Who knew Greenwich Time could be ironic?

“Greenwich leadership sworn in”

Swearing in ceremony

Judging from the age of this crowd, the ceremony was held at the Nathaniel Withered Home


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4 responses to “Who knew Greenwich Time could be ironic?

  1. % Employees & or Pensioners on us?
    All 3 Selectman are good guys.
    2 money merchants & a Town employee…..
    If we want to make a “Bring Back Greenwich Movement” talking & typing will not suffice.
    We need to act.
    Reorganize the 7 Villages to go back to raising family first instead of raising taxes first. “couddah been worse” as in surrounding taxes higher.
    Somewhat ironic Peter was sworn in by First Selectman who tore down the Power Plan illegally, sending a clear message that history and practicality do not matter.
    Besides site contamination of same being spread all over Town cute green topping on acres of waste over 70 feet deep it oozes into Sound every tide cycle.It could be capped subsurface with dredge spoil for Harbor..which Selectman will lead to end the bleed?

  2. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Peter always calls his landslide victory a mandate to continue his “raise taxes” and build $60 million palaces when really it is about the RTC failing to put forward a legitimate REPUBLICAN candidate that is fiscally responsible and does not pander to the “(s)he who yells loudest’ and Junior League crowd. Now we will be footing the bill for more firemen and another fire station when we have more than enough volunteers. And people wonder why no one retires here…

  3. Anonymous

    Like it or not, he still won in a landslide and keeps winning. My friends in back-country definitely think the firehouse is needed, though the people who live there are rich enough to build it themselves.