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The hot air to be released this week will send global temperatures soaring

france earth day

1.5 million gather at the Place de la Republique to celebrate their annihilation

50,000 delegates to assemble in Paris for Global Warming celebration.

Add a million or so protesters and celebrities and we’re headed for 100 degrees centigrade.


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These are the people teaching your children, and ruining our unversities

Cultural revolution

Chinese Cultural Revolution: Intellectuals and professors learn the error of their ways

Occidental professors to vote on giving students veto power over what’s taught in their classrooms and will undergo reeducation classes.

Presumably, we’ll soon see them toiling on the farms, helping a thousand flowers bloom.

We recognize and are inspired by the leadership of Oxy United for Black Liberation and their call for widespread institutional changes in the culture of the College. We affirm that Black lives matter and also affirm the broader ideals of social justice to which their call speaks. We recognize that the structural racism and other forms of oppression of the College violate our commitment to ensuring equity and excellence in our educational programs for all of our students. We also acknowledge that our collective inaction as a faculty body makes us complicit in the failures of the College to make our Mission a lived reality. For this we apologize for failing you, our students.

The students will get many of the things they want, if the full faculty body approves the Plan of Action. The resolution would mandate diversity and ally training for all faculty, beginning in January 2016. “We empower the Dean of the College to ensure compliance,” the plan reads.

The plan also obligates professors to place a much greater emphasis on topics relating to race and ethnicity—even if they don’t teach subjects that call for much examination of social or cultural issues. “All departments must incorporate issues of cultural and racial identity and diversity in their curricula,” the plan reads. Does all departments include mathematics? Physical sciences? I imagine that it does.

The plan calls for a microaggression monitoring system that would allow students to report faculty members for offending them. The plan explains that this is necessary to correct “power imbalances between faculty and students.”


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And a truth for the day



November 29, 2015 · 6:59 am

Thought for the day



November 29, 2015 · 6:52 am

We’re all playing in the same band


Joseph Romero dresses for school

Wisconsin school district (part of Madison, naturally) suspends its plan to force students to read book about a transgender it.

“Parents and their children don’t have to believe differently or agree with what is being taught. You can still have your personal beliefs but in the schools, we expect people to be respectful of each other and this is one of the ways we have that conversation,” Juchems said.

It is our primary responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our students.”

Really? That’s the primary responsibility, not teaching academic skills? I’d   say Madison schools’ see their primary responsibility as indoctrination.

1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.3 of those identify as transgender, but what about another confused segment of the population, “otherkins”, who believe themselves to be descendants of elves, stars, or animals? Do Wisconsin’s public schools recognize their responsibility to provide a safe space for these people? Does that include recognizing their need to have sex with animals, as the “furry” sub-division insists on?

And what about the “plushies”, a sub-sub division of the furries, who get off on sex with stuffed toys? Must kindergartner plushies be given a private room in which to express their natural sexual self?

In Madison, sure. Maybe not yet in the rest of the country.

UPDATE: Related? “It’s a sad world where women are having sex with Sugar Bear for bragging rights”



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It’s not just terrorism to worry about, it’s their culture

Assistant professore drags his niece from school by her hair for not wearing hijab 

Missouri: An assistant professor at an American university has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a 14-year-old female relative by the hair and dragging her into a car after he noticed she wasn’t wearing a hijab.

Youssif Z. Omar, 53, was reportedly at Hickman High School on Tuesday when he spotted that the girl did not have the traditional Muslim headscarf.

Officer Latisha Stroer told the Columbia Tribune in an email that Omar grabbed the girl ‘very violently by the hair’.

He then allegedly slapped her across the face, and pulled her by the hair down and flight of stairs and into his car.

Already, honor killings and forced female genital mutilation arena the rise in the US., And honor killings are just the culmination of the entire Muslim suppression of girls.

Let’s leave aside the question of whether or not such violence is more common in some immigrant communities than in others. Let’s leave aside the whole vexed question of religion or culture. For now, let’s just get straight what is happening to girls in America. And let’s do something to stop it.  

The first step is to understand the phenomenon. Honor violence is rooted in the perception that the behavior of a woman or girl, betraying her chastity, is an affront to the honor of her family and community. Examples of such dishonorable behavior include premarital relationships, dating someone not accepted by the family, or simply wearing clothing considered to be immodest or “too American.” 

At first, relatives attempting to control a girl’s sexuality may simply impose non-violent restrictions on her social life, access to education, health care, employment opportunities, and civic participation. But if such forms of pressure do not suffice, a girl may be subjected to threats, harassment, assault, rape, kidnapping, torture, and even murder.

Where does our nation’s president stand on this? Where do you think: “Don’t change a thing about your culture”.

“It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about adding a new chapter to your journey… and to our journey as a nation of immigrants,” Obama narrates in his two-minute video urging almost 9 million resident migrants to sign up for citizenship so they can vote in 2016.

Muslim gang rape

Muslim gang rapes ignored in England for years, for fear of offending Muslims



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This is gonna make for one weird insurance claim

santa clausBurglar gets stuck in chimney, career ends when homeowner lights fire.

Police say a burglar died after becoming stuck in the chimney of a California home Saturday afternoon when the unsuspecting homeowner lit a fire.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Pursell said a homeowner in the rural town of Huron heard someone yell after lighting a fire in his fireplace.

Pursell said the homeowner called 911 and also tried to put out the fire as his house began to fill with smoke.

Firefighters who rushed to the chaotic scene used jackhammers to break open the brick chimney in an attempt to rescue the man.



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