We’re all playing in the same band


Joseph Romero dresses for school

Wisconsin school district (part of Madison, naturally) suspends its plan to force students to read book about a transgender it.

“Parents and their children don’t have to believe differently or agree with what is being taught. You can still have your personal beliefs but in the schools, we expect people to be respectful of each other and this is one of the ways we have that conversation,” Juchems said.

It is our primary responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our students.”

Really? That’s the primary responsibility, not teaching academic skills? I’d   say Madison schools’ see their primary responsibility as indoctrination.

1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.3 of those identify as transgender, but what about another confused segment of the population, “otherkins”, who believe themselves to be descendants of elves, stars, or animals? Do Wisconsin’s public schools recognize their responsibility to provide a safe space for these people? Does that include recognizing their need to have sex with animals, as the “furry” sub-division insists on?

And what about the “plushies”, a sub-sub division of the furries, who get off on sex with stuffed toys? Must kindergartner plushies be given a private room in which to express their natural sexual self?

In Madison, sure. Maybe not yet in the rest of the country.

UPDATE: Related? “It’s a sad world where women are having sex with Sugar Bear for bragging rights”



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9 responses to “We’re all playing in the same band

  1. Mickster

    I come from a long line of leprechauns – does that make me an otherkin? That might explain a lot.

  2. Toonces

    I can’t help but think about what will happen when people like the hair grabbing Muslim professor meet up with these ‘educators’. They’re both crazy and both damaging to our youth.

  3. housecat

    Women are hooking up with “Sugar Bear” on purpose?? This is the scary toothless guy parked at the end of the dive bar you and your friends wandered into after taping bottles of Jim Beam to your hands. NFW.

  4. I had to check my blood sugar levels after that Carol Burnett Show clip. But, it reminded me that some boys in the band are just a little more fabulous than others

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    Seems there are more and more reasons every day to home school.