De Blasio unleashes his minions on Christmas

Bums steal Christmas over in the Bronx

Vagrants are urinating in the street, hassling passers-by for cash — and now they’ve ruined Christmas in The Bronx.

The annual outdoor Christmas tree lighting in the borough’s famed Little Italy section was canceled because the soaring panhandler population forced the sponsors to spend so much on security that there was no cash left for the celebration.

“It’s unfortunate,” Frank Franz, treasurer of the Belmont Business Improvement District, told The Post. “It was a very expensive event, so we canceled it.”

The BID, he said, had to weigh the price of public safety against that of the holiday festivities, which cost about $15,000.

“Every neighborhood should be concerned about the safety and the quality of life of their neighborhood. There’s always been homeless around, but now you’re seeing an increase all over the city,” he said about the sharp rise of aggressive panhandlers.

One business owner, Rosa Paciullo, who for 20 years has owned Tino’s Delicatessen with her husband, Giancarlo, said bums even used the Vincent Ciccarone Playground where the lighting was held as a public toilet.

“My daughter took her daughter to the [Ciccarone] park and a homeless guy peed in front of them. Some of them would come in and ask for money or food. It scared some of the customers away,” she added.


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17 responses to “De Blasio unleashes his minions on Christmas

  1. When I went to Fordham, the only security needed on Arthur Avenue came from the neighborhood LCN associates who wanted the area safe for their nonnas. How things have changed.

  2. Anonymous

    Stumbled into this. This Princeton student sounds very giving. I am sure she will help solve the homeless problem

    • Babylon Sister

      Ha! Libtard professors… look what you’ve created. Might want to rethink those Zinn books? Not so cool now… huh. #karma

      • jsmails

        There’s only about 1.2 percent of genetic difference between human beings and chimpanzees. It’s not much of a separation from our evolutionary relatives—though, as with any relatives, we cherish a fair amount of distance.

        But what if the gap closes? The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, taps into the fear that our primate kin could transform into angry biological doppelgangers.

  3. Babylon Sister

    “Progressive” policies at work…

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Detroit and Baltimore… nearly four decades of almost exclusively leftist leadership and administrators. Giuliani’s impressive efforts notwithstanding… NYC you’re next! De Blasio = yet another Marxist loser who idolizes Cuba but has never had the balls to actually move there himself.

  4. Anonymous

    Can get the name of this woman so she will be immortalized on this blog? Once most employers see this, she will never get a job. But then again she probably does not want one, as she feels everyone owes her everything.

    • Babylon Sister

      You have to wonder… how many of those *brave* protestors were admitted to Princeton under “minority privilege” policies a.k.a. affirmative action. Oh… and those exclusive minority scholarships and financial aid packages…

      Back when I was in high school and the SAT was graded on a 1600 scale, the only kids who got into the Ivies with a sub-1200 were recruited football players and some less-than-stellar non-Asian minorities.

      My new idea for immigration reform is a one-for-one swap. Once these kids identify a country on this planet that has a better standard of living for blacks, we can immediately send them to that country to seek refuge from white oppression. For each malcontent we can divest ourselves of, that opens up a spot for someone who appreciates this country to come here and assimilate. It’s a win-win. I hope these poor victims and their idiot professors will appreciate this idea as much as I do!

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        Bingo. They are admitted to these schools to fill their self imposed ‘diversity’ targets and get heavy duty financial aid packages through ‘need blind’ policies. They have won the lottery! They have been given an incredible opportunity to better themselves! Do they appreciate it? Do they try to show themselves worthy and deserving of this opportunity? Obviously not. They cry about nonsense.

        Meanwhile, whites with better credentials compete for less slots because of diversity initiatives and pay full freight retail for this opportunity. Asians? They work too damn hard so they are penalized for this and have to have even better credentials to get one of their allotted slots.

  5. Anonymous

    Mass exodus to the burbs. It’s going to get worse, not better. NYC looks like it did in the late 70’s.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but then the NYC folk will insist on a Democratic politician who can fix things. Libtards are so stupid.

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    In order for us to all to be the same, with no difference between race, sex, or nationality, because there is no difference, we must all sink to the lowest common denominator. That is the only way “progressive” dogma works. Can we all be Michael Jordon or Mickey Mantle? NO WAY!! What are you, crazy? You can’t aspire up. That is to hard. We need to dumb down.

    So if we can’t all be great, which is impossible, I agree, is it not better for us to all aspire to nothing? To be bums, to piss wherever we want, whenever we want, rather than try and be better? Better is hard. It takes work, sacrifice, and discipline. And honesty, which we really SUCK AT!! We would have to admit there are differences amongst us, Some people are gifted, and some are not, women are better at some things, and men better at others. And yellow people are really good at math. If we can’t all be great, isn’t it better we all suck together?

    So why should we reward excellence? Or greatness? Those should be vilified. AND THEY DON’T EXIST IN PROGRESSIVE LAND!! Because we can’t all be great. So we should all just be stupid. That is the “progressive” plan in a nutshell. What about this strategy do you have a problem with? The majority of our country embraces it.

    Your Pal,

    • Walt

      Dude –

      ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!! These SJW’s have the right idea. Are we going to sit by, and watch this country further collapse? Do nothing, as we slowly sink into a “progressive” socialist hell hole!! NO I SAY!! We need action!!

      We need to form a group of major players. Let’s call it the “Major Leaguers”. We believe ALL LIVES MATTER!! Yes, that’s right!! We live at the crossroads of commerce, right on I-95. SO WE BLOCKADE THAT!! It will cause havoc and gain national attention. We will don our ascots, lock our waspy wasp scrawny little arms, AND WREAK HAVOC!! And we are on the side of law enforcement, so we bring donuts so they don’t beat the snot out of us. We aren’t animals, after all.

      Anyhows, I think this is a really good idea. But it does sound like a lot of work. So let me propose this. Get us a clubhouse. On the Post Road would be nice. You can be our public spokesman, and I will just stay in the background. You can be our shill, our puppet, our talking head, a ventriloquists dummy. Pretty good deal, right? I actually think it fits your skill set. No worries, I will tell you what to say.

      Then we get a lot of people to join and pay dues. And let them sit on the highway. I will coordinate an annual gala, let’s call it “Mystical Woods”, shall we? This will help defer our operating costs. You can be President. HOW COOL IS THAT!! I will be “Parliamentarian”. AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!

      Then we storm town hall. Well the Major Leaguers will. I will be busy planning, and thinking of things for other people to do. Tell Francis and Drew to call in sick that day. Like they need an excuse to do that!! But I like them, and I would be sad if they got shot by an errant rubber band. Then we pass a law that the top 100 richest people in Greenwich PAY FOR EVERYTHING!! How is that not a good idea? How is that not fair? What are they going to do? Leave? Fuck them and their success. Looking at you, PTJ.

      I am really liking this idea Dude. Can we discuss it further over brunch? My treat. It’s tax deductible!!

      Your Pal,
      PS – I really hope GG forgives me. I wuv her

  7. Walt

    Dude –

    Being that the best defense is a good offence, or is it the best offense a good defense? Maybe I should be proactive, and just say this. In defense of my offense.

    I post here because I like to write. Hopefully it is sometimes funny, but more importantly, hopefully it makes you sometimes wonder. Yes wonder. Which is different than analyzing or thinking. It’s less serious, but can produce worthwhile conclusions. Wondering is light thinking, and more appropriate for a blog. At least that is what I think. So wondering is more fun, and I think that is what your blog is mostly about. Do you agree? You loser.

    I wonder why we take ourselves so seriously? We do it too much. And I think that is bad. It makes us all look like assholes. I wonder why differing opinions are looked at as bad. I think differing opinions result in awareness, and may lead us down a better path. I wonder how good it would feel to have Kate Upton sit on my face. I am thinking pretty good, but what do I know? She has to prove it to me.

    Anyhows. ANYHOWS!! My intent is not to offend. I think this blog is a wonderful place, and allows some very talented, diverse people to share their thoughts. GG is 180 degrees opposite of me. She is silk, I am flannel. But I can totally relate to her, and I value her POV. Housecat is as sharp and as funny as they come. Toonces is a sweetheart. EOSr is a sanity check. Mickster is…Irish? And there are many, many more very talented, worthwhile posters. It is a remarkable bunch.

    So. SO!! My point is. I SAID MY POINT IS!! I hope my comments make the JLG think about their purpose, and are they doing it as best they can? The comments were not meant to offend, but rather to make you wonder. And wonder is a wonderful thing. That’s all, and I think that is a good thing. I wish them all the best.

    And I do wonder if Steph ever wonders about me? What do you wonder about Dude?

    Your Pal,