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The long jaws of the law


Wrong kind of croc

Burglar hiding in pond is found by an 11′ alligator; hilarity ensues


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John shared his father’s black sense of humor

He specifically requested, and assigned two friends to the task, that his ashes be scattered, half over the ocean, half over the Colorado Rockies. He warned both friends, however, to “remember: don’t piss upwind”. That caution surely came from one of his all-time favorite movies, “The Big Lebowski”, and this scene in particular:


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If you hurry, you can still switch jobs before Christmas

Bawdy X Mas

Which of these 5 is in the wrong department?

The four professions most likely to have sex at the office Christmas party.

UPDATE – and here’s where to go: 50 best places to work in 2016


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And Belle Haven’s still popular

46 Byram Drive

46 Byram Drive

46 Byram Drive asked $15 million 59 days ago and reports a pending sale today. I’m always a little surprised to see houses so exposed to the highway noise in this section of Belle Haven sell so quickly, but the current owners have been there since 1975, so clearly they weren’t bothered, and neither, obviously, is this buyer.


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Pending on Round Hill

404 Round Hill Road

404 Round Hill Road

404 Round Hill Road, $5.985. Steve Archino listing. Fabulous house, completely rebuilt after a fire in 2014, and, for Greenwich, a bargain.

We wrote about this when it came on the market last month, if you’d like further details.


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Gone from the Internet – if I were the GMLS, I’d be embarrassed too

30 Butternut Hollow road Greenwich

30 Butternut Hollow Road (Lawn curtesy of Clairol? Why’d they stop there and leave the trees untouched?)

30 Butternut Hollow Road just sold for $3.3 million. The owners paid $3.5 for it in 2002, put a ton of money into renovations, and listed it this year for $4.195.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.41.36 PM.png


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A little more on John

John Fountain

John and Aly Stall

Spent the morning at the funeral home, identifying the body (it really was him, though I was tempted to ask, “who’s this?”, just to see their reaction), and making sure that John’s wishes for a very inexpensive disposal of his mortal remains were followed.

There are a lot of great photos and comments from his friends on his Facebook page. I’ve posted one of my favorites above.


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Barn door shutting, department of

Inspector Clouseau

He WAS?!

FBI adds the San Bernardino terrorist to its watch list.

“Farook, although he is dead, is now officially listed by the FBI as a terrorist,” a federal law-enforcement source told The Post.

Feel safer now?


UPDATE: Obama: ‘no evidence of  wider conspiracy”.Newly released (i.e., released to the public after his speech) “On or about November 18th, $28,500 was deposited in Farook’s bank account”.


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The virus will continue to spread until it destroys its host


Barbarians at the gate

Yale SJWs (social justice warriors, also known as “snowflakes”) turn their efforts to infecting the school’s STEM program.

Until now, the hard sciences at our universities have been immune to the marauding mob, but, having gutted the softer disciplines like history, literature and philosophy, Yale SJW are going after their school’s Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program, demanding reeducation classes and capitulation. .

On Nov. 29, physics professor Douglas Stone released an open letter expressing support for Silliman College Master Nicholas Christakis and Associate Master Erika Christakis. In the days that followed, students began to raise concerns that the professors who chose to sign onto the letter — three quarters of whom work in STEM fields — are out of touch with campus climate.

Stone’s letter defended Erika Christakis’ controversial Halloween email as a call for discussion based on “positive intent,” and argued that the Christakises were acting in the best interests of their students. But students who disagree with this message have raised concerns that the 63 professors who signed the letter do not understand conversations taking place on campus. Many were especially concerned that the majority of those professors focus on STEM disciplines, arguing that faculty in those fields were especially unsympathetic to the plight of minority students on campus. Still, STEM professors interviewed largely expressed views similar to those reported by professors in other fields.

American studies major Olivier van Donselaar ’17 *wrote in a social media post that the signers of the open letter were out-of-touch with campus dialogue.

“The fact that the large majority of the faculty that signed this letter in support of the Christakises are in STEM just shows how far-removed from reality these people are,” van Donselaar wrote. “Maybe we should require faculty to take an ethnic studies class too?”

Biomedical engineering major Bianca Li ’17 said STEM professors are generally further dissociated from campus due to the time constraints of their research and because of what she described as an “old boys” atmosphere that insulates them from campus debates.

“I have a suspicion that, unless they are involved with residential college life, STEM faculty members are just as far out of the bubble as people who are not at Yale at all,” Li said. 

Aside from the hilarity of  privileged Yale student admitting that she and her peers are living in a bubble, with no recognition of what that says about her perception of reality, the article is sad: the professors have indeed capitulated, and soon Yalies will be studying the great scientific contributions of African scientists and the socio-economic harms caused by the oppression of astro-physics. Evidence? Here:

This afternoon, several professors from STEM departments including MCDB, MB&B and physics will host a luncheon for students to talk with faculty about racial debates and concerns on campus, according to Joyce Guo ’17, one of the event’s organizers.

Guo said the professors hope to express a renewed commitment to attentiveness and support for students of color at the luncheonThe November open letter expressing solidarity with students of color was authored by five FAS senators and signed by 500 professors.

*Mr. van Donselaar, presumably of landed Dutch ancestry, studies the following at Yale:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.02.38 AM



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