I’m not necessarily saying this is stupid, just that it rarely works

35 Duncan Drive, over in Westchester/Baliwick (technically Greenwich, but …), has failed to sell since it hit the market last June at $1.995 million, and even September’s price cut to $1.895 didn’t work. So having tried that, the broker has raised its price today, in the middle of the dead season, to $2.095. Good luck with that.

As a cautionary note, the current sellers paid full price, $1.799 million, in 2002, after it had been on the market for less than 2 weeks. Even back then, I’d have advised letting a house over here on the western border mellow a bit. Then again, I wasn’t asked.

Prediction? Lucky if they get that 2002 price.

35 Duncan

35 Duncan Drive



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12 responses to “I’m not necessarily saying this is stupid, just that it rarely works

  1. Cos Cobber

    physically in greenwich, mentally in westchester. tough to live a double life.

  2. Anonymous

    It is interesting, I think there is value in that area, it really isn’t that far from town, but I guess you got to have a long term view because a lot of the houses will ultimately be replaced.

  3. Anon99

    Not a bad lot with lake view and access and the house has a pretty nice interior, but the problem is only 3 bedrooms on the main floor (one converted to an office), and 2 dark dank “bedrooms” in the walkout basement under an overhanging deck. Shocked if it sells for more than $1.8.

    • Micksology

      Absolutely agree with you. I’ll bet the rationale with the price increase is that the owners feel that because they are now next door to a $3-4million home theirs is worth more!!

  4. Anonymous

    I like the area a lot — we bid $1.6 on a home in the same community (listed for almost $2 MM) and was insulted by a Harvard educated broker saying the bid was insulting. Property never sold. Guess the same Harvard genius broker is advising the owners of this property — lets raise the price if something doesn’t sell. Think the house will sell for around the original asking price.

  5. Anonymous

    Land value. Who wants to live in that old fashioned ranch?