Another example of why “loser pays” should be the law

Former member of Stratton Oakmont’s board of directors and head of corporate finance, one Andrew Green, sues makers of “Wolf of Wall Street” for defamation. (Again – his first case, seeking $25 million, was thrown out, so now he’s back seeking $50, basing his claim partly on the mean things the movie says about his “cheap wig”, but mainly because of its portrayal of him as a coke-sniffing thief.

Andrew Greene stratton oakmont?

As honest as his hair

Stratton Oakmont’s sole purpose for being was to defraud investors – there wasn’t a shred of legitimacy in its DNA, so anyone who worked there in a capacity higher than janitor was – is – a crook and a swindler. Statton Oakmont only stayed in business because it was protected by Long Island’s favorite corrupt politician,senator Al D’Amato, who at the time served as head of the Senate Banking and Finance committee. When Al was finally tossed out of office, the feds could finally move against this boiler room, and they did.

Greene is a lawyer, or at least attended law school for a period, so he should know that truth is a complete defense to a claim of libel. If there were any justice in our legal system, he should be forced to pay Paramount Picture’s legal fees, as well as his own.


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11 responses to “Another example of why “loser pays” should be the law

  1. For the record, Congress passed a limited Loser Pays Bill in 1995, and Clinton vetoed it.

    From Wikipedia: “An act to institute “Loser pays” laws (H.R.988, passed 232-193, March 7, 1995), limits on punitive damages and weakening of product-liability laws to prevent what the bill considered frivolous litigation (H.R.956, passed 265-161, March 10, 1995; passed Senate 61-37, May 11, 1995, vetoed by President Clinton [2]).”

    A huge missed opportunity.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      ATLA n/k/a AAJ (name change to protect the GUILTY) is the primary professional donor association to the Demoncrat Party. Its membership gives to Demoncrats at a rate of something like 12(or more):1 over Republicans. The Demoncrat Party is beholden to the ATLA/AAJ because so many many legislators/politicians are Demoncrat trial lawyers by former trade. Clandestine corruption.

  2. Publius

    Hmmmm….. let’s see…. attended law school….. worked for a boiler room operation…… unnatural hair…… sounds like this guy could have a career as a REALTOR, no?

  3. AJ

    They have a loser pays law in Ontario; Quebec I’m not sure.

  4. Toonces

    I did a double take on that picture. Stratton looks like Captain Kangaroo.

  5. Toonces

    oops, i mean Green