The kindergartners are doing well

Ct Legislators playing computer games

Ct Democrats at work: [State Democrat Rep. Barbara Lambert Democrat Majority Leader Rep. Jack Hennessy, and the unshown person two rows behind watching baseball likely [State Democrat Rep. Russ] Morin.

State legislators have good attendance record

No shit, that’s what they’re proud of. That, and proper decorum during nap time.

We’d be far better off if they’d all just stay home – I’ll even write them notes.


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3 responses to “The kindergartners are doing well

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    What Nancy Pelosi left unsaid: We have to PASS the Bill to see what’s in it because we’re all too fucking lazy, corrupt and incompetent to do the REAL work you all sent us here to do in the first instance!

    What was true of the US Congress then is obviously true in the CT legislature today. Those people are DISGUSTING!

  2. Leroy

    White privilege at work!

  3. “If you do not cheat you can not win” has been the Alinsky Disciples rulership winning game plan for 50 years.
    Elected sellouts can’t do it alone.
    String pullers donate time and passion to make money & revenge.
    One of my favorite hacks is the Solitaire Fix.