When fakes collide


Can you tell which fake has his hand on the other’s wallet?

Panhandling Santa outside Macy’s upsets other panhandlers.

A bad Santa was bagging cash right and left from kiddies and their parents while panhandling in a prime spot outside Macy’s in Herald Square on Sunday — hitting them up for $5 a pop to take a single photo with him.

The fake fat man held a Christmas choir bell in one hand — and a red knapsack full of cash and clothes in the other — as he asked for “tips’’ and “donations.’’

I can’t quite parse this term, “fake fat man”. Does the reporter mean that, beneath that role-polly figure lies a lean, hungry man? Or does he mean a fake Santa – is there any other kind?

Either way, is the panhandler any worse than any of the Democrats currently running for office?


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12 responses to “When fakes collide

  1. FAR

    If the far max height requirement on mi case is 35ft.
    Where do I measure from?
    Garage floor?

  2. Anonymous

    Better picture of the panhandler:

  3. housecat

    It must be going around. Just saw two (non-homeless) guys rummaging through the Neighbor to Neighbor bin at Stop and Shop before they lifted a grocery bag full of stuff. Lovely.

  4. Publius

    This guy is the real deal……


  5. Mickster

    If you have a serious issue with this, get a professional. I saw two houses in Riverside (built by the same Westchester ‘builder’) have their roofs adjusted after the Town discovered they were over 35 feet above grade.

  6. AJ

    Is Obama getting’ jiggy wit Santa?