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Already ridiculous, the student social justice movement has moved beyond parody


And it’s terrified we are that they’re right

Students demand that their college rename “Lynch Hall” because it reminds them of lynching.

If I were still a college student and wanted to fight back against the people who were bringing disgrace to my school, I could’t come up with a better plan than what these morons have dreamed up on their own.

Even at Yale, the most demented of the SJWs must cringe at who they’re now associated with.



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Last of the Antares

12 Cherry Blossom

12 cherry Blossom – personally, I think someone’s overpaying

12 Cherry Blossom Lane, up on the Bedford border, has a pending deal. Current asking price is $1.195. This rubble-strewn, 2-acre back lot was once part of the Antares’ scheme to develop a number of houses for an undefined market – their project, like the company itself, failed.

Originally priced in 2008 at $2.125 million, it’s (almost) hard to believe that one of the two Antares partners, Joe Beninati, is now living in New York City, posing as a knowledgable real estate developer. I mean, over estimating the value of a property by this kind of margin indicates a feckless amateur, not a sage businessman.

The listing, by the way, describes this property as lying within “the quintessential New England enclave”. Hmm – we have a long history of property ownership in New England, and the region has certainly seen its share of bankrupts and incompetents – see, e.g., Antares Development Company, but I wouldn’t insult us natives by saying failure is the epitome of New England neighborhoods.


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Coming to an elementary school near you!

Rachael Dolezal

“Rachael” Dolezal and her lesbian “grandparents”. “I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.”

Now that we’ve got boys who feel like girls pee peeing in the girls’ bathroom, the next wave is upon us: Transgender-transagers  , like this guy, a homosexual 52-year-old man, father of 7, who feels like a six-year-old girl.

If a teenaged-boy is deemed to have a constitutional right to play on girls’ sports teams and tinkle in their toilets. what possible grounds are there for keeping this man off the first grade kickball team?

Seriously: when society abandons reason, anything (bad) can and will happen. We have entered the looney zone.


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Old contracts that closed yesterday

174 Cognewaugh

174 Cognewaugh

174 Cognewaugh, $2.8 million. Started at $3.295 million 1,259 days ago, and finally got (relatively) close to the sellers’ desired price. I’m a little surprised the owners did so well. The clients I showed it to over the years liked it, and it was beautifully renovated, but the detached garage, funky little semi-basement, so-so yard and the Cognewaugh address all worked against it. I am not saying the buyer overpaid: it’s a pretty nifty house, but I am surprised that someone else finally saw its value. But good for the owners.


A sitting duck for depreciation?

A sitting duck for depreciation?

And 54 Mallard Drive sold for $1,4q7,500, which at first glance I thought was friggin’ crazy, but then I saw that it’s on 0.44 acre in an R-7 zone, which means the builder who bought it can put up two houses. Funny that a building lot on this busy cut-through street is now worth $709,000, but, at least for now, it is.


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Ah, the glory days of 100% financing

160 Bedford Road

160 Bedford Rd

160 Bedford Road, 8 acres and a teardown, is asking $2.2 million. It last sold in 2007 for 3.3 million, with the buyer borrowing $3.046 (which, now, has grown to $3.670). Not surprisingly, any offer is “subject to bank approval”.

This was a beautiful home not so long ago, but the owners let it go to hell, and there really isn’t anything worth saving anymore; it’ll be cheaper to build new.

How much are eight beautiful acres worth on Bedford Road? Apparently not even $2.2 million, because someone had an accepted offer in that amount last June, and backed out. But assuming the owner of the debt is reasonable (the original lenders, including WaMu, are long gone), there’s a bargain here, I should think. Hell, if purchased cheap enough, there might even be room to spend the money to restore the original, 1937 home.

But I wouldn’t do that, myself.


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I’m not necessarily saying this is stupid, just that it rarely works

35 Duncan Drive, over in Westchester/Baliwick (technically Greenwich, but …), has failed to sell since it hit the market last June at $1.995 million, and even September’s price cut to $1.895 didn’t work. So having tried that, the broker has raised its price today, in the middle of the dead season, to $2.095. Good luck with that.

As a cautionary note, the current sellers paid full price, $1.799 million, in 2002, after it had been on the market for less than 2 weeks. Even back then, I’d have advised letting a house over here on the western border mellow a bit. Then again, I wasn’t asked.

Prediction? Lucky if they get that 2002 price.

35 Duncan

35 Duncan Drive



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Houses are more likely to depreciate than the land they sit on

7 Finney Knoll, which sold new for $2.250 in 2008, has sold again, for $1.907. The houses in this development were, and remain, very nice homes, because their builder built them with luxurious finishes not found in other $2 million houses, to overcome their location: overlooking the Balducci parking lot.

That quality caused them to sell pretty quickly back then but, 8 years on, their prices haven’t stood up as well as some other houses built at the same time. An eight-year-old roof is just not as attractive as a new one, and nether are baths and kitchens.


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The right price will cure anything, even in Cos Cob

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.09.56 AM

38 Strickland Road – yes, that’s I-95 over to the right

38 Strickland Road, $750,000, reports a contingent contract.

I’m not sure I’ve seen the house since 2010, when it was (unsuccessfully) asking $1.125 million. I liked the house at that time but at that price, the noise from the Mianus Bridge overhead was a deal killer. At $750,000, it’s more like, “what noise?”


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Be careful where you hang your hat (s)

Or in this case, your shoes. Billionaire argues that soon-to-be ex-wife actually lives in Monaco, rather than New York, because that’s where her 700 pairs of shoes are.

Off to Monaco!

Off to Monaco!


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Together with the first, those 2:00 AM phone calls don’t bode well for the current president

Laziness and lack of sleep can shorten your life, especially when combined.

That’s probably why he refuses to answer them.


Black loafer


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It depends on what your definition of “evil” is

Google, home of the “do no evil” pledge, wants to censor the Internet.

Professor Reynolds:

DECEMBER 9, 2015

GIVEN HOW MUCH AUTOCORRECT SCREWS UP, THIS WON’T EVEN BE GOOD AT CENSORSHIP:  Google Chairman Wants ‘Hate-Speech Spell-Checker’ to Filter Internet.

I think the next President needs to launch an antitrust investigation of Google. They seem to have amassed too much monopoly power.

For myself, I like to know what the crazies are up to – Google wants to prevent that.





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Kryptonite employed by GPD



Burglar arrested by our men in blue. No real news here, but I was amused by the guy’s choice of T shirt

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