Ct will soon follow suit against Fairfield County

Puerto Rico raises taxes on its largest employer and tax payer to 91.5%


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  1. Anonymous

    Malloy and the dopes in Hartford already did something similar to GE. That’s why they’re backtracking and groveling now, desperately hoping GE will stay. Rumor has it that GE is leaving and donating the site for $1 to Sacred Heart. This would devastate the town of Fairfield and be a huge hit to the state. Non-profits don’t pay anywhere near the taxes of corporate Giants (if any).

    • Anonymous

      if g.e. really moves, that will be bad.

      • Walt

        Yes. Yes it would be, Captain Obvious.

        But why would GE stay? They would be fools not to move. MORONS!! And that they are not. Malloy has created a clearly hostile business environment, where the successful are penalized, and the under achievers are rewarded. He penalizes businesses he deems “politically incorrect”. Like the gun industry. It should be illegal.

        Why would ANYONE want to be here? I don’t, but I am locked in by my kids. For now. Once they are off? BYE BYE!! SAYONARA!! This state has become a blood sucking cesspool, that I can’t wait to leave. It was once a state people ASPIRED to live in. No more. I can afford to live anywhere, so why pick here?

        And, what I have known for a long time, which the Dude fails to realize, because it is his mantra, is LOCATION DOESN’T MATTER!! Technology has rendered time and space IRRELEVANT!! There is no Wall Street anymore. It is all virtual. I can work as easily from a no tax state as I can here. So why stay?

        Connecticut HAD a competitive advantage, but it PISSED IT ALL AWAY. It was a low tax haven to New York. It was business friendly. Geography mattered. Well now it don’t. Didn’t? Matters no more?

        Anyways…what is Connecticut’s answer? Tax the rich. Penalize the successful. So the rich leave, and you are left with Detroit. Really great plan, right? You don’t want to be the last one out the door. Because it hits you in the ass. Really hard.

        It will be the same when the “Silent Majority” finally speaks. It will be loud, and it will be ugly. That is really a line the “progressives” want to cross? Unfortunately, for all of us, I think it is.

        And then reality sets in. Malloy and the Connecticut voters better wake up.

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    Next up, they will go after peoples 401-k’s. If you have over a certain amount of money, they are going to decide for you that you really don’t need it. Just wait. It’s coming.

    Anyhows, Barry is giving a speech tonight on what happened in San Bernardino. Here is what he is going to say:

    Everyone is safe. Americans have never been safer. The only threat we face is global warming. Islam is a peaceful religion. If there were terrorists, they would be white Christian working males. White privilege is the cause of terror, not peaceful Muslims. In fact, if you say ANYTHING bad about Muslims, Loretta Lynch, our Attorney General, will bring the full force of the federal government against you. First Amendment, you say? HAAAAA!! As useless as the second amendment.

    If you are afraid of Syrian refugees, who I plan on bringing in hundreds of thousands of, you are a racist!! ISIS – which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RADICAL ISLAM – is contained. They are the JV. We all know it.

    There is NO NEED to secure our borders. Borders are racist and micro-aggressive. So you need to give up your weapons. I am calling for an IMMEDIATE BAN on anything even looking like a gun. Water pistols, Nerf guns – all are not conducive to the safe space we all desire. Guns are what is causing all of these mass shootings. If you give up your weapons, why would any non-existent terrorists come here? They would have no guns!!

    What could they do if you have no guns…. blow you up? And stop calling them “Christmas Parties”. It may piss certain peaceful people off. So it is time to act. You all know I am right. Now submit. Thank you and Aloha Snack…….Thank you and God Bless America.

    Did I miss anything?

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Michelle will probably have a follow-up video reminded peeps to stay in shape to respond to any terroristic activity:

  3. Anonymous

    I may be reading this wrong, but it appears that out of a $300 billion plus bill, CT is $3.5 billion. Is that our fair share?


    • Cos Cobber

      We basically received an amount in proportion with our population, arguably a bit more. By no means did we hit a home run. The state sure could you the $$ though. The question remains, will it go for buses and bike paths to nowhere or for real infrastructure.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Arguably we didn’t get more because the Feds have deemed CT an entirely reliable democrat voting base. If we went purple, they’d probably try to kick in more to buy back the vote.

  4. Anonymous

    Walt, you forgot Pop Tarts that look like a gun when you take a bite out of the.

  5. Anonymous

    More Connecticut news. No wonder math and science students in other countries are doing better than ours. Yale is moving further into the toilet. If you kid is going into the sciences, he / she might want to find a different school.


    The heated battle over cultural insensitivity at Yale University has a new victim: Science.

    The Yale Daily News reports that many students question whether professors who teach science, technology, math, or engineering (STEM) are capable of dealing with issues of free speech, race, and gender on campus.

    2015 saw a rash of news headlines on universities that seem more interested in censorship than suffering the protests of students offended by uncomfortable ideas. At Yale, this manifested in an email sent to students by the Intercultural Affairs Council discouraging them from wearing Halloween costumes that may perpetuate stereotypes.

    A faculty member, Erika Christakis, criticized the suggestion, writing that “American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.”

    Students erupted in protest and called for her resignation as a supervisor (“Assistant Master”) of one of the colleges. The protests have become so bad that Christakis has decided not to teach at Yale “going forward.” When fellow faculty members rushed to her aid in an open letter of support, offended students evidently worried that most of her support came from STEM professors.

    “The fact that the large majority of the faculty that signed this letter in support of the Christakises are in STEM just shows how far-removed from reality these people are,” one student wrote. “Maybe we should require faculty to take an ethnic studies class too?”

    “I have a suspicion that, unless they are involved with residential college life, STEM faculty members are just as far out of the bubble as people who are not at Yale at all,” said another student. “When professors were present, I didn’t even feel comfortable reaching out to my friends about how they were being impacted by the Christakis email except very briefly before a class with a STEM professor who is a woman of color.”

    For now, this is only one report. Perhaps the Yale Daily News is reporting on a rather isolated incident that happens to be related to a larger political correctness movement on college campuses. But, it’s worth keeping watch over whether STEM faculty are somehow disproportionately singled out, marginalized, or criticized.

    STEM is a vital part of higher education, and we should be wary of any political correctness culture the diminishes its presence in student life.

  6. Anonymous

    Occasionally someone in Hollywood makes sense.

    Carrie Fisher calls rumored ‘slave Leia’ ban stupid