Finally, a scrap of real estate news

I’m not being niggardly with reports on activity, there’s just been, literally, nothing reported to the MLS. Perhaps more later as the day wears on, but until then, here’s today’s sole transaction:

53 Glen Road, $1.325 million, reports a contingent contract.

53 Glen Road

53 Glen Road

That’s it; stay tuned.


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9 responses to “Finally, a scrap of real estate news

  1. Anonymous

    Looks eerily similar to the house I grew up in, where the second floor ceilings were seven feet.

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely a weird layout but seems like a great deal given the size for this price range.

  3. Toonces

    Nice curb appeal on this house. I think the layout would be great improved if the walls of the dining room were opened up/taken down – making an open layout from front to back of house. House looks like it is in great shape.

  4. Anonymous

    This has major potential!! Ugly as is, but with a few modifications, this could be a “gold mine” If I were a doctor with an office at 49 Lake, I would have bought this in a heart beat! (no pun intended)

  5. Anonymous

    Any thoughts on how this (contingent) sale impacts the value of 6 Glenn or 51 Glenn?

  6. Anonymous

    ko n soph