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November 29, 2015 · 6:52 am

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  1. Uh oh. I’m out. Too deep a thought for me. Plus, just reading it, I’m feeling microaggressions, reminding me of my days in high school when I didn’t get algebra and the teacher would pat me on the head and say “good thing your dad has money”. 😁😁

    Seriously, what does it mean? That I have potential to ask customers if they want fries with their Happy Meal?

    • I interstate it as directed at philosophy majors such as myself.
      Room for milk?

    • AJ

      Yes indeed, EOS. You do have the potential to ask customers if they want fries with their Happy Meal but only if you practice in front of a mirror and smiling as you utter those most difficult words.

      I know it’s hard smiling and talking, doing two things at the same time, but no more difficult than patting you head with one hand while rubbing your belly with the other. May I suggest you start by practicing walking while chewing gum. 🙂

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    When you think about it, skills are really overrated. They are divisive, not everyone has them, so we should just do away with them. We all need to be the same, and that is easier to do if we are all useless, talent less hacks. THAT is a good progressive plan.

    So there will be no “entry level” jobs. Let’s do away with them. Let’s pay everyone fifteen…no twenty five…..No!! $100 DOLLARS AN HOUR!! YES that’s right!! There will be no poverty!!! But wait, didn’t we win the war on poverty in the mid 1960’s? And haven’t we spent TRILLIONS of dollars on it? AND LOOK WHAT IT GOT US!! The highest number of unemployed EVER!! The highest number of people on welfare and food stamps EVER!! Creating generations and generations of government dependent DEMOCRATIC VOTERS, who HAVE NO HOPE!! But this will fix that!!

    So if we pay the burger flippers and the french fry stuffers $100 an hour, and get involved in Capitalism, which we really suck at, and have no right to be involved in, what could possibly go wrong? Sure this will make it harder for some businesses to compete, and maybe prices go higher, and maybe some of these jobs will go away, but so what? It’s not like this will speed the introduction of robots. They could NEVER teach a robot to put fries in a bag. Right?

    What crazy idea will you have next? Sexbots?

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Consider Nature vs Nurture
    On one side I see the creators of Apple and Amazon, and of course Queen Elizabeth.
    On the other side, I see the legacies of Father Frat boys. (Would a graduate of Brunswick/GA living in Greenwich, send their offspring elsewhere? Regardless of aptitude?

  4. Anonymous

    The trick is finding out just what YOUR gift is……what’s gonna make you HAPPY and give you a sense of fulfillment

    • anonymous

      finding what makes one happy as a young adult means you have parents who will tolerate such whimsy. that’s rare in places like nyc or greenwich where pushing kids to play the tuba while starting their own not for profit while being the state squash champ is far more the norm.

      • Walt

        No one pushes their kids to play the tuba. Violin, maybe, but not tuba. The fat kids play tuba. And they can’t live in Greenwich. And don’t get me started on the non-profits in town. That’s been done already.

        • Anonamommy

          If one more high school kid asks me to buy pencils for kids in Africa, I’ll scream. All the non-profits are bogus, for resume building only. Note they never want to help poor white kids in America. Why colleges fall for this crap is beyond me.

      • Anonymous

        See Chas. Addams cartoon below……Excellent parenting and more like MY parents than I probably am willing to admit !

    • Anonymous

      Could pick so much of this apart. Millennials are worried about student debt, et all. If our students were focused on getting an education in an employable field and preparing for a job after college, they likely would be fine. If you want to get a degree in social justice or black studies knock yourself out, just don’t expect to get a job that pays enough money to pay off your student debts.

      Yes it takes dedication to get a degree in the sciences and engineering. Math is a tough subject and so is a business degree, to name a couple. But then again, do you really think that this Princeton girl wants to get a degree, work hard, and be successful? Heck no. Using her words, she feels that she is “owed.” So let’s go with the assumption that she is taking out student loans. If she doesn’t get a job that pays enough to cover her loans, my bet is she will be just as loud complaining that the system has failed her, because of discrimination by white people.

  5. Anonymous

    Below is an excerpt from the Greenwich Time article on the Family Center child care program in regards to budget cuts.

    “Being a parent of multiple kids in day care … we find it hard to pay. We benefit from the scholarship program, and we would not have been able to send our kids to preschool otherwise,” she said.

    My vote for entitlement statement of the year. The quote is from a GPS teacher, spouse works also. If our educated citizens expect a hand out should we expect less from our less educated citizens? You would think she would consider the financial cost of having a child before having another and the sacrifices associated with it. Nah, I’ll just get others to pay.

    • Anonymous

      Not only, “Nah, I’ll just get others to pay.” You can add… If your kid has a conservative point of view in my Greenwich classroom or submits a conservative viewpoint on a test or assignment, I’ll penalize them by awarding a lower grade. Funny, how the in power liberals in our schools commit micro aggressions against conservative students because of values they don’t agree with. So much for diversity.