Price cut on Stanwich

292 Stanwich Road

292 Stanwich Road

291 Stanwich, new construction, from $6.695 million to $6.495. Nice house, but this is still a huge price for Stanwich. Still, the one behind it, same property – it was subdivided – sold for $6.9, so lightning could strike twice.




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16 responses to “Price cut on Stanwich

  1. Dead Money

    The one behind it is far more impressive from the outside and obviously higher up and further from the road.
    It also appears a good deal larger.
    The cost to build this one can’t be more than 2m.
    Looks very cookie cutter and cheap.
    Skimpy landscaping too-meh.

    • $1.8 for the land (both parcels together sold for $2.45, a deal my own client had an accepted offer at, but chose to change his mind), so the real winner was the guy who paid that, recouped $1.8 of it, and sold the house he built on the back lot for $6.9.
      But back to this one: $1.8 for land, maybe – maybe – $2.5 for building = plenty of profit, no matter what it sells for.

      • Dead Money

        I agree that some out of Towner will scoop this up.
        It just isn’t worth the money to me.
        And yes, the builder is doing well here.

        • Anonymous

          You must be a fancy guy, house is somewhat high end generic but not sure where you get cookie cutter and cheap! I doubt you are the target buyer, I am sure you are right that a NYC or Westchester person will buy it. Be curious to see final price.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it’s a nice looking house – classic. The finishes also look nice as well. Don’t love how close it is to Stanwich road but that can be fixed with some trees and a fence. Many ego houses on North Street have a similar problem and they seem to sell with benefit of time although some have struggled. I think this one ends up with a $5 in front of the final price. I’d probably buy the spec house on Londonderry that looks at the 4th hole of burning tree (similar size, similar quality, quiet neighborhood, with a view) at $4.9MM over this one.

    • TrackmanPro

      The house you’re referring to on LNDDRY has a nice view of no.4 @ BTCC..however, don’t migraines blur your vision?
      It’s less club to the Merrit parkway than it is to the green of no. 4
      And it screams spec inside and out.
      Fore right!!

  3. Anonymous

    This house will not fetch anything close to 6 million (my opinion) public rooms not “grand” enough for that kind of money and it is a strange layout!! This will be a fun one to watch!!

    • The builder has a history of building good quality homes, but in poorly thought-out locations, and getting hammered. I hope that’s not the case here but as you say, we can watch from the sidelines and see what happens.

  4. Anonymous

    looks pre-fabricated to me — but most new houses in Greenwich look this way to me.

  5. Anonymous

    Well and septic too

  6. Anonymous

    The railings on the stairway are awful, as is the marble floor in foyer. The builders needs to hire someone to tell them these are mistakes. Unless I’m wrong.