It depends on what your definition of “evil” is

Google, home of the “do no evil” pledge, wants to censor the Internet.

Professor Reynolds:

DECEMBER 9, 2015

GIVEN HOW MUCH AUTOCORRECT SCREWS UP, THIS WON’T EVEN BE GOOD AT CENSORSHIP:  Google Chairman Wants ‘Hate-Speech Spell-Checker’ to Filter Internet.

I think the next President needs to launch an antitrust investigation of Google. They seem to have amassed too much monopoly power.

For myself, I like to know what the crazies are up to – Google wants to prevent that.





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5 responses to “It depends on what your definition of “evil” is

  1. Cos Cobber

    When are you going to fix this post? I’m having trouble reading what the worst thing is.

  2. Publius

    Google is evil. It is the rise of the “Tech Class”, large donors to the Progressive agenda, that threaten our freedoms, not the omnipotent Koch brothers. The great unwashed and those box checkers who now rule our formerly elite universities are too stupid to understand that they are ceding their freedoms and rights by government central planning financed by this tech class.

    Take a look at Eric Schmidt, closely….. I will stereotype here so trigger warning, 3,2,1

    Homely looking man who has been buffed up with his billions
    Bad eyesight
    Bad skin
    Received daily wedgies in the schoolyard based on the above… bullied relentlessly
    Lots of $$$’s to insulate himself from the real world not part of the great unwashed anymore

    The revenge of the tech nerd to get back at bullies and all those people who made his life miserable when he was young…. So let’s throw the 1st amendment out the window and try and nail these bastards, not with a real punch in the nose but with a figurative one by policing speech

    Am I far off the mark? Maybe. But think about this… where do all the dweebs and losers end up if not in the tech universe???? Yes, the government. Think about where all these college cry babies are going to end up… in government or the not for profit universe……

    Look at (physically) government bureaucrats…. the EPA, HHS, HS (TSA), Justice. Do they not look like the avenging do gooders out to save the country from the gun owners, lax bros and sorority/JL crowd?

    Think about. How many Eric Schmidt’s are there? How many people in this country loath their country and themselves. Unfortunately this does not surprise me after years of the social justice/income equality mantra. The Google/Schmidt’s and the Soros’s have the $$$’s to fund this BS and the government is very willing to go along because it is filled with lifer bureaucrats who see the world in the same light.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Is censorship really a topic that should be discussed?

    Anyhows, here is a pretty cool website. Pop in your address and you can find out how many people have been shot near you. In case you were wondering.

    Your Pal,

    • Walt

      Dude –
      And this map CLEARLY SHOWS the best places to get shot in Greenwich are Old Greenwich and Riverside! Do you tell THAT to prospective dirt buyers? And you know why that is? POSTAGE STAMP LOTS!! You get on each others nerves.
      Your Pal,