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Nine days, full price

18 Highview

18 Highview Avenue

18 Highview Avenue, Old Greenwich, asked $2.050 million, got $2.050. When you price your house right, buyers usually have very little negotiating room, because there’s someone behind them ready to step up.

Just as an aside, this same house tried and failed to sell at $2.1 in 2008 – bad market back then.


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Well if you want to risk it, that’s your business, but …

Pope asserts that salvation is free, warns against hucksters. He might be right, of course, but do you want to bet everything on his infallibility when  you can purchase a genuine “Get out of Hell” pass from your editors here at FWIW? Just $49.95, printed on heavy, parchment-like paper suitable for framing, there’s still time to get it by Christmas. The perfect gift for all your loved ones!


We also sell carbon indulgences!


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You certainly get more house for your money on the west side

444 Riversville Road

444 Riversville Rd

444 Riversville Road, asking $2.050 million, reports a contract after a year. The market for homes out here is certainly much smaller than that in the eastern side, but for those who find this location convenient, there are some very decent deals available, like this one.


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Despite a prisoner swap and Rose Garden ceremony honoring him, Army will court martial the traitor Bowe Bergdhal


I always promised you a rose garden

Rare to see a general stand up to pressure from Obama, but good for him.

Obama’s National Security advisor lied to the American public about this rat, falsely saying, when she knew full well that it wasn’t true, that “he’d served with distinction and honor”. And, of course, our official State Idiot, Senator Chris Murphy, just had to chime in:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.00.26 AM


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Probably not gonna happen

371 Taconic Road

371 Taconic Road: if your tent were here, you’d be home by now!

371 Taconic Road, 4 acres (a 1/2-acre of which is in Stamford) has been returned to the market as land, asking $2.890 million. Back in 2008, Tamar Lurie tried for $4 million but, a couple of years and a couple of brokers later, it sold for $2.350, in 2010.

The current owners appear to have, quite appropriately, torn down the house that was there and designed and gotten town approval for a 10,000 sq. ft. new home. It’s a beautiful site, backing up the Stanwich golf course, but this close to Banksville has always been a depressed section of Taconic Road. And, at least in my experience, buyers who want to build a custom home want to build their own custom home, so plans for a different one are worthless.

Maybe not; someone can save at least a year of construction time here, and if the approved house design is to their liking, they may buy it. Otherwise, it’s back to land value only, and land up here has not increased in value since 2010.


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Riverside sale reported

24 Meadow Road

24 Meadow Road

24 Meadow Road closed yesterday (October 20 contract) for $2.1 million; asking price was $2.195.

This was discussed here back on September 30, when it first hit the market.


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Uh oh – two of Barry’s widows and orphans caught acting up in a refugee camp

Obama refugees widows and orphans

Kids’ll be kids – what can you do?

Two terrorists caught in Austria, posing as refugees.

Two suspected Isis militants believed to have links to the Paris attacks have been found posing as refugees in Austria.

The two men were found in a transit camp for asylum seekers in Salzburg at the weekend, reportedly carrying fake Syrian passports after travelling from territory held by the so-called Islamic State.

Austria’s Kronen Zeitung reported that the suspects are French, with Algerian or Pakistani heritage, and were awaiting orders for further terror attacks.

They are believed to have entered Europe via Greece and travelled along the Western Balkan route used by hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa.


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This sounds like something Hillary could have dreamed up back when she was defending rapists


He slipped, he dipped – what difference, now, does it make?

To be more accurate, she’s still in that business, but she’s restricted her practice to a single client: her husband.

  Saudi businessman acquitted of rape after testifying that he slipped and accidentally penetrated young girl.

Mail Online also reported that Judge Martin Griffiths had allowed Mr Abdulaziz to give evidence in private.

I’d say he gave evidence about his privates, not in private, but that’s just me.


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The (same) devil is always with us.

Or at least since 1920 – Putin lives forever!

AJ, call your office.



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