Be careful where you hang your hat (s)

Or in this case, your shoes. Billionaire argues that soon-to-be ex-wife actually lives in Monaco, rather than New York, because that’s where her 700 pairs of shoes are.

Off to Monaco!

Off to Monaco!


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3 responses to “Be careful where you hang your hat (s)

  1. Publius

    Monaco (def): A very sunny place with very shady people….. and apparently very well shod shady people

  2. It’s stories like this that cause a second look at sharia law.

    • “I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee” – 3x, and she’s out in the desert, selling herself to goat herders for pennies. Happened in the 30s to the (5th or 6th?) wife of my grandfather the movie star, who forged a will disinheriting my mother, then married a Saudi and moved there. She ended up penniless, and the “sheik” ended up rich. That was before oil money, so I’m sure it was appreciated.