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Won’t say it, won’t say it, nope nope nope

Obama Scowl

I don’ WANNA!

White House refuses to utter the words, “radical Islamists” (let alone the more accurate, “Muslim terrorists”). “We just won’t do it”

‘What it looks like is people who were obviously intent on carrying out a terrible act of violence’

This from the man who  just Wednesday insisted that the root cause of “dangerous ideologies” is global warming.

[A]s human beings are placed under strain, then bad things happen, …and, you know, if you look at world history, whenever people are desperate, when people start lacking food, when people — are not able to make a living or take care of their families — that’s when ideologies arise that are dangerous.”

So far, no evidence has emerged that the San Bernardino Muslims who massacred their fellows suffered from a lack of food or even work (he shot up his own office’s holiday party, after all) because of global warming, but there’s still time.


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Weep for your tax dollars

2014 Stingray

They can’t even get their brand’s flagship right

Road and Track spent 40,000 miles with Chevy’s new Corvette, and wish they hadn’t.

The failure of the Government Motor’s car’s engine was just the beginning.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: The litany of breakdowns suffered by our long-term 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 (C7) was simply appalling. Yes, we know a car is a machine made up of thousands of components, and that despite massive leaps in technology and manufacturing that make cars far more reliable today than they were just a couple of product cycles ago, things can and do go wrong. But sheesh.

This isn’t a union problem, it’s a complete failure by management. I haven’t owned a General Motors car ever, but that’s because I learned from my parents’ experience.

Sheesh indeed.


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Flood zone, or price?

3 little cove

3 Little Cove Place, Old Greenwich

3 Little Cove Place, which sold in mere days back in 2003 for $2.150 million, has been on the market since March and today dropped its price to $2.625, down from $3.150. That first price was quite a stretch for what’s essentially a 1945 beach cottage, but I wonder whether the real culprit here isn’t its location in the AE flood zone.

The house itself might meet that zone’s minimum height requirements but as I mentioned here yesterday in regard to another house in the same zone, the absence of an affirmative affirmation of that fact in a property’s listing should make one wary. If you can’t add on to this house, or renovate it, then it’s a quarter-acre building lot near the water, period.


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While the greatest threat to our security is global warming, what’s our administration’s greatest fear?

Attacks on Muslims.

No shit – that’s what they say.


US Attorney General Loretta Lynch



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Hillary: “But it was triggered by a mean-spirited video”

After three days of intense investigation, the FBI has ruled out workplace violence as the cause of the San Bernardino massacre and concluded that it was an act of terrorism.

“Screw what Hillary says,” Barack Obama told FWIW, “and screw the FBI – this was global warming, pure and simple”.

San Bernardino

Searching for Mr. Celsius


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This is curious

article-apartment3-1204FBI declares search of San Bernardino killers’apartment ” over”, and allows reporters to ransack it.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said that police had cleared the apartment before media were invited in by the landlord. But the landlord apparently told CBS News that he didn’t allow media into the apartment, saying that they “rushed” in.

The network’s own law-enforcement analyst, Harry Houck, said that he was “shaking” watching reporters go through the couple’s apartment.

“I’m having chills down my spine with what I’m seeing here,” he said. “This apartment clearly is full of evidence.”

Another CNN law-enforcement analyst, Cedric Alexander, described the scene as “really hard to watch.”

A San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy told Los Angeles Times reporter Joe Serna that federal authorities “told us it’s still an active investigation” and said that he didn’t know why people were in the couple’s apartment.

FBI spokeswoman Lourdes Arocho told Business Insider that “our search is over at that location” and that more questions would be answered at a forthcoming press conference.

After Chris Matthews’ tingly legs comment about sitting close to Obama, I’m not particularly impressed by reporters shaking and  experiencing chills down their spines, but still, odd, isn’t it?


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Sale under the flight path

74 Cliffdale Road, 6 acres and a 1960 teardown, has sold for $1.360 million. Not the $1.875 it first asked for in 2014, but plane spotters with the wherewithal to buy a house are hard to find.

Pictures have been yanked off the internet, but here are three representative shots

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.17.23 PM

Apex of the builder’s craft, 1960

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.17.14 PM

Attention all chefs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.17.35 PM

Crabgrass Meadows


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And speaking of old favorites

Martin Franel

No pajama games for you!

Marty Frankel – insurance fraudster, general crook and sado-masochist (NTTAWWT!) is back in jail, for violating the rules of his half-way house.


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And old favorite reappears

Sheri Lampert – she of the other Lampert in town, not the Eddy – is back in the news, this time in Colorado, arrested for another DUI. The poor lady obviously has her difficulties, what with driving her car through her ex-husband’s garage, trying to run down a neighbor’s dog, assaulting her maid, and so forth, but she’s been a perennial feature on this blog, and why not continue her appearances, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

I figure it’s all bad karma for tearing down Greystone Manor


Like Greystone, no?



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Good point

Walt sends along this observation:

And every MSM press report on this attack – EVERY ONE – says the attack took place at a “Christmas Party”. Every one. Why is that? It’s ALWAYS a “Holiday Party”. ALWAYS!! And this was thrown by a government agency, so I am sure they called it a Holiday Party. They deemed “Christmas Party” to be a dirty politically incorrect word a long time ago. So why are they using it now?

This is NOT a coincidental mistake on the part of the MSM.


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So what’s the matter with Midwood?

17 Midwood Drive

17 Midwood Drive

Houses seem to linger there, and I’m not sure why; it’s a convenient, quiet location, loaded with expensive homes, so it should have more appeal than it apparently does.

In any event, 17 Midwood Drive is back on the market again, with a new broker and now at $4.195 million. Ogilvy had it at $5.750 last year and went no where with it.

The listing says it’s “been completely transformed”, but mentions new paint and an “updated” kitchen, so that transformation may not be all that you might expect.

I’d guess that it was price, more than location, that stumped the chump last time. Maybe this new one will cure that.


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Protecting their own

Corruption in NYNew York’s Sheldon Silver files for his $90,000-a-year pension the day after his conviction.

There’s a little bright news in this story: the US prosecutor will be going after the money, and NY finally changed its law permitting felons such as Silver to collect a pension, but only for politicians first taking office after 2011. Everyone else is grandfathered, and corruption in New York has been going on since the Pilgrims first suckered the Indians out of Manhattan (Walt told me that).


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Nothing here that would disturb our own warmists

old sparky

Saving the planet, one dissident at a time

In China, spreading “false rumors” on the Internet punishable by 7-year prison term.

 Mr Zhao’s crime, according to Beijing News, a party newspaper, was to flout party discipline by criticising government policies. Some people, Xie Chuntao of the Central Party School sniffed, think “they are cleverer than the Party, which cannot be allowed.”

Familiar? How about here in the US, where 20 scientists recently urged Obama to jail warmist-skeptics.

Or the attorney generals in several states, including New York, initiating criminl investigations of oil companies for being deniers.

While Robert Kennedy would be satisfied, at least for a good start, with the death penalty for corporations that deny climate change,  others demand that individual deniers be executed, though one hopes that’s after at least a show trial.

A sitting United States Senator wants to see the federal racketeering law: RICO,  used to prosecute fuel companies “and their allies”, which presumably means private citizens.

None of this troubles the Left, because after all, these individuals this they know better than our government, and “that cannot be allowed”.


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It’s baffling, alright: Motive “elusive in Muslim terror shoot up”


It’s a poser

That’s what Obama and his scribes – the main stream press – and professional safety authorities [sic] say, though, as Glenn Reynolds points out, “If these people had ever attended a single Tea Party meeting, the press would be 100% sure of what was going on. But Muslims with ties to terror? ‘Motive elusive.’ “


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Follow the money


I’m gonna hold my breath until I die, you watch!

Black (Brown?) students reject university’s $100 million pledge to hire teachers and admit students based on their blackness and provide free tuition – they also want to be paid for their efforts as “diversity consultants”.

I particularly like this bit: angered when Brown’s craven president begged to be excused from the meeting she and her students were holding because of “another commitment”, one child responded,

“We also have obligations, like being in class. But we can’t focus on those things when we have to focus on staying alive on campus.”

Murders on campus? Really?

More disassociation – I’m beginning to think it’s a prerequisite to being a liberal.


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