But will they have to hang mistletoe over the shower head?


In the steam, no one knows you’re a dog – or a boy

Bowing to federal pressure, and after a long struggle, Illinois will allow cross-dressing teenage boy to shower with the girls at his high school.

Why such an expenditure of federal power to achieve this result? “Next to global warming”, Obama told FWIW, “the greatest threat to our national security is the absence of perverts in girls’ locker rooms”


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6 responses to “But will they have to hang mistletoe over the shower head?

  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    Why didn’t I think of that back in high school

    • Walt

      Because you weren’t a spoiled, entitled, pampered little MILLENNIAL BRAT. We were raised tough. We could rub one out to a Playboy, even the Sears Catalog ladies underwear section in a pinch. Kids today are spoiled, and feel they deserve only the best. Kids today….

  3. Anonymous

    Why do all transgenders look like they could staff P&Z?

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    The good news is I think this actually opens the door for us to become card carrying, proud little Junior Leaguers!!

    How can they keep us out? Although I am sure they will try. And don’t underestimate these pearl wearing blue hairs Dude. They may look like Aunt Bea, but they still have quite a lot of bite left in those dentures.

    So we need a well thought out, coordinated strategy. We need to show, even though we possess peniseses…peni? Is there a plural for penis Dude? And if so, why?

    Anyhows, as penis possession is no longer the criteria for being a man or a woman, I think all we need to do is prove we have dressed as women. EASY RIGHT!! But not so fast. My problem with this is, while I am totally in touch with my feminine side, can totally cry like a little bitch, LOVE bubble baths, and have been known to occasionally wear panties, usually on my head, but why should that matter, I have failed to take pictures!! I wanted to, but the hottie wanted $100 more. SCREW THAT!!

    So you? I think you would be denied JLG membership even if you actually possessed a vagina. And who could blame them?

    So I think our best candidate to oppose this sexist, discriminatory policy, EMBRACED BY THE JLG would be Gideon. Do you think he would do it?

    He would be perfect!! He may actually even possess a vagina. But even if he doesn’t, he wears an ascot, right? That is 75% there!! He is snooty, works in a female “profession”, and I am sure he is good in a cat fight. He CANNOT BE DENIED!!

    Great idea, right? Run it by him and get back to me. But I don’t have a Plan B. It is up to him. Tell him we will buy him a loofah.

    Your Pal,

  5. Just got back from Whole Foods

    anonymous at 1:05 – that has to be a joke, right?