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Just in time for the Holiday Shopping Season, Malloy announces program to make malls 100% safe from evil

“The Constitution be damned.” Malloy told a fawning audience in the living room of local Democrat Francis Fudrucker last night, “I have an obligation to protect this state’s citizens and by golly, I’m gonna do it!”




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Al Sharpton’s already in his private jet

LA Police shoot armed man who was firing shots with his .45 ACP and refused to drop his weapon.

A man shot while walking away from two Los Angeles County deputies tried crawling away before succumbing to his gunshot wounds Saturday morning, according to a video of the shooting.

The two deputies fired more than a dozen shots at the allegedly armed man as he walked away and continued to do so after knocking him to the ground, according to video shared with KTLA-TV.

Several calls to 911 said a black male wearing a checkered shirt had brandished a handgun and fired shots at several locations before 11 a.m. Saturday, authorities said.

The suspect, identified by relatives as 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson, was confronted by two deputies outside a gas station.

Anti-police brutality protesters rallied around Robertson, a father of three children, at the site of his death where police stood by wearing riot gear and ready to use tear gas.

So here’s the deal: You are not allowed to wander the streets, firing off a deadly weapon, and then walk away from police officers who tell you to stop. That’s regardless of race. You might think the professional protesters would be pleased that an immediate, deadly threat to their supposed constituency had been removed, but then, true professional rises above such petty issues.

Speaking of petty issues, can we please see an end to references to the number of illegitimate bastards these slugs have spawned? “Father of three” isn’t the least bit touching, let alone relevant.

UPDATE: The perp, the perp walking towards a gas station where customers are outside, the perp still holding his gun after being shot and lying on the ground – when would you decide he was no longer a danger to the public?




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Interesting question

If, that is, you’re curious about whether Damn Malloy and his political friends are actually worried about mass shootings, or merely using them as an excuse to bash gun owners from another angle:

“How many mass shooters were on any kind of “no-fly” list?”

That would be none, Bob.

Malloy really is dumb enough to believe the stuff being fed him by the White House, I’ll give him that, but not his masters.

no fly


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