Last of the Antares

12 Cherry Blossom

12 cherry Blossom – personally, I think someone’s overpaying

12 Cherry Blossom Lane, up on the Bedford border, has a pending deal. Current asking price is $1.195. This rubble-strewn, 2-acre back lot was once part of the Antares’ scheme to develop a number of houses for an undefined market – their project, like the company itself, failed.

Originally priced in 2008 at $2.125 million, it’s (almost) hard to believe that one of the two Antares partners, Joe Beninati, is now living in New York City, posing as a knowledgable real estate developer. I mean, over estimating the value of a property by this kind of margin indicates a feckless amateur, not a sage businessman.

The listing, by the way, describes this property as lying within “the quintessential New England enclave”. Hmm – we have a long history of property ownership in New England, and the region has certainly seen its share of bankrupts and incompetents – see, e.g., Antares Development Company, but I wouldn’t insult us natives by saying failure is the epitome of New England neighborhoods.


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10 responses to “Last of the Antares

  1. Cos Cobber

    My vision for that aerial is to place three baby blue vinyl clad very rectangular modular built track housing specials with above ground pool. Then sprinkle in the plastic pool furniture and oversized kids lawn toys.
    Just sublime and perhaps quintessential.

    On another note, Joe Beninati was a “quintessential” Round Hill kind of guy by 21st century standards.

  2. Anonymous

    Did Antares build those two new ugly houses on top of each other on Longview in riverside?
    Really sloppy on the inside !!!

  3. Anonymous

    nothing says sublime like a shared driveway on a 7 figure property.

  4. AJ

    They were riding high with their south Stamford development thing and probably would have pulled it off had in not been for the crash.

  5. Listing says, “Exempt from FAR restrictions.” Anybody have an idea why this is true?

  6. JZ

    I believe it was subdivided by the previous owner with approvals before FAR regulations became enacted and was grandfathered in.