The hot air to be released this week will send global temperatures soaring

france earth day

1.5 million gather at the Place de la Republique to celebrate their annihilation

50,000 delegates to assemble in Paris for Global Warming celebration.

Add a million or so protesters and celebrities and we’re headed for 100 degrees centigrade.


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13 responses to “The hot air to be released this week will send global temperatures soaring

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    Government can’t solve the basic dilemma’s we face every day. The basic stuff. The easy stuff. So does ANYONE really believe the Government can control Mother Nature? Please.

    Government, AT IT’S BEST, is a necessary evil. Thomas Paine wrote that in his thesis, or screed as you would call it, “Common Sense”. He is considered to be the “Father of The American Revolution”. And he is a local dude, from New Rochelle, I believe. Did you know that Dude, or do you just remember him for being hanged…hunged…stretched from the neck and saying “Give me liberty, or give me death”? Which is not what he actually said. He said “IT WAS FRANKLIN!! HE DID IT!! NOT ME!!”. But that wasn’t very quotable. Even then the MSM was a sham.

    Anyhows, nature is going to takes its course. As it always does. And there is NOTHING man can do about it. So why don’t they focus on the things that maybe they can control? LIKE OUR BORDERS!! Why don’t they do that?

    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    And this is totally off topic, but tools you can use:

    How cool is that? I am whipping up some Steak Oscar and need to make hollandaise sauce from scratch. And I ain’t scared of no asparagus piss.

    What are you dining on? Road kill surprise?

    Your Pal,

  3. All you need to know about global temperature in one chart.

  4. Anonymous

    Since nature abhors a vacuum, what could be better than firing up about 1,400 gas guzzlers for a send off motorcade for custom car designer George Barris?

  5. Anonymous

    Sure, it’s all fun and games until the alternative energy companies given U.S. taxpayer money start to fail and there’s nobody to blame:

  6. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I think the topic of “climate change” is distracting. Whether or not there are changes to the global temperature …. (ive seen literature on both sides; dont know where I stand here) … I think we can all agree that putting more shit into the atmosphere is a bad idea.

    So I do believe we should try and reduce it. Why? A few trips to Beijing shows what happens when no one cares about the environment. Its nasty and I dont want to live in those places.

    Click here to see current pollution in Beijing:

    As a huge capitalist, I also realize this is a spot where the government actually has to interject. As a libertarian … it *pains* me to say it. But private corporations will maximize profits (as they should) and wont do anything to reduce the environmental impact unless forced by non market forces.

    If you put two cleaners in Walmart … one is made cost effectively and cheaper; one made “environmentally” and more expensive … the cheaper one will win every time (except for a few liberals who live vegan).

    So I believe there should be minimal standards that corporations need to adhere to, and those should gradually become more stringent over time to help reduce pollutants

    Does this fix everything? Hell no …. emerging countries will do what they all do (and as we did) … grow as fast as possible and damn the consequences. However, at some point they will start cleaning up their act … as Beijing is now being forced to. And I do believe it is better for our citizens than not doing it.

    Of course, I realize I am painting a huge bulls-eye on my back on this board right now; but I wanted to throw out a different view point.

    • AusJayus

      Who gets to make the rules?

      • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

        Thats where it gets ugly. You have gov’t, who knows nothing and is motivated by populist ideals & the industry who wants no change.

        So take two extremes and hopefully they can (eventually) reach a compromise. I fully acknowledge the dysfunctional aspects of both parties.