And the threat of a resumption of WW 1 recedes in Greenwich, if only by a little bit


Trouble in the Back Country

52 John Street, owned by the Archduke of Austria (or some relative of the Emperor, the relationship is a bit muddy, to this royal genealogist) reports a contingent contract. Asking $3.990, it started at $4.850 million 540 days ago.

The royal’s departure from Greenwich is bound to help ease tensions between the Serbs and Croats still living and feuding up there north of the Parkway.

52 John Street

52 John Street



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15 responses to “And the threat of a resumption of WW 1 recedes in Greenwich, if only by a little bit

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice place, even though a little dated inside it feels like a real home where you would be happy to spend time. The scale is very livable.

  2. AJ

    Those two ends look like the back of a house. They need much bigger windows.

  3. AJ

    I hope they’re taking advantage of the Duke of Earl’s ancestry and advertising the place as imperial and palatial.

  4. CatoRenasci

    Does the place come with chairs which have a cutout for Hapsburg tails? Do the Lipizzaner stallions in the stable come with the property? Does the purchaser receive a minor title? Inquiring minds want to know….

  5. Anonymous

    Serbs and Croats feuding sounds more like North Mianus.

  6. Fred2

    Surprisingly tasteful and well proportioned, for Greenwich

  7. Longtime resident

    Wow, what did they do to the front of this place? It looks shorter in the front, and higher. I visited there in the early 1980s and it still had it’s original 1920s look, at least in my opinion. Then when those owners were selling it in the mid-80s, the woman who grew up there in the 1930s came by to see it. I think she said it looked the same, with minor changes. I had a photo of it as it looked 30 years ago but can’t find it. Otherwise, I would post it for you.