Already ridiculous, the student social justice movement has moved beyond parody


And it’s terrified we are that they’re right

Students demand that their college rename “Lynch Hall” because it reminds them of lynching.

If I were still a college student and wanted to fight back against the people who were bringing disgrace to my school, I could’t come up with a better plan than what these morons have dreamed up on their own.

Even at Yale, the most demented of the SJWs must cringe at who they’re now associated with.



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69 responses to “Already ridiculous, the student social justice movement has moved beyond parody

  1. EXACTLY my problem with sweet Loretta. It makes me think of strange fruit.

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    I honestly believe what this country needs in mandatory military service. Like the Jews do. The real Jews, the ones in Israel. They make men and women serve. That is a great idea! Leave it to the Jews, right? But it may give these morons a sense of reality. Let them patrol the borders. The college morons, not the Israeli Jews. But they are kick ass, and I would love if they would do it, The Israel Jews, not the college morons. But I doubt they would. And I mean both of them.

    Pretty soon the name White will have to be banned. And then who will edit The Daily Planet? And Fountain? Remember they had separate fountains back in the good old….back in the day? What about that name? It’s not safe!!

    THIS STUFF IS NONSENSE!! This is what we care about? When we have crazy slums trying to kill us all? LIGHTEN UP YOU LOSER!! The college morons and the slums, just to be clear.

    Words don’t kill. Radical Islam does.

    Your Pal,

    • This is NOT Walt

      BRILLIANT I SAY!! Do you mind if I ask if you have a thumbs up approval rating of above 75% on Disqus? I am from Greenwich after all, so I don’t want to read anything below that score.

      And what exactly is this “Jew” to which you refer?

    • Walt

      Dude –
      I really must not be normal. I am laughing my ASS OFF! This better be cheering you up.
      You frigging loser.
      Your Pal,

      • Walt

        I have two years of stuff in my head already on this topic!! Talking to MYSELF!! AND NO ONE KNOWS!!!

        THANK YOU AJ!!

        • AJ

          👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

        • This is NOT Walt

          Can you do Rudolph now? Does Walt have a Disqus rating yet?

        • Walt

          So stop posting anonymously, and post as AJ so I don’t have to read it, and don’t use me as an excuse when you post something stupid, and we are done. No more “Well Walt did it! WAH WAH WAH!!” and we are done. OK?

        • AJ

          You must now contrive to identify yourself with everyone of your characters in turn. You conduct as you write, a kind of breathless race from the interior of one character to the interior of another. As a character is speaking you must be inside of him, you must be he. When he has finished any given speech, you must not allow the next character to speak until you have rushed to take possession of the interior of him — even if he is to say no more than “Yes” or “No” — and when the next character speaks, you must then be he.

          Or to put it another way, while writing, you must not allow yourself the luxury of relaxing (as though you were a member of the audience) to enjoy the proceedings onstage. You must be onstage at the center of every detail of the proceedings.

          To forget this is to run the risk that undoes many amateurs. They identify themselves with one particular character and use the others to “feed” him lines (as a straight man does for a comic); they take possession of that one person and let the others shift for themselves. The resultant errors of such a method are manifold. The other characters become mere straw figures, mere supernumeraries. . .

          — Bernard Grebanier, Playwriting: How to write for the theater

        • Walt

          Is that a yes AJ? It was incomprehensible. As usual.

        • AJ

          No, Walt. It was just a writing tip on how to disguise your less comprehensible $3 DB posts so that they’re not instantly recognizable as you.

        • Walt

          HAAAA!! I have broken you!! You are losing it. NO ONE on the planet would ever think that but you!! And I have broken the internet golden rule. I am arguing with a retard. And you just proved it!!

        • Walt

          Can you at least TRY for some originality so I find this amusing? I have noticed your fake personalities are stealing my ideas. GET CREATIVE AJ!! I don’t steal from ANYONE!! Try original thought. I am fairly certain people know when they are mine.

        • AJ

          There you go projecting again.

        • Walt

          So I take that as a no? You will continue to be an anonymous posting, line stealing douche bag? Sad, and the wrong choice. I was hoping you would act as a gentleman. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! It should expected for a no talent 75% thumbs up voted Disqus loser. MY MISTAKE!!

        • AJ

          Get back to me when you hit 76% thumbs up, then we’ll talk. Over brunch?

      • Walt

        WOAH! We got a live one here Dude! CRIMINAL JEW STEALING LANDS!!! I RUV RU!!

        If I moved to Israel, wouldn’t I be helping the Jews to steal land? Is that the stolen land to which you refer? We won’t even let them into Greenwich, no less BUY, so that can’t be it. And I am pretty sure they make the Jews pay for the land they occupy in Westport. Sure, they are Jews, and don’t like paying for anything, but I am pretty sure Westport charges them for the land. Can you confirm Dude? Is Westport Jew land free? If so, I am converting and moving.

        So where is this land you claim the Jews steal for free? And can I get some? I like bagels, I am circumcised, I have banged some Jewish hotties, and I am really not all that wedded to the Christmas Tree. A candle really seems a lot easier. So am I good to go on this free Jew land deal?

        And a word to the wise. “Free” and “Land” may get you banished from this blog quicker than a priest runs after an altar boy. The Dude fighting for a 6% dirt commission makes a Jew look like an amateur. Never say free dirt again.

      • housecat

        The thought that we were rid of his ass seemed too good to be true.

        PS: I vote for Rudolph as another Dollar Bob persona. They both hit the trifecta of stupid, racist and nasty.

      • Walt

        THANKS AJ!! Can you do your Dollar Bill now? I thought he was your best!!

      • Walt

        Do you doubt me now housecat? LOOK AT THE TIMELINE AND SYNTAX!! AJ is all of them!! And yes, Pinocchio does have a wooden dick. I can read minds, you know.

      • AJ

        Walt, thou doth protest too much, methinks.

      • Walt

        Again, I knowest not what this means. Stop posting anonymously, stop using me as an excuse for you faux pause, like a little bitch, and we are done. I think that’s a good deal. Yes or no? I don’t need an unreadable diatribe.

      • housecat

        Walt, you know I love ya, baby. It’s past my bedtime, so have fun boys. Can’t wait to see what’s transpired in the a.m.

        BTW, I think you were right that “sugar tits” boy was probably ike-Rudolph in the dirt post below. It certainly had all the earmarks of a classic Rudy comment: mind-numbingly stupid with a heavy dose of bitchy. Someone get that boy a drool cup. Please.

      • Walt


      • Walt

        AJ is now posting under different persona’s using phrases associated with me, to try and throw people off. Which is why he is calling me Dollar Bill above. Why would I post anonymously? AJ started, because the Mickster called him out on posting to much, and destroying threads. Which he was doing.
        So AJ threw a hissy fit, didn’t post as AJ, but barraged the board as ike, Rudolph, and anonymous. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED!! And then I called it on it, and CAUGHT HIM!!
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        And can anyone recommend a good book on how to quit smoking? And where the good whores at in Greenwich?

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    • Toonces

      anonymous@11:02. Jews invaded Palestine? Huh? Get your facts straight before going on racist rants.

      • Walt

        THIS IS AJ!! I will reply to this tomorrow. I RUV THIS!! It’s PERFECT cannon fodder for all they believe. THANK YOU AJ/ike/Rudolph!!

      • housecat

        Toonces, please ignore the fucktard above. We’ve been calling him out on his bullshit for awhile. But in true psycho-stalker fashion, he just refuses to bugger off.

        Couldn’t resist one more trip to the zoo before retiring. Now I really am going to bed.

        • Toonces

          F-tard! Go to bed housecat before I wash your mouth out with soap 🙂
          Is this F-tard also rudolph and Ike? And who is “I am not Walt” and who is the poster who tries to sound like Walt but fails miserably? Maybe I should go to bed too.

      • (For readers confused by this and many other responses to what seems to be nothing, I should explain that I decided to end a particular moron’s efforts to contribute to this page and deleted his comments – I left up the responses just because, but if you’re baffled by them know that’s the reason)

  3. Reality Check

    “Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress.”

    (436-338 B.C)

  4. Our nation’s legacy is one of racial oppression so massive, so enduring, so fundamental that the only remedy is to expunge from the public sphere the name of every slave-holder. If we are truly conscientious about this, we can make the USA a safe space, finally.

    Therefore I DEMAND that the name of George Washington, noted slave-owner, be banned…eliminated……accursed……forgotten.

    Washington, DC can become Marion Barry, DC.
    The state of Washington has some thinking to do.
    Washington & Lee University, likewise.
    We MUST rename every Washington Street in every little town in America. Stamford, too.
    Washington Square, NY becomes Stonewall Square.

    Now that we’ve eliminated George whatshisname, who is the true father of America? Nominations are open……

    Whew! I feel safer already, and at peace.

  5. Anonymous

    Thomas Lynch signed the Declaration of Independence constitution and any document with his signature is extremely rare.

    Thomas Lynch, Jr. (1749-1779)—Thomas Lynch, Jr. was an aristocratic planter who was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence to die at the age of thirty. He was trained as a lawyer and graduated from Cambridge University in England, and was elected to the Second Continental Congress to carry on the duties of his ill father. Thomas Lynch Sr. and Thomas Lynch Jr. were the only father and son team to serve concurrently in the Continental Congress. Thomas Lynch, Jr. and his wife were enroute to France in 1779 when their ship was lost at sea.

  6. Toonces

    This focus on names and labels is superficial and ironic. It diminishes the legitimate gripes that some of these students may have. This opened my eyes:

    • Mickster

      Toonces, I was on board until I read her conclusion “Current student protesters have succeeded in many of their demands: that the legacy of Woodrow Wilson be reexamined, and that a physical place on campus be created for black students. The university will also consider giving its faculty “cultural competency training” and including a diversity requirement in the core curriculum for students.”
      A separate physical place for black students bring us back to segregation – is that what we want to go back to?
      Faculty needing cultural competency training? This goes back to what every other nationality had to face, coming here. We decided we should assimilate and help build this great country. It seems many others only want to tear down what others have spent generations building. They want their culture to be catered to. When Mickster Jr was at Harvard and Wharton or Mickster 3 at Columbia should they have risen up and demanded those schools play an Irish jig at graduation or understand the cultural differences when the junior Micksters had issues with focus on Monday morning. No, they struggled on with those differences and are better men for that. Cry. Me. A. River.

      • Toonces

        I agree Mickster! Totally – she lost me towards the end too. Except that I am assuming that her experiences cloud her judgment as to what to do about crap like being interrogated for a crime when no other cashiers are interrogated. I am starting to think it isn’t these kids fault (the protestors). They’ve been raised and brainwashed on this crap – by people like Al Sharpton, Obama, and now even the faculty at the colleges at which they’re protesting. I agree that you and other minorites – jews etc… just deal with it, move on and above it. I am being told by some young people at these universities though, that being black *is* a different thing, a different experience. You’re black and it’s out there. Maybe I’ve drunk the koolaid.

      • Toonces

        Ps how many little micksters are there? Slouches I see 🙂

        • Walt

          All of us need to learn to learn to deal with adversity. Black, white, Christian, Jew, AJ. We all face it. You can either deal with it, overcome it, or call yourself a victim. I prefer to overcome it. Because winning is good, and victim is bad. And participation trophies are bullshit. But I tend to look at thinks and break them down to basics. And go what with feel rights. So if I am wrong, at least it felt good.

          • Toonces

            I agree completely Walt- or at least I did. Now I’m thinking/considering that being black is different because you can’t not be black for a day. And I don’t mean to sound racist, I am being serious.

        • Walt

          We can only all be who we are. And all of us have good things and bad things. Some of us are talented. And some are not. I think each of us make our own destiny. And some have it harder than others. But true talent always prevails. If it doesn’t fail victim to excuse. I have many real life examples.

        • Mickster

          Just two smart lads who’ve worked hard, Toonces.

    • smails

      Brittney Winters ’09 also had hoped to find a job as a teacher, with no success. She tried to bolster her income with jobs as a freelance blogger, video-store clerk, and bartender, among other things. As she applied for jobs, she found that her Princeton degree didn’t open many opportunities. “I’d leave Princeton off my résumé because I’d get calls back and they’d say, ‘We don’t have faith you will stay with us because you’re so educated,’” Winters recalls.

      Winters enrolled in a postgraduate program to prepare for medical school, as her parents wanted. “There’s the issue of the economy not being as strong as it is, but there’s also the pressure to go into high-paying jobs right out of college,” she says. Ultimately, she stopped preparing for med school and followed her heart: She now is studying to get her Ph.D. in literature at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.

      Special snowflakes sometimes have a tough time in the real world. The education system is broken and the only people that do not know it are the graduates of these places who think they have hit the lottery when everyone else knows that most of these places are just a shadow of the institutions they used to be. Social engineering has hurt a lot of minority students by given them unrealistic expectations of a life and a lifestyle they are not prepared for and where they will never be fully accepted.

      • Toonces

        Source? Obviously you found that on the web. Interesting – thanks for posting smails. I don’t know what to think. I think I am back to believing that affirmative action is one of things contributing to this movement. Kids feel like they don’t belong because a lot of them don’t. That’s as politically incorrect as it can be but it’s true. And the people that are there because they earned it suffer as well. Maybe it’s no different than preferences for sports kids etc…., I don’t know. Admissions should be race/gender/everything blind.

  7. The Trump phenomenon is a media creation, and will be a media casualty.
    His popularity proves:
    • After Obama’s seven years of telling us America’s weaknesses, selfishness, and the fact that we don’t measure up, there are a lot of people who think America deserves to be great.
    • The media and the establishment are quite sure Trump is a jackass. He is politically incorrect.
    • Since Trump is colorful and provocative, he gets media coverage, just like Kim Kardashian, also colorful and provocative. (They are both reality TV stars. They are equally trivial and irrelevant.)
    • Many people are very pleased to defy the biased, politically-correct media by admiring the very guy the media wants them to despise.
    • Therefore, so long as the media continue to accord Trump no respect, many people will continue to listen to him. Americans don’t want to be lectured to by Obama, or by the media.
    • This base of people who like America and defy the media is about a third of the Republican party. Not enough people to elect a president, or even the Republican nominee, but a pretty large and loud crowd.

    • AJ

      You couldn’t be more wrong:

      How Donald Trump Plays the Media: Rush Limbaugh

      December 08, 2015

      RUSH: Some days they just tee me up. Some days are just too easy. Question: Has Loretta Lynch arrested Trump yet? Well, isn’t that the kind of stuff she said she’s gonna start arresting people for? Why hasn’t he been arrested? Greetings, my friends. Welcome. Rush Limbaugh, EIB Network. Great to have you here. Telephone number, if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882. E-mail address,

      Everybody, everybody — now Paul Ryan has joined in — everybody condemning Donald Trump. The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump’s insane, he’s a lunatic, crazy. This is dangerous. This is bad. It’s un-American. It’s unacceptable. He’s gotta go.

      Except he’s leading. A big problem. Even Dingy Harry — and, by the way, for all of you Republicans getting on this gravy train condemning Trump, I want to show you what good it’s doing you. Dingy Harry: “Donald Trump is standing on the platform of hate, and, I’m sorry to say, hate that the Republican Party has built for him.”

      You Republicans, you can denounce Trump all day, all week, all month, and the Democrat Party and the media are still gonna say you laid the table for it. You can condemn Trump all you want, but it is not going to buy you any love or respect or admiration from the Drive-By Media and the Democrats. Now, folks, the conventional wisdom is that Trump is scum, that Trump is a reprobate, that Trump is dangerous, that Trump is obscene, Trump’s insane, Trump’s a lunatic, Trump’s dangerous, Trump’s got to go. Why join in with that phrase? Why join that crowd? We never fall in with conventional wisdom here.

      I want to look at this in a little different way, as I’m wont to do, and I want to look at the politics of this. And I want to remind you late last week, middle part of last week and end of late last week, I started what I intended to be a pretty in-depth discussion of how it is that Donald Trump owns the media. I made the point to you last week that that is the one factor that has upset everything else in this presidential campaign, despite what you might think about the Republican Party being the opposition party to the Democrats, the Democrats being the opposition to the Republicans.

      Inside the Beltway, the Washington establishment, the establishment is aligned and unified on a number of things, Republicans and Democrats alike. And one of those things on which they’re aligned is that the Drive-By Media is an acceptable, coequal branch of what they do. They accept the media as, for lack of a better term, the great equalizer. The media is always the institution that makes or breaks people. If the media wants to make somebody, they can, and it’s allowed. If the media wants to take somebody out, it’s allowed, and they try and oftentimes get away with it.

      You do not hear the Republican Party condemning the media much. And the reason for this is that inside the Beltway within the Washington establishment, the elite, the ruling class, whatever you want to call it, the media is a coequal member. And members of the media are coequal. That fact and the fact that Trump now owns the media — and this episode is just more proof of it — is one aspect that has everything else in this campaign turned upside down. The great equalizer, the media, the great level, the media, the institution relied on to keep things within the guardrails, as the establishment wants it, can’t do it. And that’s why there’s panic, and that’s why there’s outrage, and that’s why there is anger. . . .

    • AJ

      Hey Balzac. Someone just flushed the toilet and what’s that I see? It’s the Jebster going around and around in circles and, whoops, he’s gone — flushed down the drain.

      Trump is polling at more than double the next guy, four times the Jebster’s results! Do you know how to say fait accompli?

      • Fait accompli…..gee what language is that?

        AJ, I don’t really see your point, as usual.

        I love Rush. He has many merits and strengths. Wouldn’t you say the primary one is: he calls BS on the media? For example, in the show transcript you posted above. God bless him for that: it’s a message that deserves to be heard.

  8. Anonymous

    Gee I thought it was named after our country’s new attorney-general.

  9. Anonymous

    Here’s a tale: I had pleasure of meeting a guy one evening at an event, his life story is that grew up dirt poor in NYC as an immigrant. While growing up he was called the N word, spit on, discriminated against, etc. So he hustled, worked hard at various jobs, became a runner at the NYSE, worked his way up, eventually owned a couple of seats and the firm he ran. Guess what his nationality was?


    He literally lived the American Dream. Somehow, I don’t think he was out there protesting that he suffered microaggressions and demanding a safe space.

    It’s sad, truly, of what this country is rapidly becoming in terms of values and expectations.

    I can understand Ayn Rand’s writings, while they are a bit to the extreme, even more today than when I first read them decades ago.