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So she can’t really bake – do I care?

Bimbo cooking

For this she gets arrested?

Bimbo baker charged with fraud


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Malloy follows Obama’s desperate lead to divert attention from his failures

malloy crying

I’m so sorry I can’t balance our budget, control spending or even challenge the state workers’ party, but enough about me, let’s talk about Paris

Obama has seriously jeopardized our national security and his foreign policy has been exposed for the amateur, hopelessly naive dream that it’s always been. Malloy, in turn, has failed to get control of the state budget and faces a billion-dollar deficit next year. What’s a politician to do? Shout “squirrel!” or, these days, “gun control!

Today Malloy announced he’ll try to bar Connecticut residents on the “no-fly” list from buying guns.

Malloy said Thursday he was willing to do what Congress refuses [sic].

“Like all Americans, I’ve been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris,” Malloy said. “This should be a wakeup call for all of us. This is a moment to seize here in America. And today I’m here to say that ‘Connecticut, we are seizing this moment.’ ”

We’ve discussed this ad nauseam here, including this post and discussion last week, but let’s try again.

The no-fly list is a collection of 750,000 + individuals who the federal government, thinks maybe, even might be associated with terrorism or hate groups. Over 300,000 of those individuals have, as the government admits, “no discernible ties to terrorism”.

You can get on the list by being a muslim, or because your name is misspelled, or because your name is similar or identical to a real terrorist, and you have no way to appeal or correct the error.

The 2nd Amendment, like the 1st, recognizes inalienable rights of citizens (and even residents) of this country, and cannot be taken away without due process of law. The ACLU still boasts of its defense of the Nazis right to march through Skokie, Illinois as an exercise of free speech. The same organization has remained silent on Second Amendment rights because it doesn’t like guns. This is the “pick-and-choose” school of constitutional law, and Malloy is firmly in its camp.

Horrified as Malloy may be by the muslim attacks in California and Paris, he should know that (a) Paris is a gun-free zone and gun ownership is prohibited, and (b) California has the strictest gun laws in the nation and they failed to stop the massacre. Had the Malloy system been in place, the terrorists would still have been able to show up with their guns at the workplace because neither was on the no-fly list. Malloy’s pandering to the public is exactly that – irrelevant, ignorant bunk. How ignorant? Malloy apparently believes Paris is within his jurisdictional powers.

As always, when a politician moves off topic, look to what the real topic is, and ponder why that politician doesn’t want anyone to focus on it.


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Maybe because it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

lower snow

Nothing shouts “Christmas!” louder than a snow-bound solarium

24 Lower Cross Road, asking $5.750 million, reports a pending sale. I’m thinking that, with winter upon us, prospective buyers were no longer put off by the pictures of surrounding snow drifts, and so it felt more homey.

Either that, or it was the price drop from the April, 2014 ask of $7.8 million.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful home.


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Pending sales

11 Khakum Drive

11 Khakum Drive

11 Khakum Drive, $5.875 million, sold quickly. Beautiful house, excellent location. Owners paid $3.2 for it in 1997 and “rebuilt it from ground up”, so I’m not sure they made a whole lot of money here, but so what? They got to enjoy this home for almost 20 years, and that’s the real point of residential real estate.

6 Echo Lane, asking $1.950 million. Different price range, home and neighborhood, obviously, but Echo’s alright. I wonder if at this price the buyer can afford to replace it? It’s gotten very tired over the years.

I guess we’ll see.

6 echo Lane

6 EchoLane


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What a difference a storm makes …

43 Keofferam Road, which sold for $3.550 million in 2004, was wi



ped out by Sandy in 2012 and just sold, as a building lot, for $2.495. The owners had tried unsuccessfully to sell it in 2009 for $3.950, and I’m sure, as Sandy’s waters receded, they wished they hadn’t stuck so determinedly to that price.


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The latest raze

Tearing down multi-million dollar mansions. Of course, that’s been going on in Greenwich since 1641, the year after Elizabeth Feake first broke the residents-only beach access rule at Tod’s, but it seems the trend is spreading.

It’s almost becoming routine: eight-figure listings treated as teardowns—and marketed as such. Buyers see value in the land, especially in exclusive neighborhoods or on the waterfront. There, they can build brand new homes with modern design and cutting-edge technology.

“Any architect will tell you it’s easier to start from scratch,” said Nancy Dauk, a [Darien] broker at Halstead Connecticut.


The Mickster prepares to move out and cash in


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Maybe they should have ruled on this a year ago, before 9 public hearings and thousands of dollars spent on lawyers


Band Leader Yoon adds a little pep to the woodwind section

BOE votes unanimously to restore GHS bandleader Yoon to his post.

The Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday night to reinstate suspended Greenwich High School band director John Yoon, as they rejected recommendations from Superintendent of Schools William McKersie and an independent arbitrator to dismiss the music teacher for allegedly mistreating two students.

Instead, board members decided that the suspension Yoon has served since late April constituted sufficient punishment.

I’ve been a disinterested observer as this process continued, because I have neither children still in the school system nor any particular knowledge of Yoon’s teaching style, but it’s obvious that the BOE doesn’t feel comfortable with McKersie’s leadership. More important, from a taxpayer’s view, why did the Board let this farce drag on if it felt it had the authority (and it does) to make its own decision? Why not start at the top, rather than end there?  The facts were always murky and disputed – the BOE could have held its own hearing and disposed of this, one way or the other, long ago.


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