Coming to an elementary school near you!

Rachael Dolezal

“Rachael” Dolezal and her lesbian “grandparents”. “I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.”

Now that we’ve got boys who feel like girls pee peeing in the girls’ bathroom, the next wave is upon us: Transgender-transagers  , like this guy, a homosexual 52-year-old man, father of 7, who feels like a six-year-old girl.

If a teenaged-boy is deemed to have a constitutional right to play on girls’ sports teams and tinkle in their toilets. what possible grounds are there for keeping this man off the first grade kickball team?

Seriously: when society abandons reason, anything (bad) can and will happen. We have entered the looney zone.


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51 responses to “Coming to an elementary school near you!

  1. Anonymous

    That’s f’ing ridiculous.

    And the media glorifies it.

  2. Anonymous

    Someone should tell him it’s not a good look for him….. Especially the glasses….. so wrong….May I suggest those fleshy-pink small round kinds…

  3. Mark B.


  4. Walt

    Dude –

    You know this is satire? Right? A joke? Right?

    Stefonknee (formerly Paul)? Stef fon knee? STEPH PHONEY!! Why not change the whole name to Wanna Vagina? Or Dickno More? Have all of my Chinamen name jokes been flying past your empty little head all these years? WASTED!!

    But the fact that people actually believe it tells us a lot about where we actually are as a society
    Now, can I interest you and the reader in a bridge? I will get you a really good deal.

    Your Pal,

  5. burningmadolf

    I’ll have to remember this if I ever leave the house naked “I was just channeling my inner 2 yr old.”

  6. Mickster

    OT (sorry AJ) but CF do you know where I can buy pheasant locally. Mrs Mickster always fancies a couple around the holidays.

    • housecat

      Have you tried the new craft butcher in CC? They may know where to get some if they don’t have any. I doubt the spouse is going birding this year, or I’d ask him to bring one back for you.

    • Walt

      AJ is self identifying as “ike” today.

      • housecat

        He’s a transmoron today?

      • housecat

        That’s “transmoron” to you, pal. Check your privilege. And kindly refer to ike/Rudolph as “duh”, not “he”.

      • AJ

        I like Ike. Whistle while you work for Stevenson’s a jerk. Eisenhower’s got the power … I’ve been into politics since 1952 when my parents took me down to the Stamford train station — remember when the new one was built with substandard concrete and had to be shut down — to see Truman give his farewell speech, from the back of a train.

        But . . . there you go again, Walt, taking all of the attributes that you find undesirable and deny in yourself and projecting them onto others: a sub adolescent trait that some people never outgrow.

        BTW, self-identifying takes a hyphen.

        • housecat

          FWIW AJ, I don’t have a beef with you at all. I think “ike/Rudolph” is someone else – most likely some underemployed dude in Idaho who keeps working his “reasonable bigot” schtick here for some reason.

        • AJ

          Or someone living in their own private Idaho. Hey, Walt, Look at all that red hair. Whoa!

        • Walt

          Well… that is why you have an OVER 75% THUMBS UP DISCUS APPROVAL RATING and I don’t. And it’s spelled Disqus.

        • AJ

          Surprised that you missed that subadolescent is also one word. Let’s disqus it. Brunch? Meet me north of the Ottawa River, I’ll be preparing my snow cave.

        • AJ

          I never post anonymously because my Gravatar links to my blog that links to my how to quit smoking book which is about how I discovered what’s behind the urge to smoke:

          How, after 38 years of smoking that included quitting once for a year and another time for 3 years before giving in to an urge to smoke that never leaves you, I was able to finally put down my cigarettes and from that moment, never want or need to smoke again, going on now for more than 15 years.

          The quitting season is upon us; you can get it on Kindle for only 99 cents.

          I know, shameless self-promotion. Thanks for the opening, Walt.

        • This is NOT Walt

          AJ –

          I am posting this anonymously, so you won’t know it’s me and I can PROVE my thesis that AJ/ike/Rudolph and a few others, are ALL THE SAME POSTER AKA “AJ’.

          As you can see, even though you have no idea who I am, my gravatar has changed. That means alleged co-conspirator #1, AKA ‘AJ” links to your blog. When the other co-conspirators, AKA “ike” and Rudolph post, they have different gravatars, leading you to believe you have TOTAL anonymity, but you don’t, because I KNOW AJ/ike/Rudolph are ALL co-conspirator #1, AKA “AJ”.

          More proof, you say? OK!! Even though this post is 100% anonymous, and NO ONE knows it is really Wal…and no one knows who it is, I KNOW!! I know with 100% CERTAINTY who is posting this. A normal person has no idea, but I am not “normal”. The Dude can attest to that. Convinced now??

          So now you know that I know that you know that I KNOW!! Plus who else stays up at 2:30 in the morning talking back and forth to themselves on a blog? NO ONE!! Except AJ/ike/Rudolph!!

          So I may not have an OVER 75% THUMBS UP DISCUS APPROVAL RATING like you, but I know how to post anonymously. And I have solved this riddle. I REST MY CASE!! IBID!! IPSO FACTO!!

          I am liking this anonymous posting stuff Dude!! I can post back and forth to myself like AJ/ike/Rudolph, but actually finally have an intelligent discussion on this blog!!

          And I can say ANYTHING I want, and no one knows it’s really Wal….no one knows who it is!!! PENIS! PENIS!! PENIS!!!

          Your Pal,
          This is NOT WALT

          PS AJ – you writing a how to/advice book is akin to Caitlynn Jenner writing a book on winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the MEN’S Olympics. WAIT!!! STRIKE THAT!! You writing a how to/advice book is akin to Helen Keller writing a book on driving.

        • Walt

          Dude –

          I know you didn’t know this, but the above post is really me. I did a science experiment to see if my gravatar changed, and prove my case against AJ/ike/Rudolph, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT!!

          Your Pal,

        • AJ

          Mr. Walt, and I say that fondly because I know you are a hairdresser secretly posting from Westchester. I am so glad you know how to post comments with different avatars, I believe you only have a Gravatar when you sign up for one. But I could have saved you the trouble of having written several paragraphs had you just asked — leave out an email address. Have you figured out how to use your microwave yet? Do not attempt to hard boil an egg with it, and I say that as a friend.

          But, yes, I am an expert on how to quit smoking. I’ve tried at least a hundred times. The best results I had before I observed and studied my habit was with Tony Robbins. That lasted for three years. And no it wasn’t easy, I still went nuts for about a month, which was a lot better than my previous record of going a year without smoking that drove me nuts for the first three months, and it didn’t show me how to deal with my urge to smoke which even years after quitting is always lurking just under the surface.

          What’s my big “secret”? It’s that the urge to smoke that grows into a craving if ignored is an urge to do something that arises in everyone, but only smokers have trained themselves to respond by smoking.

          I can tell by the way you write that you are probably chewing on pens and pencils when you’re not busy smoking. Try my method where you practice not smoking while you continue to smoke and observe your habit. After about three weeks you should be able to put down your cigarettes and never need to smoke again, no matter how many times Steph shoots you down.

          I thank you for your 35 cents in advance: what I get paid for selling a 149 page Kindle book selling for 99 cents. You can read it for free with Amazon Prime, but I still get paid.

          Let me save you the trouble of looking it up.

      • No, “Ike” is Rudolf and various other aliases – I’ve been dumping 75% of what he submits but more comes in while I’m away. I’ll just block him – tired of him.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          How did AJ know it was me? I posted anonymously! DID YOU RAT ME OUT?
          You WEASEL!!
          Your Pal,

    • AJ

      No need to apologize, MIckster. Just post what you want: I always do.

    • I shoot ’em, myself, but nothing on the schedule. The suggestion to try that new Cos Cob meat store sounds like a good idea. Personally, I find pheasant be very much on the dry side, but …

    • johnnybowhunter

      Mickster, funny you ask. I went Pheasant hunting this Monday. I exchanged my 7 for 7 that had been shot the day before, they are cleaned and frozen. Mrs Johnnybowhunter thinks my pheasant harem is too large. If you really want one it would be my pleasure. Have Chris share my email address with you.

  7. weakleyhollow

    This MUST be a parody – or the next civil rights barrier.

  8. Mickster: I didn’t want to get in the middle of the squabble above, but we’ve bought from a game farm in Duchess County run by The Quattrociocchi (say that three times!) Family in Pleasant Valley. I give it 4*. It’s a pretty ride up to Pleasant Valley, the poor side of Millbrook, but I can guarantee they carry nothing but fresh game birds, including pheasant. Call first, of course.

  9. Anony

    My first thought after reading the article was how mortified these seven children must be by their father.