said, had to weigh the price of public safety against that of the holiday festivities, which cost about $15,000.

“Every neighborhood should be concerned about the safety and the quality of life of their neighborhood. There’s always been homeless around, but now you’re seeing an increase all over the city,” he said about the sharp rise of aggressive panhandlers.

One business owner, Rosa Paciullo, who for 20 years has owned Tino’s Delicatessen with her husband, Giancarlo, said bums even used the Vincent Ciccarone Playground where the lighting was held as a public toilet.

“My daughter took her daughter to the [Ciccarone] park and a homeless guy peed in front of them. Some of them would come in and ask for money or food. It scared some of the customers away,” she added.


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Now if they’ll just do the same thing to the attendees

Obama in chainsFrance arrests two dozen climate protestors.

At least something good has come out of ISIS’s savagery.


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Trouble is, they like their lifestyle


And when you’re finished, kids, we’ll go wash up at the Esso station

Private citizens in LA attempt to help the homeless improve their living conditions. It won’t work.

Formed last year, the Pacific Palisades task force underscores the growing focus on homelessness in Los Angeles, as outdoor encampments spread from downtown’s Skid Row area into residential neighborhoods, creating a political crisis in the U.S.’s second-most-populous city after New York.

“We are not just talking about increases in places that previously had large encampments,” said Pete White, founder of the Community Action Network, which advocates for more affordable housing in Los Angeles. “We are starting to see encampments all over the city.”

The national homeless population declined 2% in 2015 over the prior year, according to federal data released this month, with the number living outdoors down 1%. But in Los Angeles County, which includes the city and other growing cities such as Long Beach, Burbank and Pasadena, the homeless population has increased 20% over the past year to about 41,000, with a 28% increase in the number of people living outdoors.

Here’s the trouble: drunks and junkies don’t want to work, and don’t want to live in shelters, and who can blame them? A job would require sobriety and a fixed schedule and people telling them what to do. As for shelters, listen to Bobby Foster, who lives on the beach in surfer land:

Mr. Foster, a [claimed] Army veteran who has been living in the park for nearly seven years, was drawn to the area by the beach and generosity of its people. Police evicted him from his usual spot in the grove and seized his food and belongings but he planned on moving back, he said. He wasn’t interested in the city’s $100 million homeless initiative, he added, explaining that he enjoyed living outdoors.

“They want to put us in a homeless shelter with basically 24 people,” Mr. Foster said. “I don’t want to live in that environment. I have been there before. It is like a damn prison cell.”

Again, who can blame him, but there’s no point trying to help him. We all make choices in life.


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This should yield two circuses: one in Paris, the other later, in Washington, when the Enemy of the People comes back and tries to ram his treaty down America’s throat

Off to Paris, to deal with the REAL threat to our national security

Off to Paris, to deal with the REAL threat to our national security

World leaders [sic] gather in Paris to permanently shut down the western economies.

[French minister of foreign affairs Laurent] Fabius vowed in an interview to forge an agreement that would be “universal, legally binding, durable and dynamic”.

And there’s the rub: “legally binding” means a treaty, which must be ratified by the Senate. Bummer doesn’t have the votes for that, so as noted here a couple of weeks ago, he’s been scrambling for a way to agree to make America legally bound, but not part of a treaty. I’d say good luck with that, but with the mainstream media behind him, who knows?


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The “Most Transparent Administration in History” runs into trouble with the people who put it in place

Pinch Sulzberger

But our elite restaurant reviews are still awesome!

The NYT is shocked, shocked to discover that the Obama administration is stonewalling and thwarting misdeeds by its agencies.

“This is by far the most aggressive assault on the inspector general concept since the beginning,” said Paul Light, a New York University professor who has studied the system. “It’s the complete evisceration of the concept. You might as well fold them down. They’ve become defanged.”

The administration has been doing this for 7 years – why is the NYT only now discovering it? Because before, the suppression and evasiveness was directed at thwarting Congressional investigations into the IRS’s enemy list and Hillary Clinton’s emails, which were good things. These investigations have been looking at offensives the Times wants punished.

Dollar Bill must be peeing in his bedpan while he awaits orders on how to respond and think [sic] about this.


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What do they know that Obama doesn’t?


We are all as one under Allah,(cough cough)

Persian Gulf muslim states have refused to taken a single Syrian refugee

They offer a similar non-welcome to Palestinians, but that’s another story.


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The kindergartners are doing well

Ct Legislators playing computer games

Ct Democrats at work: [State Democrat Rep. Barbara Lambert Democrat Majority Leader Rep. Jack Hennessy, and the unshown person two rows behind watching baseball likely [State Democrat Rep. Russ] Morin.

State legislators have good attendance record

No shit, that’s what they’re proud of. That, and proper decorum during nap time.

We’d be far better off if they’d all just stay home – I’ll even write them notes.


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