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Is there anyone in the Democratic party who’s even aware of reality, let alone willing to accept it?

Boxer.jpgSenator Boxer today: “Sensible gun laws work; we’ve proven it here in California”.


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It will either be a meaningless gesture or will degrade our military abilities

We can do it

Probably not

Obama’s man orders all combat roles opened to women. It will be a meaningless gesture if the armed forces stick to their promise not to lower physical standard, because 1 -in-100 women, if that, can meet the standards required by Rangers, Special Forces and the SEALS.

But that won’t happen; no ambitious commander is going to disregard orders from a superior to allow women to pass: witness the two “Rangers” who passed after three tries, and only with help from higher ups. And those were the only two who passed – the rest flunked.

Women are physically different than men – that’s a fact of nature, and human evolution, and it’s science, not politics (remember when the Left demanded that politics be removed from science? They didn’t really mean it, duh).


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Score: Mob 0ne, Yale zero

Mob Rule at Yale

The new face of Yale: sullen, angry, closed minded.

Yale professor harassed and screamed at for her opinion on political correctness and “micro-aggressions” has decided not to teach there any more.

That mob, by the way, is the new Yale student. The institution is bound to flourish, with its billions in (tax-free) endowment, and its name, but to see it abandon the principles of free academic inquiry is sad, sort of.

If I were an employer considering a Yale graduate with any sort of degree except, perhaps, in the sciences, I’d examine her resume and reject anyone who had a single victimhood course in her transcript.


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Can’t win for losing

27 Baldwin Farms

“The Mariani”

27 Baldwin Farms, in the Mark Mariani style (there’s only one), asked $8.450 million when it was new in 2005 and after 600+ days without result, had to drop its price to $6.950 million, whereupon at lest two buyers appeared, and the “winner” paid $7 million.

He sold it today for $6.2.


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Contingent contracts

40 Mohawk

40 Mohawk Lane

40 Mohawk Lane, a foreclosed property asking $1.195 million, has a buyer. I wrote about this last month, to point out the great days (for borrowers, if not us taxpayers) of the easy money of the 2000 period. In 2006, Washington Mutual loaned, on the same day, $1.785 million and $490,000 to a Mr. Behzad Fareani, a gentleman of at least surprising talents discussed in the earlier post.

All that said, this is four acres, albeit on the Merritt, and I just noticed that the 1965 structure on it is a Deckhouse, which means, at least in my experience, that it’s a very well made, post and beam house which, because of its post and beam construction, can be modified fairly easily to a design more to one’s taste.

That’s a pretty good deal.

29 Windsor Lane

29 Windsor Lane (yawn)

On the far more plebeian side, but probably of more interest to the conventional family, 29 Windsor Lane, Cos Cob, $1.295 million, also has a contract. 1971 ho-hum construction, four bedrooms, 2 baths, quarter-acre, but in the North Mianus and Eastern school district, so I can see its appeal. Sort of.


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And a new listing in the flood zone

5 Lockwood Drive

5 Lockwood Drive

5 Lockwood Drive, $1.695 million. It’s on just a tenth of an acre, but that’s Old Greenwich for you. Pretty looking house, and just because a home is located in the AE zone doesn’t mean it’s not above the 13′ minimum, though you’d think the listing would mention that if it were.


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Contingent contract reported

100 Oneida Drive

100 Oneida Drive

100 Oneida Drive, asking $2.775 million. It wasn’t my cup of tea when I saw it back in 2013, but it was asking $500,000 more, then, so perhaps its appeal increased as its price dropped.


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The weaker sex

Safe spce71% of women suffer from panic attacks, anxiety. And why not? We’re raised them to fear everything, from harsh words to campus rapists: the male world is constructed to oppress them and keep them down.

The answer, obviously, is to create more safe spaces in the workplace, ban trigger words and images, and issue pajamas and hot cocoa to the poor girls when they first report to work after 4-6 years in the cocoon of modern education.


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