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Ct will soon follow suit against Fairfield County

Puerto Rico raises taxes on its largest employer and tax payer to 91.5%


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One of the problems with affirmative action admission programs is that the graduates bring such shame and embarrassment to their fellow alumni

Obama at Harvard

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reason, illustrated

Take, for instance, the most notable example of affirmative action, Barack Obama, who was admitted to Harvard and then elected to the presidency for no other reason than his half-black heritage.

Harvard graduates old enough to have been taught logic before it was dropped from the curriculum as the useless product of dead white male’s thinking would recognize the logical fallacy of circular reasoning* currently being repeated on a daily basis by their Harvard peer:

Islam is a religion of peace;

Terrorism is not peaceful;

Terrorists are not Islamists.

*a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with. The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true.

Somewhere out there, some Harvard grads must be hiding their heads in mortification.


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Stick to the narrative, no matter what

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd: “Uh oh, is that a fact I see approaching?”

A reporter named Chuck Todd (I’ve never heard of him, but then, I don’t watch TV) “explains” why we need more gun control laws

“There are strict laws in a California, but there are not strict laws in a Wisconsin, and isn’t that far from Chicago. There aren’t strict laws in an Arizona that is bordering on a state in California. So the point being, you know, unless you deal with this on national basis, then actually the local laws are pointless but we do need to get the facts.”

Of course, the facts are that the guns used in San Bernardino were purchased in California, not Arizona, so the nation’s strictest gun control laws failed to prevent the massacre. Even a Chuck Todd can figure this out, so his call for national laws as strict a California’s is really nothing more than a lead-up to total confiscation.

What will these people do when they discover that there are still more guns out there, especially in Muslim countries and Eastern Europe? Pass more laws? Declare the world a “gun-free zone”?


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De Blasio moves swiftly to protect NYC citizens against terrorism


I hereby declare this city a Republican-free zone!

Oops! No, how he actually responded to this week’s massacre was to hold a greet and kiss with muslims and vow to protect them from hate crimes. “Jews and Republicans are on their own”, he told Dollar Bill, who passed along his words to FWIW. “After all, they started this.”

On the other hand, De Blasio isn’t the only one to show great good humor during this  period. The police found this prayer sticker (from a NYC mosque suspected of harboring terrorists, but never mind, Bill) in the Bernardino terrorists home:

The decal, which has a prayer for coming out of the bathroom, is from the Islamic Circle of North America Sisters’ Wing, and says, “Praise to be Allah Who relieved me from the suffering and gave me relief.”

Boy, when you need Allah to loosen your bowels and grant you relief from tummy cramps, that’s really turning your will and your life over to God. Reached for comment, FWIW’s Dollar Bill explained why this prayer was necessary for his devout friends: “It’s the direct result of western imperialism”, he said. “When these towel heads were squatting over holes in the sand and wiping their butts with their fingers, they were natural and relaxed. The west introduced toilets and toilet paper, and that complication clamped them up like you wouldn’t believe.”


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But will they have to hang mistletoe over the shower head?


In the steam, no one knows you’re a dog – or a boy

Bowing to federal pressure, and after a long struggle, Illinois will allow cross-dressing teenage boy to shower with the girls at his high school.

Why such an expenditure of federal power to achieve this result? “Next to global warming”, Obama told FWIW, “the greatest threat to our national security is the absence of perverts in girls’ locker rooms”


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In the name of diversity, Cornell bans mistletoe as “non-inclusive”


Works for me

No explanation why, but then,if they had to explain it they’d have to give a reason. “Damn it, there is no reason, it’s policy!”

What could be more inclusive than a custom dating back to the first century Druids and continued through the Norse sagas?


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