In the name of diversity, Cornell bans mistletoe as “non-inclusive”


Works for me

No explanation why, but then,if they had to explain it they’d have to give a reason. “Damn it, there is no reason, it’s policy!”

What could be more inclusive than a custom dating back to the first century Druids and continued through the Norse sagas?


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9 responses to “In the name of diversity, Cornell bans mistletoe as “non-inclusive”

  1. Mindy Mindless

    I have a nativity scene in the front yard, but with baby Allah. Standing in for the three kings are three headless gays, and of course everyone is black.

  2. greenwich dude

    people have turned into such joyless assholes it’s amazing

  3. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Showed this post to the Mme and she thought that there is a disturbing bulge beside the mistletoe. Could it be the model isn’t what [s]he seems to be?

  4. weakleyhollow

    No prohibition on Kwanzaa decorations. Perhaps prohibiting them would violate diversity or safe space guidelines.

  5. Anonymous

    what will I do with my mistletoe belt buckle?

  6. Anonymous

    Blame ourselves for all this non-sense. We are the parents of these kids. People do like to complain, but they really don’t make much of an effort to push back. Merry Christmas!