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If an architect was involved in this, he should lose his license

5 Mimosa

5 Mimosa Drive

5 Mimosa Drive hit the market just now, at $1.790 million. The owners paid $910,000 for it in 2013 and renovated it, but it doesn’t work for me – at least on the outside: the interior looks quite nice. But, as Nathaniel Herreshoff said about a yacht, it should look beautiful when the owner’s rowing away from it in his dinghy. To my taste, this one fails that test.

One quibble: Mimosa has a sewer line down it now, but these owners chose not to connect to it. At this price, I think most buyers would expect them to do that.

Eos Bath

Bathtub placement by EOS™


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Good Lord

Jesus Christ

Mohammed Abduhl Jesus Rodriguez

Just in time to join the fray about Syrian refugees, “they” (unclear exactly who – Popular Mechanics, of all people?) have released a recreated portrait of Jesus looking like, da dah, a Syrian!

A scientific representation of Jesus’ appearance that appeared in Popular Mechanics over a decade ago resurfaced today in social media as a political statement.

Many are saying the depiction of a dark-haired, tan-skinned man is fitting at time when Americans are debating whether to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

“Would Donald Trump let this man into the US? Would you?” asks one Facebook commenter.

What exactly is that supposed to prove? Last I checked, Jesus was a Christian, a religion that is not currently engaged in the slaughter of innocents and beheading of children, while the Syrian refugees we’re talking about are Muslims, the religion of pieces.

It’s not about the look, it’s about the actions.



My Lord’s not dead – sorry about yours.



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There’s probably a story in here

1 Butternut hollow

1 Butternut Hollow Rd – meh

1 Butternut Hollow Road is back on the market after being rented out over the years, and is asking $4.8 million. I remember it as pretty well used back when I showed it as a sale/rent property, but perhaps it’s been updated.since then. The owner, something called B Butternut Hollow LP, paid $3.7 for it in 2010, so the new price would, maybe, indicate, some work done on it since then.

What’s curious is that the tax card shows the address of the LP as 558 Lake Avenue, a property currently listed for sale by Citibank for $4.275 million after foreclosing on the place this past September. So does it also own One Butternut?

Darned if I know.

558 Lake

Here’s a decent ballroom, at 558 Lake


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Contract and a price cut

It’s a dormant market now, and will stay so until several weeks past New Year’s, at least, but there’s a dribble of real estate news reported each day.

495 North

495 North Street

495 North Street, asking $4.995 million, has a sale pending. No word on final price, but it’s 3.97 acres directly on the road, and I sold 5 acres of the same original estate, further back from North Street, for $4.750 back in 2012, so I’d guess it should be close to that, but perhaps a bit lower.

3 Gisborne Place

3 Gisborne Place

3 Gisborne Place in Old Greenwich, new construction priced at $4.750 million in 2014, has dropped to $3.995. I’m thinking mid-threes.


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Maybe now the Warmists will shut their mouths and starve to death


Just shut up

So much for “Meatless Mondays” in our schools: Carnegie Mellon study shows that eating vegetables causes three-times the emissions as a meat diet.

[T] hey found that eating only the recommended “healthier” foods prescribed in recent advice from the US Department of Agriculture increased a person’s impact on the environment across all three factors – even when overall calorie intake was reduced.

The experts examined how growing, processing and transporting food; sales and service; and household storage and use all take a toll on the environment for different foods.

Paul Fischbeck, study co-author and CMU’s professor of socialand decisions sciences, said: “Lots of common vegetables require more resources per calorie than you would think.

“Eggplant, celery and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken.”

Maybe we should have a new rule: only men weighing under 135 lbs and women under 80 lbs can be heard on the subject of “climate change”. Add that to a rule requiring all Ivy League students to have quit their university and enrolled in a public community college before being allowed to speak on white privilege, and we’ll have peace on earth, at last.



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When hatred overcomes reality

god knows

National Women’s Study Association to the rescue (of Abdul and his right to subjugate women)

Feminist academics call for destruction of Israel so that the Moslem Brotherhood can bring its system of protection and honor of women to Jews..

“As feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and public intellectuals,” the NWSA pontificates, “we recognize the interconnectedness of systemic forms of oppression. In the spirit of this intersectional perspective, we cannot overlook the injustice and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, perpetrated against Palestinians and other Arabs in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, within Israel and in the Golan Heights, as well as the colonial displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Nakba.”

In February 2014 the Associated Press reported that:

Twenty-six women were slain by relatives in the West Bank and Gaza in 2013, twice as many as the year before, according to official figures. The rise stems from…ongoing leniency for those killing in the name of “family honor” and social acceptance of violence against women, women’s rights activists said….

They urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to repeal sections of a penal code that allows for short sentences of at most a few years for the perpetrators….

In Gaza, the longest sentence has been three years….

Also over on the left, Hispanic activists have denounced Rubio and Cruz as “traitors to their race” – the only avenue of attack left of these Democrats since their own party’s presidential slate is comprised solely of old white people.

I’m sure the NAACP will, join in by going after Ben Carson, assuming they haven’t already done so (I don’t pay attention to what those colored people do).


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Tesei’s office announces that he’ll be vacationing in Florida for 60-90 days, depending on good behavior


I don’t always dust, but when I do I I drink Dos Equis – and wear a French Maid’s costume to make me feel pretty

Lakeland, FL: Man dressed in chastity belt, French maid’s outfit, and dog caller arrested after riding his bicycle across town to a dominatrix.

I’m dubious that this police effort did any good for society, other than perhaps keeping our First Selectman out of town for a few months. I mean, where’s the harm, despite the local police chief’s bogus attempt to show one?

Police posted fictitious ads online and responded to others as they arrested 33 johns, 50 prostitutes and 12 others associated with both types of suspects ranging in age from 15 – 68 during the bust.

‘We’ve seen firsthand the negative social costs of how prostitution hurts families, children, and communities,’ Sheriff Judd said.

‘And more often than not, there is a high correlation between other crimes and prostitution.

‘We see repeat criminal offenders with criminal arrest histories to include illegal drugs, violent crime, and property crime, and these repeat criminal offenders engage in sex for money.

Feel safer now?


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