Good Lord

Jesus Christ

Mohammed Abduhl Jesus Rodriguez

Just in time to join the fray about Syrian refugees, “they” (unclear exactly who – Popular Mechanics, of all people?) have released a recreated portrait of Jesus looking like, da dah, a Syrian!

A scientific representation of Jesus’ appearance that appeared in Popular Mechanics over a decade ago resurfaced today in social media as a political statement.

Many are saying the depiction of a dark-haired, tan-skinned man is fitting at time when Americans are debating whether to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

“Would Donald Trump let this man into the US? Would you?” asks one Facebook commenter.

What exactly is that supposed to prove? Last I checked, Jesus was a Christian, a religion that is not currently engaged in the slaughter of innocents and beheading of children, while the Syrian refugees we’re talking about are Muslims, the religion of pieces.

It’s not about the look, it’s about the actions.



My Lord’s not dead – sorry about yours.



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24 responses to “Good Lord

  1. Cos Cobber

    While I love your Christmas card – a real Thomas Kinkade inspired work (ps he is Cos Cob’s favorite artist!), I don’t understand your anger with this story. Who care’s what Jesus looked like? Why take the bait? Jesus is all about the message – which was to question greed of his time and to challenge mankind to help thy neighbor. He was perhaps the world’s first lefty radical and you know, I forgive him.

    Best – CC

    • Oh Hell, I’m not angry, just amused. Poor ol’ Jesus is constantly dragged into these things by people who otherwise despise and ridicule Christians: look at the Occupy Wall Street mobs, and the Obamacare supporters: suddenly they know what Jesus would do, and they’re gonna tell us!
      Besides, my point’s about the same as yours: who cares what the guy looked like? Maybe he had bad hair, like the Donald.

  2. Mark B.

    I’ve always kinda pictured him as Victor Mature with a couple days stubble. Mmmmm…..oh yeah…..that’s the ticket…..

  3. housecat

    He looks like he belongs on one of the Most Wanted Playing Cards.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    And this whole “progressive” propaganda program makes no sense. Back in Jesuseseses day, the Romans were the “progressives” and Jesus and his team were the conservatives. They profiled everybody!! How else did they know who to convert? Duh.

    So this is just nonsensical. If they are going to turn Jesus into a propped up piece of propaganda, please do it properly. Jesus should only be used to support things He believed in, like profiling radical Islamic Slums.

    What will they try and claim next? God is a woman?

    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t take the bait. For the libs, everything comes down to skin color.

  6. Mike Oxlong

    My Lord hates aliens:

    • Anonymous

      Part of the NEW New King James version ?

    • Anonymous

      And the difference between me, a devout Christian, and a friggin Muslim is that the picture above makes me a chuckle. I don’t have any compelling need to be angry and start killing people, including innocent children.

  7. Anonymous

    A peaceful children’s gift from the parents who belong to the Religion Of Peace. Of course the anti gun lobby in the good old US of A would see no problem with this. After all, Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize and he was a Peaceful Palestinian, and his followers love cuddly dolls.

    Israel seizes Palestinian stone-thrower dolls

  8. Once

    I wish the argument would shift to “Lets not bring in more immigrants because we are sick and tired of paying for them”. Ask Americans “How much are you willing to borrow from the Chinese to pay for these people?” Or how about 20% surcharge on all mortgages to pay for migrants? When you move to a state whatever the state debt is per capita you basically except a piece of it, or more. tell college kids when they get a job (or if) they need to rent an extra room for a refugee. Then see how they vote.

  9. Jesus was Jewish, but was he a Christian? The biblical definition of the term “Christians” is “disciples of Christ” (Acts 11:26.) Christians are those who put their hope in Christ; if we could put our hope in ourselves, then we wouldn’t need him.

  10. Martha

    If you look at Jesus’ teachings without ego, you might find he was more of a Buddhist. You can notice it more if you look at the Jefferson Bible, we discussed before. Not that it matters in anyway, spiritual paths are “different” to provoke inspiration. We are not humans having spiritual experiences, but rather spirits having human experiences.